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Poseidon, Athena and I made our way back to mom's apartment slowly. Some people recognised us from the broadcast, and sort of stood in an awed silence, but most were trying to process what I had said and weren't really aware of surroundings. I figured anyone who hadn't seen it would find out very soon, as the whole would probably be replaying on T.V's continuously, as well as the fact that it would go viral on the Internet.

Now all we had to do was actually get people to come and fight . . .

When we got back, the Olympians and mom and Paul were talking, laughing and eating.

I raised my eyebrows at the scene. What a happy family.

I sat in between Artemis and Apollo. Apollo said, "Hey Perce," but Artemis turned away to start talking to Athena. Since our kiss, it had become really awkward, and neither of us really seemed willingly to talk to the other about . . . feelings.

Anyways, everyone turned to me. "It was good," Demeter said. "That little speech about saving the world was good. Very powerful."

I grinned. "Thanks Demeter."

Hermes nodded in agreement. "Yeah. I got a bit lost in the middle there, but I found my way back."

We all laughed at his attempt at lifting the tension that had settled.

"Well," Zeus started, "now we just need recruits."

I agreed. I had said at the end of the broadcast that we would be holding a stand where anyone who was willing and able to fight could come to sign up. They would then go through extensive training with demi-gods and (ex) gods alike, so we could all stand together against Khaos and Kronos.

We had all agreed on that strategy before I went, and we figured it would work. There were going to be different places all over the world where people could go a sign up.

I felt pretty guilty about the whole thing, because I roughly figured that a few million would die, and I was condemning them to that. They didn't have to come, sure, but I still felt guilty.

The rest of the afternoon we all sorta just hung around. Tomorrow, we were going out to assess the damage that my speech had done; that is to say how many people were demanding our heads on posts.

But until then we would enjoy the peace.

Third-person POV

Kronos was pacing. He hadn't counted on Jackson actually having a decent plan. He had figured that they would have a plan, yes, but that they'd be too desperate to come up with anything good. But now . . . now he had several billion people to worry about getting in his way.

No. Nothing would stop him from ruling. The humans were . . . collateral damage.

Khaos was sitting in the middle of the room, sitting on a large Throne. She hadn't exactly been useful, as of yet, but he knew she would be. The Prophecy was told so. She would help him bring down the world. Somehow. He was seriously starting to doubt her apparently 'mad-skills-', as she had so put it (she, for some reason, was all for the way mortals talked and dressed and had adapted to slang very easily. It annoyed Kronos to no end when she addressed him as dawg). He couldn't deny, however, that she was very sexy. Of course, that was very awkward because of the fact he was currently in a girls body, but it was easy to temporarily leave Annabeth and enter a male's body.

Khaos had long curly blonde hair, and blue eyes. She had a very good body, and she knew it. She dressed so she was always showing off her body, and Kronos often found her doing unspeakable things to male demigods, humans or sometimes even monsters if she was willing.

He never let that fool him though. She was a force to be reckoned with, and she could easily change appearance. He liked this one much better.

Khaos tapped her fingers on her legs and stared at Kronos.

"Kronos," she said in her bubblegum voice.

He didn't answer. What was he going to do about Jackson . . . he could always fool the humans into believing that he was the good one, trying to fix the world from the unknown oppression of the Olympians . . . that could work.

"Kronos," Khaos demanded, this time her voice lower and darker.

Uh oh. He knew that tone. Better cool her down.

"Yes Khaos?"

Khaos rolled her eyes. "You fool. Jackson is raising an army! As we speak, he is auditioning mortals."

"We already have an army," Kronos reminded her, gritting his teeth.

Khaos stared at him. "We have monsters. Wow, good on you Kronos! You've really outdone yourself. At this rate, we'll defiantly beat Jackson and his group of mortals. You bloody idiot. We need a totally awesome idea. And I think I have the most totally brilliant and amazing idea you will ever have heard."

Ah finally. She was making herself useful.

Kronos leant forward. "Do tell."

Athena was scheduled to go to Australia with Poseidon, Nico Di Angelo, Clarisse La Rue and Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

She wasn't exactly sure that the grouping of people would work, but for a set amount the five wouldn't be together anyways. Nico had just shadow travelled them and he was about ready to pass out.

Oh, wait . . . there he goes. Athena sighed. "Poseidon, you can revive him. Give him some energy while you're at it."

Clarisse and Rachel looked on with interest; everyone was, of course, informed about Poseidon's magical skills, but no one had seen it at work yet.

Poseidon rolled his eyes but kneeled next to the exhausted son of Hades. His hand glowed yellow, and he pressed it against the demigods chest, muttering some spell. Nico's eyes immediately snapped open and he sat up and groaned.

"Why'd you do that?" he moaned, then glanced at his amused uncle. "Uhm . . . Lord," he tagged on.

"We have a mission," Poseidon reminded him. Then he put his still glowing hand on Nico's shoulder and spoke, "Staminita."

Immediately, Nico felt energy pass through him and he felt more ready to go than he had in months. He bounced up and down as if he were on a major sugar high.

"Lets go, lets go, lets go, lets go, lets go!" he said excitedly. "Why – can't – I – stop?!"

Rachel had to keep in her laughter and Clarisse just turned away with a roll of her eyes.

"Whoops," Poseidon grinned. "Too much energy. Lets fix that shall we?"

Athena held back a smile.

"Lethargus," he said, reversing the energy. Nico immediately stopped bouncing around, and just looked normal.

"That's better." He sounded relieved.

"Alright," Athena said, snapping everyone's attention to her. "Poseidon, you're staying here in Sydney. Clarisse, you're going to Brisbane. Rachel, you'll go to Melbourne. Nico, you'll go to Perth and I'll go to Adelaide. Is everyone clear?"

They all nodded. "Alright, Poseidon can you get us there?"

"You doubt my skills?" he asked mockingly.

Athena just cocked an eyebrow.

"Yes, yes I can do that," he said, waving her off.

Nico looked offended. "You mean I got us here for no reason? Lord Poseidon could have done it?"

Athena smiled at the demigod. "Sorry, Nico. I was testing an old theory on whether demigods can use their own means of transportation to go international."

Nico just shook his head.

"Alright everyone," Poseidon started, grinning "just a warning. You'll probably be sick. Athena was the first time. Ok, off we go!"

Before anyone could prepare themselves, there was a tugging on their limbs and they were surrounded by darkness.

True to Poseidon's word, when the two demigods and oracle landed in their respective cities, they all felt a wave nausea go over them and vomited.

With that, the five went off to go and recruit mortals.

Percy's POV

I rubbed his eyes as I sat at a table. I was in a giant hall in Vancouver. The air outside was very cold, and I knew snow was on its way to the large city.

"Next," I called warily. I'd been sitting there for about twelve hours, and I'd seen many mortals wanting their chance at fighting. Some people just came to yell at me; about various things, really. Some just wanted to meet me. Some really did want to fight, but once I informed them of the different monsters, they'd backed out. And some . . . some really were what I was looking for. I had a list of 113 people whom were like that. I wanted more. If everyone, in all the cities they were visiting could get around 500 people who were awesome, we would have around 107,500.

As I did the maths in my head, I realised . . . that wasn't anywhere near enough. We need more. We needed closer to a million, more so if possible. How the hell could be do that? I straightened up.

Well, I'll have to be less tough in the way I do this. We all had eight days in our respective cities. I was only twelve hours in. I had 180 hours. Granted, I'd have to lose about 52 hours of sleep in that . . . I could round that down to forty. So . . . 140 hours left to get as many people as possible. I could totally do this.

As the next person came, I mentally congratulated myself on the figures I could do so easily. Ah yes. Perks of godhood. Uh hem, moving on.

Another person entered the room.

"Name?" I asked.

The person gritted their teeth. Oh. This was going to be a yeller. Might as well sit back.

Just as I suspected, the man yelled and yelled about how I was a phoney and that I should just give up the act blah, blah, blah.

I soon got frustrated with him. "Sir," I cut him off. "With all due respect, I'm trying to get an army together. I need people who will fight, not people who don't believe me. So, please, if you will, escort yourself out."

The man looked a bit startled. "Listen here you brat. We don't need teenagers coming in and throwing the world into chaos! Just leave this story behind and do your time in jail for treason!"

Treason? In what way was this treason? "Sir," I warned calmly. "You're treading on thin ice. Don't make me do something you'll regret."

He slammed his fists on the table. "You dare threaten me, you imposter."

I brought out Riptide and uncapped the pen. It elongated and I slammed it on the table. "Hands of the table, sir."

He straightened up.

"So it's simple, ok?" I said. "I control time, and thunder and tides. I'm King of the gods. I don't need you in here, yelling at me. I'm asking politely. Back. Off."

The man seemed to get the message and walked out of the room, mutter things about superiors hearing about this. I laughed. "I am the superior!" I called after him. "Next!"

The next person walked in. They had very short hair, and had on baggy clothes. I raised my eyebrows. Obviously a woman attempting to impersonate a man. Didn't bother me. If they were ready, I'd take them.

The woman stood in front of me.

"Name?" I asked pleasantly.

The woman deepened her voice. "Alex."

I suppressed a smile. "Why do you want to fight, Alex?"

"To help." The question obviously threw her off. She probably wasn't expecting something like that.

"And you realised that it will very dangerous?"

She nodded once.

"And that you'll more than likely get killed?"

She nodded again. I liked her. She was in.

"Good, good. Alright, Alex, put your name here and give your signature. I still have another week here, but by the 14th, everyone who has been accepted is expected to be in Long Island Sound, at Camp Half-Blood. In your introduction pamphlet, it will give directions on how to get there and what it is. Until then, you'll be expected to pack for an unknown time and give your goodbyes. If you cannot make your own way to New York, and further on the Long Island, there will be a meeting point here in Vancouver. That will also be detailed in the pamphlet. My father, Poseidon, will be able to teleport the group of you from the meeting point to Camp. I would advise, however, that you try and make your own way. People usually don't hold their stomachs the first time they try those means of transportation. Any questions?"

Alex shook her head. "So, if we can't get there, go to the meeting point but getting to Camp Half-Blood on your own is advised. Any further information is in the pamphlet. I've got it."

I grinned. "Good. I've a question for you, though."

She cocked her head.

"Why dress as a man?" I asked curiously.

She blushed. "Women aren't usually allowed in an army," she whispered. "Please, let me help."

I leant back. "Don't worry," I promised. "Women aren't discriminated against with the Greeks. In fact, women are usually stronger. The goddess Artemis is a force to be reckoned with and there will never be a day I'm not scared Lady Athena will spite me."

Alex grinned. "Thank you . . . sir?"

"Just call me Percy," I chuckled. "I'll see you in Long Island, Alex."

She smiled and walked out, pamphlet in hand.

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