Jake and Saffron sat in the tree house sipping tea. Three months had passed since Finn's departure, and Jake and Saffron had made a ritual of meeting up at least once a week to catch up.

"You've really gotten good at controlling your power, princess." Jake remarks to the fiery young lady.

The Flame Princess nods, "Yeah, Manish Man's been helping me practice. I don't flare up as often, and I can even make fire that doesn't burn." She made a small dancing flame-doll on the wooden table that didn't leave so much as a hint of a scorch mark.

"Hehe, neat. Say, how're things with Finn?" Jake asks.

Saffron blushes slightly. "Good. Very good."

"He doesn't visit me as much as he used to, y'know? I think the last time I saw him was almost two weeks ago." Jake said.

"I'm sorry about that. He visits me at least once a week. We talk for a few hours, and do other stuff"" Saffron replied bashfully, a bright blush on her face.

Jake recoiled at her remark. "Whoa, princess, I don't need to be hearing about what you and Finn do when you're alone." He said. His face took a more quizzical look, "Say, does he ever talk about that big important thing he said he had to do?"

Saffron frowned, "I wish. I've asked about it, but he always just says that it's going well, and never gives me any details. I'd ask more, but I don't want to pry."

"Yeah, same here." Jake said sadly. "But, I think it might have something to do with this." He said, stretching to get the news paper from the front of the door. He placed the news paper on the table and opened it to the front page. "See?"

Saffron checked out the front page. The headline said: Local Mysteries: The Feral King. "Oh yeah, I heard about him. He and some other people have been going after the biggest bounties in Ooo, and a few other territories. I also hear he's saved a few cities that get under attacked. You think Finn might be involved?" she asked.

"Maybe. It's pretty coincidental that he started popping up a month after Finn left." Jake reasoned. "Well, whatever's up with Finn, I'm sure he'll tell us when he's re-" Jake was interrupted by the phone ringing. Stretching an arm, he grabbed the phone and answered it. "Hello?" his ear was assaulted with panicked ramblings of a certain pink princess.

Jake hung up the phone urgently and got up from the table. "Candy Kingdom's being attacked by bouldermen!" he shouted. "Come on, we gotta help!" Jake said before rushing out of the house.

Saffron was mildly reluctant to help that prissy pink lady, but she supposed Finn's goodness had rubbed off on her, as she felt obligated to save her anyway. She flew out of the tree house in pursuit of Jake.

Princess Bugglegum had gotten off the phone and turned to see the many stone bouldermen attacking her kingdom. Her candy guards hat put up a fight, but were overwhelmed by the rock-like creatures. She was stricken with relief to see Jake heading toward her kingdom, but noticed that Finn didn't accompany him. While Saffron was fighting the bouldermen on the ground, Jake entered the kingdom and started attacking the bouldermen that were climbing the princess' tower. "Hey PB, what's the situation?" he asked.

"The bouldermen started attacking not too long ago. My rock candy guards held them off long enough for my people to take refuge in the catacombs, but they couldn't defeat them. Where is Finn? He should be here helping." Replied the princess

Jake blushed slightly. He had completely forgotten to tell PB that Finn wasn't living with him any longer. "Uhh, he left, a few months ago. I had a feeling I'd forgotten to do something." Jake said.

He quickly leapt off the building before The Princess had time to scold him. "Finn left!?" she said to herself in anger. "Ugh, nobody tells me anything!"

Meanwhile on the ground, Jake and Saffron continued to fight the bouldermen. Saffron engulfed each of them in fire, but they didn't seem to mind the pain, if they felt any at all. And while Jake, could punch them, they were extremely heavy, too heavy to pick up or throw. "Man, Finn was always better at fighting guys like these!" he remarked in anger.

"I can't burn them! They're too thick!" Saffron said in frustration. "We're gonna need a miracle."

She was right, they would need a miracle. And said miracle came in the shape of an arrow piecing the one of the bouldermen. And another and another.

From each hole made, blue aura leaked, and the bouldermen that were struck found themselves frozen from the inside out.

Jake looked into the distance to see a hooded figure with a heavy cross bow, giving a signal with her hand. As soon as the signal was made, five more figures leapt over the wall of the candy kingdom. Each figure was wearing a hood and cloak, except for one, whose face was covered by a glistening silver helmet that was shaped like a bear's head. The helmed ran alongside a larger one brandishing a heavy axe, and the two of them drew the attention of the bouldermen, while the first archer was joined by another, and two mages began banishing the frozen bouldermen. Like a well oiled machine, the leader and the large one kept the attention of dozens of bouldermen on them, while the archers and mages took them out from a far. If this wasn't astounding enough, they were taken for a particular turn when they saw the leader get cornered. Eight of the stone giants surrounded him, and just as he looked as though he was done for, he drew two swords from behind him. One was silver with a bronze hilt and a blue jewel, and the other was a very familiar blood red with a cross-like hilt.

PB, Saffron, and Jake would recognize that sword anywhere.

The leader, with unparalleled grace, avoided every punch thrown at him, and slashed through the thick rock plating of the bouldermen. One by one, the bouldermen were frozen and banished, until there were no more. In the end, the mysterious heroes stood triumphant.

As things wound down, Saffron, Jake, and now Princess Bubblegum, who had come down from her tower, looked at the leader with curiosity and astonishment.

"… Finn?" asked Saffron.

The leader gestured for the others to leave without him. As his teammates left the kingdom, he approached the others, and his silver helmet transformed into a white hood with two small ears protruding from the top.

"Hey guys."