A/N: This is "A Blessing In Disguise" from Peeta's point of view. It'll have some of the same situations as the original story but also some other side stories. I wanted to explore Peeta's other relationships and what he does when he's not with Katniss. It's not necessary to read "A Blessing In Disguise" before reading this story but it's a lot further along so you might want to check it out first. However, it shouldn't take long for this story to catch up to the other since it'll be based off the original. Hope you enjoy! And as always please review and let me know what you would like to see.

Summary: A Blessing In Disguise from Peeta's POV. Modern day AU/Slightly OOC. Katniss and Peeta have been best friends for the past seven years. They both have difficulty with relatinships. One night after a particular break up and with the help of tequila the friends find themselves crossing a line. The next morning they agree to pretend it never happened but that becomes impossible once Katniss finds out she's pregnant. Where does that leave them? Rated M for language and lemons.

Disclaimer: All of the characters belong to the wonderful Ms. Collins although the ideas are all mine.

Chapter One

Glimmer is in full out bitch mode tonight although I'm really not surprised. In the few months I've known her, I've learned she is always in full out bitch mode. She has been extremely rude to our waitress by talking down to her and rolling her eyes when the woman couldn't tell her how many calories were in the chicken Caesar salad. To be honest, I wanted to break up with her after the first couple of dates but then it was Thanksgiving followed by Christmas and New Years. It seemed insincere to dump someone around the holidays.

"Oh, Peety, did I tell you about running into that whore from my sorority last week?" She asks as I lead her towards my car in the parking lot after dinner. I shake my head holding back my tongue at her pet name for me. The first time she called me Peety I corrected her by telling her I preferred Peeta however she started to use the 'term of endearment' more often than not after that conversation. It's almost as if she does it on purpose to piss me off. "Well, she used to think she had all the boys after her back in college but now she's divorced, unemployed and fat." Glimmer is actually pleased by her former roommate's misfortune.

She's the type of girl that finds happiness in other people's miseries. Glimmer doesn't even work for a living relying on her inheritance to pay the bills. I think she plans to marry a rich man to take care of her for the rest of her life. She's probably only dating me because I own a bakery or well, manage one of my parent's bakeries. It's not like I'm made of money or anything. Maybe I should tell her that?

I have had about enough of her. If I wait too much longer to call it quits then I will be the asshole who broke up with his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. It's now or never. It's still early in the evening, normally we would go out for drinks or a movie after dinner but instead I drive in the direction of her condo. She doesn't ask me why I'm taking her home probably because she expects me to come inside with her for the night.

When I pull into her driveway, I don't even bother to take my keys out of the ignition. She opens her door before she realizes I'm not moving. Turning her attention back to me she asks what's wrong. "Glimmer, this isn't working." The look in her eyes is more like anger than hurt.

"What do you mean this isn't working?" Yep, she's definitely pissed.

"This, you and me." I gesture between the two of us refusing to make eye contact. It doesn't matter how many times I break up with someone, it doesn't get any easier.

"Fuck you, Peeta." Glimmer flips her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she gets out of my car in the most graceful way possible wearing the tightest, shortest dress I have ever seen. Her right hand is on the door, her left on the hood of the car as she peers inside. "You just lost the best thing you've ever had." I highly doubt that but I cringe when she slams the passenger side door. Seriously, don't take it out on the car.

Well, it could have gone a lot worse. I'd be lying if I said I was saddened over the end of another failed relationship. The only reason why I date at all is to distract myself from the one girl I want more than anything in the entire world, my best friend, Katniss Everdeen. She dated her best friend in high school and when they broke up it completely destroyed her. He didn't deserve her. I wish she would realize I'm not him; I would never cause her pain. Instead she dates every douche bag she can find in a two mile radius because it doesn't hurt when there are no feelings involved.

Without even thinking I wander into a liquor store buying a bottle of tequila and heading over to Katniss' apartment. I hope she's home. Smoothing my unruly hair with my hand I nervously knock on the door. Katniss answers wearing sweats with her long, brown hair in her signature braid. She is naturally beautiful. She doesn't need make up or fancy clothes to take my breath away. "Peeta?" She asks surprised while I try to find words getting lost in her stormy gray eyes.

"Were you expecting someone else?" I brush past her not waiting for her reply as I make myself at home in her kitchen. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going out with Glitter or something?" There is no doubt in my mind Katniss knows Glimmer's name especially after the Christmas fiasco.

Our small group of friends does a white elephant exchange every year and for whatever dumb reason I brought Glimmer with me this past Christmas. The limit is only five dollars because it's supposed to be for the fun of it. We all end up buying the dumbest gifts we can find and laughing our asses off at the ridiculousness. Of course my girlfriend hated the idea making sure everyone knew how displeased she was with every single gift. It was actually pretty hilarious when Katniss told her to fuck off although Glimmer definitely did not think so.

"It's Glimmer." I make myself comfortable on her couch as I pour us two shots of tequila. "And we broke up." It's obvious my smile conveys how happy I am at this news.

"Was it the name? I wouldn't be able to get over the name." She says before taking the drink I offer her.

We easily banter back and forth about my most recent break up and my taste and music before our conversation takes an interesting turn. "Do you really want to know the details of my bedroom escapades?" I ask her after several more rounds of tequila.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." She answers and suddenly I'm reminded of all the fantasies and wet dreams I've had starring the one and only Katniss Everdeen. I think she's just as surprised as I am by her comment because she blushes profusely before looking away from my intense glare. I quickly shake my perverted thoughts from my mind and pour us another drink.

"No way!" Katniss chuckles uncontrollably later in the evening. "There is no way she said that."

"Scouts honor. It was the grossest thing a woman has ever said to me and I've heard a lot of dirty talk."

"Number one," She says as she holds up a finger while taking a drink from the bottle with her other hand. We ditched the shot glasses sometime between shots ten and eleven. "You were never a Boy Scout and number two, did you do it?" My eyes widen in complete and utter shock.

"Oh my God, no! I think I faked a stomach ache and ran out the door in a hurry. Actually there might be a Peeta shaped hole in her wall. " We both burst out into a fit of laughter. Katniss and I have been reliving horror stories from our past failed relationships. She even admitted to me she hasn't had sex since her last sleaze bag boyfriend, Cato. God, I would take her right here, right now if she'd let me.

When our laughter subsides, Katniss lays her head in my lap. I undo her braid before slowly combing my fingers through her soft waves. This isn't the first time we've comforted each other like this and I'm sure it won't be the last. "Why do you think we have such rotten luck when it comes to the opposite sex?" Of course I know my answer but I'm dying to know what she thinks. None of my relationships work because I am undeniably and irrevocably in love with her. I know she would feel the same way if she let herself.

"Just lucky I guess." She doesn't sound the least bit sarcastic. It's almost as if she really does believe it's a good thing we're both still single. Her response gives me hope and makes me bold or maybe that's the tequila. My fingers leave her hair to glide around the edge of her ear and down to her jaw. I gently pull on her chin so that she has no other option but to look me in the eyes.

"Katniss..." I quietly plead.


She meets me in the middle sparking a fiery kiss like none of the others we've shared in the past. She surprises me by sucking on my bottom lip giving me the courage to slide my tongue into her mouth. Suddenly she's straddling me and I'm trailing kisses down her chin, neck and collarbone. I can't believe this is actually happening, she is actually enjoying herself. She's running her hands through my messy hair and grinding her hips against my growing erection. Katniss is actually begging me for more suggesting we take this to her bedroom. This is the furthest we've ever gone.

My hands find her ass lifting us off the couch and walking us towards her room. We discard are shirts somewhere in the hallway between kisses. All of my fantasies are finally coming true. I just hope it's not the tequila talking for her. She unbuttons my jeans while I lavish the top of her breasts peeking out from her sexy blue bra. My kisses trail down her stomach stopping where her sweat pants start when I look to her for permission to continue. She nods and that's all I need.

I stand up as I slide her pants off letting mine drop to the floor in the process. I have seen her in a bathing suit before but this is different. She is beyond beautiful and I tell her so. Katniss, never the one to take compliments, tells me to drop my pants in response. I take off my boxer briefs exposing myself to her completely for the first time. It's obvious she approves when she licks her lips and beckons me to her. I add her underwear to the pile of clothes on the floor before I crawl back into the bed next to her.

I devour one of her breasts while flicking and pulling on her hardened nipple with my thumb and forefinger. She's clearly enjoying my attentions but lets me know she needs me in other places. I slide my hand down her body to her tight pussy where I circle her clit with my thumb while pushing a finger inside. My mouth moves to her other breast before I lick my way down to her wet folds. My tongue swirls her nub licking and sucking when I add another finger causing her to push herself into my face. God, she tastes so fucking good. I bring her to orgasm licking up her juices. "I'm not done with you yet." I growl.

The tip of my head brushes her wetness as I prepare to take the plunge when she stops me. "Wait! Condom!" Shit, I don't have any. Glimmer always kept some at her condo and I always kept some at my house so I haven't been carrying any on me. I'm clean and I know Katniss is clean so I'm not worried about diseases.

"You're not on anything?

"Peeta, I just admitted I haven't had sex in three months. Why would I need to be on anything?"

"Right." There is no way in hell I'm about to let this moment get away from me. What the fuck can I do? "I don't usually carry condoms with me."

"Bathroom. Underneath the sink. Luckily Johanna keeps us well stocked." I have never been happier than I am right now about her roommate's sexual appetite. Quickly I jump from the bed and run into the bathroom worried she'll change her mind before I get back. However, she's waiting for me when I return.

Leaning over, I kiss her tenderly as I ease my length into her wetness. The feeling of being inside of her can only be described as heavenly. I slowly move in and out whispering things I would be too afraid to say in the light of day for fear she would run screaming for the hills. Throwing her ankles over my shoulders I change our position. There's no way I can last much longer so I move my hand to her clit to help her find her release. We come together and it is absolutely amazing. I lean down and lay my forehead against hers, not ready to lose contact just yet. "Katniss, I love you." I breathe wanting her to understand how deep my feelings run, to reciprocate them even.

She kisses me sweetly. "I love you too, Peeta." I kiss her back before disposing of the used condom. Returning to bed completely naked, I wrap my arms around Katniss' waist. We always spoon when we sleep together although this is the first time we've done it without clothes. It doesn't take long for me to drift off into dreams filled of a future where Katniss and I are actually together.

I wake up bright and early the next day at five in the morning out of habit. As a baker I'm up before the sun more often than not. I usually don't mind but once I realize where I am and remember what transpired last night I curse my profession. I have to open the bakery this morning so there is no way I can stay in bed even though there is nowhere else I would rather be.

Katniss and I really need to talk about what happened last night so I decide to wake her up before I leave. She isn't much of a morning person therefore I playfully draw circles on her stomach to arouse her. "Hey, you." I greet when she stirs.

"Hey. What time is it?" She glances over my shoulder to check her alarm clock which causes me to chuckle. "What the hell are we doing up this early on a Saturday?"

"I have to be at the bakery in an hour." I explain. "I thought we should talk about last night before I go." I've never been so fucking nervous in my entire life.

"I think we had way too much tequila."

"That's a bit of an understatement. What about what happened between us?"

I can tell by the change in her facial expression where this conversation is headed. I don't know if my heart can take it. "I value your friendship, Peeta. I can't bear to lose you as a friend. You're my best friend. Neither one of us are good at relationships." Yeah, I think, because I'm in love with her.

"So nothing changes?"

"Nothing changes. We'll pretend like it never happened." There is no way I can stay in this room any longer. I quickly kiss her forehead before jumping out of bed and throwing on my clothes.

"I'll talk to you later, Katniss."My hand is on her door knob when she calls my name forcing me to turn around and acknowledge her.

"Are we ok?"

"Of course. You're still my best friend and don't you forget it. I would stay and hang out but I'm the boss so I really shouldn't be late for my shift."

The next few weeks are perhaps the worst weeks of my life. I thought it was difficult to be in love with my best friend before but it's even worse now that I know what it's like to be with her. We have amazing chemistry and I know she loves me too. I blame that stupid prick Gale she dated years ago. It didn't end well between them so now she thinks every relationship is doomed. She's destined to be miserable and alone. I really should wise up, realize it's never going to happen. I have got to get over her.

Finnick O'Dair was my roommate throughout all four years of college. We're still really good friends. Finn is a chick magnet. I'm a man and I know he's good looking. He has bronzed colored hair, sea green eyes and a swimmer's body probably because he is a swimmer. He makes for the perfect wing man even though he is completely committed to his girlfriend Annie Cresta. I actually talked him into ditching Annie tonight and going out with me to the bar. I persuaded him by explaining I need to get over Glimmer when the truth is I could care less about her. I need to get over Katniss. Finn and Annie live together anyway so it's not like he's going home with anyone else.

"I'm surprised you're so upset over this break up, Peet. I've never seen you take a break up this hard and to be honest I really didn't think you gave a shit about Glimmer." Finnick confesses as he passes me my fifth beer of the night. I almost divulge what happened between me and Katniss but she would probably hate me for it.

"Yeah, me too." It's lame but it's the only response I can manage. "I'll be right back. I've got to go to the bathroom." He nods but doesn't call me out on my bluff. I need to compose myself before I really do let it slip.

The line for the ladies room is down the hall which isn't really a surprise. I stroll past the drunken women not even giving any of them a second glance. I guess I'm not doing very well in my quest to get over Katniss. I'm lost in my own thoughts when I swing open the door to the men's room. "Shit! I'm sorry!" I quickly cover my eyes and turn around. There is a woman in the middle of the room pulling up her jeans. "I didn't see anything, I swear." She giggles behind me.

"You can turn around. I'm decent now." I do as she says but I'm having trouble meeting her eyes.

"What are you doing in the men's room anyway?" I ask while she washes her hands.

"Did you see the line for the girls?"

"Well, you could have at least locked the door."

"It doesn't lock. My friend Leevy was supposed to be keeping a look out but apparently she's preoccupied. You know you can look at me now." I force myself to meet her eyes and I'm pleasantly surprised when I do. She's a very pretty girl with blue eyes that mirror my own. Her golden hair is curled loosely past her shoulders. She's wearing very little make up but she doesn't need it. She seems laid back and carefree in her black sweater and dark washed jeans. "I'm Delly by the way. Delly Cartwright." She offers me her hand.

"Peeta. Peeta Mellark."