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She'd only just closed her eyes again, disappointed, when Sweeney Todd came bursting into her room again, with Toby trailing right behind.

"Well?" They said, in unison.

She looked down. "'E gave me this. 'Ave to take it every day, I do. And I won't be up to par for another two weeks..." She looked at Mr. Todd, trying to read his blank expression. "I'm sorry.." She added, before another stabbing pain in her chest stole her breath.

"Two weeks." Sweeney repeated. "Fine." It wasn't ideal, but he figured he could just do regular barbering for a couple of weeks, to keep them afloat, and when Mrs. Lovett got back to herself, he could get back to his usual style. But what would he do with her in the meantime? She obviously needed looking after, but he felt ill-equipped to do that for her. Maybe the boy...but he was a little thing, and she couldn't even get up to go to the toilet or bathe herself. That lad could not help her with such things.


"Yes, sir?" Toby feared Mr. Todd would send him away again.

"You'll stay with Mrs. Lovett. Make sure she 'as everything she needs. And when she asks you, you'll come and get me. Jus' to help out with what you cannot do for her. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." Toby repeated, glad he was getting to stay with his guardian.

"Good." Sweeney quickly went upstairs to open for business, even though it was already well into the afternoon. He didn't expect much, he just wanted to get away. He didn't want either of those two to get the wrong idea. He didn't want them to think he cared too much.

"Not to worry, Mum!" Toby grabbed her hand and brought her back to the present. She'd been staring at where Sweeney had stood. He could've stayed, but he didn't.

She gave the boy a small smile. "I'm alright, darling. Really, I am." She lied, swallowing hard in attempt to keep back what felt like her millionth coughing fit of the day.

"S'alright, Mum." Toby lowered his voice and let go of her hand. "I'll fix it for ya..."

She looked at him quizzically, unable to speak, as he rushed out of her room. As soon as he was gone, she relaxed slightly, letting it happen, but he was back almost as soon as he'd gone and she panted, trying to pull herself back together.

Toby grabbed the bottle of medicine from the night table, and poured some onto the spoon he'd just gone to get. "'Ere ya go, Mum."

She felt ridiculous and wanted to serve herself, but she found herself opening her mouth and swallowing back the disgusting liquid anyway. "Thank ya dear." She croaked, closing her tired eyes and sighing lightly.

A smile played at Toby's lips as he watched her fall into a relatively peaceful sleep.