Usually I don't do beginning notes and hold off to the end, but I just want to make something clear: this story will have lemon and dirty thoughts later on, but for now, both are very innocent. Lucy's innocent because she's spent little time with anyone outside of her pack (who you will learn more about later because it is more than just Sting and Rogue) and Natsu is innocent because he's not really pervy. He is a flirt though, but he knows better than to flirt with someone as clueless as Lucy...for now anyways... XD


Immediately, Natsu began to jump forwards, reaching out to grasp the cat who he had become oddly attached to over the past few hours, but Gray and Elfman quickly grasped his arms, holding him back as the glow became brighter. "Hey, are you okay?" Natsu began calling when the glow became too bright to stare in to anymore. He heard a soft mewling noise from within, but Gray and Elfman kept a tight grip on him. The noise slowly began to turn into panting, becoming louder and louder by the second before a loud cry was heard.

Many men around the room stiffened at the cry, but Natsu wouldn't help but be curious. The sound had not been one of pain or anguish, but one of…joy? Happiness? For some reason, it brought the ever-lasting pool of magma in his stomach to boil much hotter than ever before…

His thoughts were cut short as the smoke began to clear and he had to force himself to keep from drooling. Only a few feet in front of him stood where his small kitten had been moments before. In her human form, the kitten had thick golden hair that fell slightly past her shoulders and over her furry, golden, cat-like ears, down to the center of her back, large doe-like brown eyes, and smooth, pink lips. Her porcelain, tight skin was barely concealed beneath a small, double-sided red loin cloth had two small sheets covering her most intimate front and back, but allowing her strangely enticing hips to be seen. Her ample chest was covered in a sown, bikini-like top, though it too barely covered more than the center of each breast. When she turned slightly, glancing around the room, Natsu noticed that the red tattoos had stayed, going from her neck, down her smooth back and ending at her right hip, but it was slightly hidden by the dirt that coated over her body. She licked her lips nervously and Natsu immediately found amusement in the fact that her cute, pink little tongue had stayed.

As Gray and Elfman's grips loosened, Natsu fell to his knees in front of the goddess-like woman. He vaguely noticed how many men were either passed out on the floor from blood loss already or grasping their nose tightly to keep it in, but his eyes were mostly focused on her. She checked around her biting her lip nervously and rubbing her thighs together, something that Natsu noticed, when done, released a rather delicious scent. He saw a few others lose control of themselves and pass-out as well, but he ignored them, instead, choosing to watch the treasure in front of him. Her energetic coffee-like eyes locked with his and her eyebrows furrowed, an utterly adorable pout coming to her plump lips. "N-name..." the goddess whispered, her voice ringing like wonderful bells, carrying a pleasant tune made only for Natsu... Or, at least that's what he'd like to think. "Name... Name not 'Kitty'. Name L-Lucy." She stuttered hesitantly for a moment before nodding in confidence, as though confirming it once more.

She glanced around the room once more, shifting nervously again before looking back to Natsu, brown boring into black. A faint pink tainted both of their cheeks as they continued to stare for a few moments before Lucy's eyes widened in surprise, eyes settling a bit off to the side of his eyes, on his cheek. "Hurt..." she whimpered, watching Natsu with guilty eyes. Before he could say anything else, Lucy was in front of him, on her knees in order to match his kneeling height, a hand reaching forward to cup his face.

It took a moment for everyone to catch the movement, but before Lucy could clarify her action, her arms were bound behind her back by twisted metal and she was held to the floor with vines that wrapped around her smooth thighs and back. Multiple people, creatures and mages alike, had their hands aimed at her, poised to attack with various and deadly magics, when Lucy's pained and frustrated hiss made Natsu finally realized what was happening.

"Stop! She wasn't going to hurt me! Back off!" The room stayed still for a few moments before everyone began to slowly lower their arms. Natsu waited for another moment before realizing that the two main culprits had yet to release the still hissing girl. "Droy, Gajeel, release her please." The vine bindings around her legs and chest began to slip away from Lucy, dragging a bit along her skin and causing her to wince as they moved back to the black-haired creature, but the metal stayed. "Gajeel-"

"Look, I don't know about you all," Gajeel sneered from the corner behind a certain blue-haired Solid-Script Mage, ignoring the deadly glare he was receiving from her. "But Erza said she is dangerous. I don't care if she's in human or cat form, but she's not touching anyone until she's been evaluated."

"Dammit, Gajeel!" Gray hissed, obviously unhappy with the turn of events. Attacking a new creature, especially one as timid as this, usually lead to distrust and problems. From what he could see, Lucy was starting to get suspicious and angry, and if this kept up, she'd probably make a run for it. "Get those damned bars off of her! You remember what you felt like when we had to put you is a cage?" the Iron Dragon visibly winced, remembering when he had lost control once before, before he had come to Fairy Tail to work under his cousin. "Exactly. Now let her go. She's been with us all day and hasn't attacked once."

"But those scratches-"

"Tri-tried to help," Lucy pouted, looking at Natsu's cheek with regretful eyes. Slowly, the metal began to seep off of her, disappearing into the ground, but she stayed slumped over on the floor, continuing to watch Natsu sadly.

Sighing, the Fire Dragon began signaling people to leave, much to Mira's chagrin, leaving only Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Levy, and Natsu in the room with an officially depressed Lucy. "You said you could help him, right?" Erza asked, taking a step towards the frail girl. Her head snapped up in surprise, nodding quickly at the red head. "Well, go ahead. We're trusting you not to hurt our nakama." With wide, excited eyes, Lucy jumped to her feet, stumbling for a moment on raw limbs before running up to Natsu. As she saw the scratches on his cheek, ones that conveniently hid his blush, she frowned, knowing that if this didn't work than he would have those four claw marks as permanent scars.

"Sting..." She murmured, brushing the dried blood softly with her left hand.

Natsu barely held back a shiver at the touch, but was more focused on what she had said. "Sting? No, no! It doesn't hurt! I promise!" Lucy's lips tugged up at the sides, showing the ghost of a smile as Natsu grasped her hands, making sure she stayed where she was. Natsu felt a comforting heat coming off of her, something he had never felt as he was a Fire Dragon and never felt any sort of heat coming from anyone else. Lucy shook her head slightly, pulling Natsu away from his inner thoughts.

"No, Sting. My pro-prote-" she frowned deeply again, unable to get the foreign word of her tongue.

Levy piped up from the side. "Protector?" Lucy's eyes went wide and she turned to beam brightly over at Levy who stuttered for a moment before smiling back. The others couldn't help but notice the slightly-longer state of her dagger-like canines, ones that seemed to be a similar, but smaller version of Natsu's own.

"Yes, th- thank you," Lucy bowed to Levy before turning her attention back to Natsu's cheek.

She frowned again, examining it for a mere second before grasping her right hand with her left and plunging her cat-like claws into her own soft skin. The others began to move forwards, Gajeel and Erza planning on separating them and Levy and Gray trying to get Lucy to stop hurting herself, but Natsu moved faster than everyone else. "Lucy!" He yelled in surprise, grabbing her hands and forcing them apart.

As he began examining the wound, Lucy shook her head, taking her unharmed hand from his grip and bringing his face forward to hers. She pressed her cheek against Natsu's bloody one, whispering, "Be still," in his ear as he felt something wet touch the scar. Natsu held still, despite wanting to know exactly what she saw doing.

He only had to wait a few moments before the blonde pulled away, wiping her tear-stricken eyes and smiling as Natsu gingerly touched his cheek. There, he found no dried blood or deep scratches, but just wet, healed skin. "How did you-"

"The tears," Levy murmured in amazement. "It's said that the females have certain healing abilities along with separate magic, something the males have as well, but no one has ever lived to see if happen in real life. There have only been theories in the past, but never this." Lucy nodded, smiling shyly through drying tears. Lucy examined her, noticing how blood continued to leak from her dirt-encrusted wrist and the slight wince she gave each time it brushed her side. "Can't you heal yourself?"

Lucy's eyes widened and she shook her head violently. "No! S-sin to he-heal oneself!" The others quirked their head to the side in confusion. "Tears used for o-others. Se-selfish to fix my-myself!" Natsu sighed as he grasped Lucy's arm, carefully of the bloody openings, and began examining it, smiling reassuringly at her when he noticed that it wasn't very deep.

Erza watched Lucy curiously. From what she's heard, Lucy willingly went from her protector's side to come with a man she didn't even know, and as far as she's seen, Lucy had spent little time in society and seemed to have no notice of the scarcity of her clothing or just how filthy she was. The red-head decided that she had faith in the girl, that she could trust her for now, at least, but knew that she would need to for Lucy to prove herself at some point soon…

"Hey, Lucy?" Levy called, gaining the blonde's attention away from Natsu's stare. She noticed that Natsu's face turned down into a bit of a frown but decided that she'd tease him on that tomorrow. "Not to be rude, but when's the last time you bathed?" she asked, as though she had been reading Erza's thoughts.

The others glanced at Levy and then back at Lucy, smiling a bit when they saw the blank look on Lucy's face. Natsu leaned forward and sniffed her, noting how she didn't seem to smell bad at all. In fact, she smelt slightly of vanilla and woods, something Natsu felt could become rather addicting if he kept sniffing her this way, so he backed off. "A few da-days. Sting, Rogue, me, abo-about to bathe in la-lake tonight-"

"You bathe with boys?" Erza gasped, appalled at the idea, despite the fact that she used to do so with Gray and Natsu when they were children. I mean, now they were The others glanced at Levy and then back at Lucy, smiling a bit when they saw the blank look on Lucy's face. Natsu leaned forward and sniffed her, noting how she didn't seem to smell bad at all. In fact, she smelt slightly of vanilla, woods, and a slight underlying of sweat, a scent combination Natsu felt could become rather addicting if he kept sniffing her this way, so he backed off, but quickly found himself missing the delightful scent. "A few da-days. Sting, Rogue, me, abo-about to bathe in la-lake tonight-"

"You bathe with boys?" Erza gasped, appalled at the idea, despite the fact that she used to do so with Gray and Natsu when they were children. I mean, now they were older, they no longer did so, but when they were innocent, undeveloped kids, it was different. Lucy nodded, confused as to the wrongness of the situation. "In your human or animal form?"

"Both," Lucy answered calmly, cocking her head to the side as Erza's aura grew slightly dark. The others became slightly worried as to how Erza would react to such an innocent girl bathing with two fully-grown men, but Lucy didn't seem the slightest bit worried. In fact, she only stepped closer to Erza, leaning down to see under the sudden cover of the red-head's bangs and doing something no one else would ever dare to... Lucy POKED Erza's cheek, only to pout when the older girl didn't respond. "He-Hello?" Lucy continue poking Erza's cheek, ignoring her demonic aura as the others began to slowly back away.

"Should we make her stop?" Levy hissed to the boys, all of whom shook their head violently.

It only took a few more moments before Erza began to twitch and Lucy smiled brightly. "You okay! Goo-EEEK!" The blonde cried out in surprise as Erza grabbed Lucy and yanked her and levy by the hand and into the bathroom.

As she threw the two in, shouting orders to get Lucy into the tub, the boys all took awkward positions on the couch, waiting for their orders. Erza shut the door behind her, leaving the boys silent for several minutes before a loud squeal of surprise and shock was heard from behind the door.

As an automatic reaction, Natsu and Gray both raced to the door, throwing it open to see what was happening, only to find themselves frozen in the doorway. Erza glared, Levy paled, and Lucy's naked outline from behind the clouded clear shower doors paid them no mind, not to say that the boys returned to favor.

It was deathly silent for about a minute before Erza's sword was suddenly at their throats. "You idiots!"

Despite the near-death beating they received, neither boy could find it in them to regret the walking in on the nude dimidum…

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