We are Unbreakable

Monkey D. Luffy is a 17 year old girl who dreams to be the Pirate Queen. Follow her adventure as she fights, dreams, and maybe even falls in love. AU-fem!Luffy-alive!Sabo-ZoroxLuffy

Chapter One : Romance Dawn

~The start of an adventure~

Once apon a time, there was a great pirate. His name was "Gold Roger". He had conquered every single treasure that existed. His last words before his execution have inspired pirates around the world.

"Want my ultimate treasures? It's possible... I will give them to those who can find them. I have gathered everything in this world and already hidden them in "that" place."

And so began the Great Pirate Era

The setting is Fushia Village, a small seaport. About a year ago, a pirate ship moored here.

"Oi! What are you doing, Luffy?" A red haired pirate wearing a straw hat called to the small girl with tousled black hair. Luffy was glaring down at the pirate crew, holding a kitchen knife in one hand.

"I'm not joking this time!" The girl yelled at them. She was wearing knee-length shorts and a loose-fitting tee-shirt that said 'ANCHOR' on the front. The pirate crew just stared at her, "I've had enough! I'll prove it!"

"Ha ha ha! Go for it!" The red-haired man egged the girl on, "Let's see what you're going to do!"

"Luffy going to do something funny again?" A man who had just exited the cabin asked. The girl took the knife and stabed herself under her right eyes.

"WHA-" The pirate gasped.

"OUUUCH!" Luffy wailed. The red-haired man ran forward,

"I-idiot! What the hell are you doing?!" The red-haired captain screamed, pulling the knife out of the girl's hands.

The pirates, and Luffy, were sitting in the town bar. The captain raised his glass,

"Let's drink up and celebrate! To Luffy's craziness and to our greatness!"

"Ah-It didn't hurt on bit!" Luffy claimed, tears in her eyes and her cheek freshly bandaged.

"Liar!" Shanks accused, "Don't do anything so stupid again!"

"I'm no afraid of pain at all!" Luffy declared, smiling widely at her hero, "Next time bring me out to sea! I want to be a pirate too!" Shanks just laughed.

"You can't handle being a pirate!" The red haired pirate captain teased. "Not being able to swim is a pirate's greatest weakness!"

"As long as I stay onboard the ship, I'll be fine!" Luffy protested, "Besides, my fighting is pretty good too!" Shank raised an eyebrow, "I've been training!" She exclaimed, "My punch is as strong as a pistol!"

"Pistol? Wow... really?" Shanks asked, looking decidedly unimpressed.


"Luffy! You seem unhappy." One of the pirates called over,

"Be happy enough to face anything!" Another yelled.

"Yea! A pirate's life is great!" Lucky Roo, a fat pirate exclaimed. "The sea is so wide and deep. You can go to any island and seek adventure!"

"Nothing is greater then freedom!" Another of Shanks's crew declared. Luffy's expression was one of awe and absolute wonder. Shanks sighed,

"Don't give him these dumb ideas guys."

"But it's the truth, right?" Lucky Roo said.

"Right!" The pirate next to him agreed.

"Captain, why don't you take him with us one time?" The crew's sniper, Yasopp, asked. "It's not a big deal."

"Yea, I agree." Rockstar grunted.

"Yea!" Luffy cheered.

"Well then, one of you can get off the ship and let her take your place." Shanks stated, carelessly waving a hand.

"Well." Lucky Roo declared, "We've said enough! Let's drink!"

"What kind of friends are you!" Luffy shouted after them.

"You're still too young, Luffy. Wait atleast another ten years and I'll reconsider taking you out to sea." Shanks said, smiling at the angry girl.

"Darn it Shanks! I'm not a kid anymore!"

"Aw. Don't be mad. Here drink some juice." Shanks said with a smirk, handing that black-haired girl a glass of apple juice.

"Okay! Thanks!" She started drinking, only to stop when Shanks burst out laughing.

"You really are a kid! How funny!"

"What a dirty trick!" Luffy snapped before sliding off the stool and stomping away. "I even cut myself today and he still wont agree!" She growled.

"Luffy," She looked up to where Shanks's firstmate, Ben Beckman sat smoking, "You should try to understand the Captain's feelings."

"Understand Shanks's... feelings?"

"Yes... Afterall, he is out leader," Ben drawled, reclaining in his seat, "He knows that being a pirate is interesting. But he, also know that a pirate's life is hard and very dangerous." He smiled, "Do you understand? He doesn't purposely tease your ambitions of being a pirate."

"I don't understand!" Luffy huffed, "Shanks just takes me for an idiot!" They both looked towards the red-haired pirate.

"Can't swim!" Said pirate teased.

"SEE!" Luffy exclaimed. Ben sweatdropped.

"Captain, you seem to be happy as always." Makino, the bar owner giggled.

"Yep. Making fun of her is my joy." Shanks cackled. Luffy pointed, scowling at Ben, who was still sweatdropping,

"He really is very happy..." The firstmate said. Makino turned towards the only other female in the bar,

"Luffy, would you like something to eat?"

"Okay!" Luffy beamed, sitting back down on the stool and picking up a knife and form, "Don't worry Makino! I'll pay you with my treasure!"

"What treasure?" Shanks teased, "You're lying again."

"No!" Luffy slammed her cutlery onto the bar, "I'm definately gonna be a pirate, then I'll pay her with the treasure I find." Makino giggled,

"I'll be waiting." Luffy shot her a smile as she placed the food down infront of the young girl.

"Shanks?" Luffy muttered, munching on her meat,

"Hmm? What is it?" Shanks asked, looking up from his mashed potatos and towards the young girl.

"How long are you gonna stay?"

"Well..." Shanks swallowed his mouthfull of potatos, "It's almost been a year since we started using this village as our base. I plan on setting sail a couple more times, then we'll leave this village and head north."

"A couple times..." Luffy's face fell, before snapping back up into a grin, "I'll learn how to swim by then!" Shanks laughed,

"Alright! Good luck." Suddenly the doors were kicked open violently and the bar went silent.

"Excuse me." The man who kicked the door said sarcasticly. Before scanning around him, "So this is what pirates look like, huh? This is the first time I've seen pirates. They look pretty dumb to me." The man mocked. Luffy looked up from where she was muching on a strange fruit. He slapped his hand down, causing Shanks to pull his hand and an unopened bottle of sake, away. The pirate crew didn't say anything, just sat quietly, eating and watching with curious eyes as the rest of the group approached the bar. "We're bandits. Don't worry, we're not here to cause any trouble. We just wanna buy ten barrels of sake." Makino paled,

"Ah. I'm so sorry, but we're fresh out of sake." The bandit leader's eyes narrowed,

"Oh? That's strange. Then what are they drinking?" He jerked his head towards the Red-Haired Pirates crew, "Is that water?"

"N-no, it's sake. But that's all we have." Shanks looked up from his lunch,

"I'm sorry, looks like we've finished the sake here. Sorry 'bout that." He held out the unopened bottle of sake, "Here, take the last bottle. We wont mind." He smiled. Everything was still for a moment before the bandit suddenly lashed out, shattering the bottle, the sake spilling all over Shanks. Makino and Luffy gasped while the bandits all smirked and started chuckling among themselves. The pirates just watched calmly. Shanks's head was down, the brim of his hat shading his eyes.

"Just who do you thin I am?" The bandit growled, "Don't take me so lightly! One bottle isn't enough!" He reached into his jacket and pulled out a wanted poster. "My head is worth eight million beli. I'm one of the prime fugitives here, and I've killed 56 people you cocky bastard." Luffy watched with wide eyes, "Now that you know who I am, don't mess with us again. After all, mountain bandits and sea pirates don't mingle very well." He finished his speech as he stuffed the poster back into his jacket.

It was still for a moment.

Then Shanks looked up, a pout on his lips. "Awww, now the floor's all wet." He kneeled down on the floor, "Sorry about that, Makino." Shanks said, picking up a piece of broken glass and totally ignoring the bandit, "Do you have a mop?"

"Ah, it's alright." Makino gasped, snapping out of her daze, "I'll clean it up!" The moutain bandit 'tsk'ed before he drew his sword and slashed it along the bar, cutting into the wood and sending food and dishes crashing to the floor.

"Well," The bandit sneered, "Since you enjoying cleaning, now you can enjoy it even more." He turned around with a 'hmmph'. "Later you bunch of chickens" The bandit sneered as he left the bar. "What a pathetic town. It doesn't even have sake." He declared, "Let's move on to the next town." Makino dropped down beside Shanks,

"Are you alright, Captain?!" She fussed, "Did you get hurt?" Shanks just held out a hand for her to stop,

"No, I'm fine." And just like that, the pirates broke out into loud, boisterous laughter, Shanks laughing the loudest out of all of them as he removed the straw hat from his head,

"AHHHHAHAHA! Our captain looked so silly!" Lucky boomed.

"He fixed you up good, Captain!" A blond-haired crew member laughed.

"You look pretty dumb on the floor there, Captain!"

"WHY ARE YOU LAUGHNG?!" Luffy exclaimed, causing the pirates to go silent again and turn to look at her. The girl looked absolutely furious, fists clenched tightly at her sides. "THAT WAS DISGRACEFUL! WHY DIDN'T YOU FIGHT HIM?!" Shanks was silent, watching Luffy with a blank expression as she yelled at him, "SO WHAT IF THEY HAVE MORE PEOPLE?! WHO LAUGHS AFTER GETTING PICKED ON? YOU'RE NOT A MAN, AND NOT A PIRATE EITHER!" Shanks offered the fuming girl a small smiled,

"Look, I know how you feel. But it's just a bottle of sake. There's nothing to get worked up about." Shanks said, placing the hat back on his head. Luffy just scowled and turned on her heel, prepared to leave. Shanks grabbed that angry girl's arm'

"I don't want to see you again, coward!" Luffy snapped and continued to storm off.

"Aww, don't leave Luffy. C'mon, st-" Shanks trailed off when he saw that Luffy had kept walking. And his arm had started stretching. This caused several spit-takes, people to be shocked silent, many goldfish impressions and a lot of jaw dropping; really just mass chaos.


"Her arm.. it's stretching...!" Shanks exclaimed, "Thats-"

"No way... You..." Yasopp gasped. Luffy was staring at her arm, expression blank before the reaction kicked in.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" Luffy screamed.

"It's gone!" Lucky screamed from where he stood with an empty chest, "The Gum-Gum fruit we stole isn't here!"

"WHAAT?!" Lucky Roo quickly picked up a scetchbook and quickly drew the strange fruit.

"Luffy! Did you eat this?!" Lucky demanded, pointing at the drawing. The young girl nodded,

"Well, yea, isn't that desert?... It tasted pretty bad though..." Shanks grabbed the child whom most of the crew had come to see as a little sister,

"That was the Gum-Gum fruit!" The red-haired pirate paniced, "It's one of the devil fruits! One of the rarest treasures ever! Whoever eats it will turn into a rubber person and will never be able to swim!" Luffy's jaw dropped and her eyes widened,

"WHAAAAAAAAT! You're kidding, RIGHT?!" Shanks grabbed his head and fell drematicly to his knees,


(The next day)

"I want to buy some fish, Mr. Store Keeper." Luffy smiled at the old man,

"Hey, Luffy, you look like you're in a good mood today. So, did the pirates leave you behind again? Either way, you can't swim anymore..." He said as he handed the young girl some fish. Luffy just laughed,

"It's alright! I'll just be a pirate who doesn't fall into the sea!" She smiled, "Besides, after eating the Gum-Gum fruit I've become even happier! Look!" With a wide grin she stretched her cheeks.

"What's so good about that?!" Luffy turned to see a short, older man, "Having a rubber body, Bah!"


"I'm going to tell you again, Luffy. Don't become a pirate! It'll ruin this town's reputation! Besides, you're too cute to be a pirate!" The Chief fumed, "The Captain may look like a reasonable person, but don't hang out around him again!" Luffy plugged her ears and walked away.

"They've been away for awhile now..." Makino sighed, drying a plate, "Do you feel lonely, Luffy?" Luffy looked up from her juice,

"Nope, I haven't forgiven them for the bandits incident yet." She huffed and rested her chin on the bar, "I overestimated Shanks! I though he was a tough pirate." Luffy frowned and added as an undertone; "What a disappointment."

"Really?" Makino looked up from the glass she had picked up, "I think people who could laugh it off after getting picked on are pretty brave." Luffy looked at her and pouted,

"That's 'cause you don't understand. There are times when a man should fight back!" Makino giggled,

"Oh? I guess I don't know anything then."

"Thats right, you don't."

"Excuse me." A familiar voice said as the newly repaired doors swung closed. Luffy turned around, and scowled, "Well," The bandit continued, looking around, "Looks like the pirates aren't here today. It sure is quiet." The bandits made themselves comfortable, "What are you waiting for?!" The leader snapped, banging his hand on the table, "We're customers! Bring us some sake!"

Makino slammed the door to the Chief's house open, "CHIEF, HURRY! SOMETHING BAD HAS HAPPENED!" Chief looked up from his tea,

"What's wrong, Makino? What's this fuss about?"

"Luffy was... Luffy was kidnapped by the bandits!"

"What an interesting body..." One of the bandits muttered after kicking the small girl.

"Yep, seems like kicking and punching won't do any harm." Another stated. A group of villagers were watching fearfully from the closest building.

"H-hey, go save Luffy!" One of the men whispered. The other villager shook with fear,

"B-but they're bandits! We could get killed!"

"So could Luffy!" The woman behind them snapped.

"Luffy messed with them in the first place!" The second villager reasoned.

"DAMN IT!" Luffy screamed at them, "APOLOGIZE TO ME RIGHT NOW! YOU BASTARD!" She attemped to punch the lead bandit, who was holding her in the air by her tousled and short black hair.

"My, my. A rubber girl, huh? Who would've though such a thing existed in this world." And with that, the bandit threw her a good meter or so away.

"DAMN IT!" Luffy snapped, glaring at the bandit, "You'll be sorry for this!"

"A different type of human..." The bandit leader continued, "If I sell the girl to a circus, I could sure get alot of money." Luffy picked up a large stick and charged, "What a strong," He stomped down on her head, "Brat!" He concluded. The bandit leader stared down at the struggling girl with an amused smirk on his face, "We were just having a good time drinking and talking... Did we say something that pissed you off?"

"Yes you did!" Luffy screamed as the bandit stomped on her head again, voice muffled slightly by the dirt in her face, "Apologize right now! You can't just insult Shanks like that and get away with it, damnit!"

"Luffy sure is hot-headed..." One of the villagers whispered, "Why in the world did she start trouble with them?"

"MOVE YOUR DAMN FOOT YOU DAMNED BANDIT!" Luffy screamed and continued to struggle.

"Let the child go!" Chief yelled as he walked forward, "Please!" He dropped down to his knees and bowed, "I don't know what Luffy did, and I don't want to argue with you. But I'm willing to pay! So, please, let the child go!" Luffy watched with wide eyes from under the bandit's foot,

"Chief..." She whispered,

"As one would expect, it's the elders that know the proper way to deal with any situation..." The filthy man smirked, "But it's too late! You can't save this little brat now. Because she really makes me angry!" The bandit stomped on Luffy's head again, making her wince, "When a weakling like her insults me, it makes me so angry!"

"IT'S YOUR FAULT!" Luffy snapped, "YOU WILD BABOON!" The bandit 'tsk'ed and drew his sword, placing it against the young girl's neck.

"LUFFY!" Makino screamed,

"Pl-PLEASE!" Chief cried, "Let her go!"

"I was wondering why no one came to welcome us back at the port..." A familiar voice drawled casually. "So this is why..."

"Captain!" Makino gasped as he brushed past her.

"Hey, you guys are the bandits from the other day." Shanks said with a bright smile, before turning his teasing grin on Luffy, though you could see when his eyes flashed dangerously when he saw the girl's predicament, "Luffy! What's wrong? Isn't your punch as strong as a pistol?"

"Shut up!" Luffy snapped.

"Pirate..." The bandit looked at Shanks, "Why are you still here? Are you going to clean up the while town this time?" Shanks continued forward, "I suggest you leave right now! If you get any closer, I might have to open fire, you coward!" Shanks just kept walking. One of the bandits cocked his pistol and held it only a few centimetres from the red-haired pirate's head,

"Didn't you hear?! You were told not to get any closer!" The pistol bandit laughed, "Do you want to get shot?" The other bandits joined started laughing.

"Well, since you pulled out your gun, I guess we'll have to fight." Shanks said, a small grin on his face. The pistol bandit scowled,

"Huh!? What did you say!?"

"I said," Shanks pointed at the gun, a calm smile on his face, "Don't use this to scare people..." Suddenly a gunshot echoed out and the bandit with the gun fell to the ground. Lucky Roo was now standing by Shanks, the pistol in his hands still smoking. Makino and Chief gasped while Luffy looked at them in awe. The bandits cried out in surprise and anger.

"Now you've done it, bastard!" A bandit yelled,

"Damn it, that was dirty!" Another snapped,

"Dirty?" Yasopp mocked,

"Don't make us laugh." Ben said, hands in his pockets, "Do you think we're saints of something?"

"The people standing in front of you," Shanks said, smile melting off this face and hand creeping towards his sabre, "Are pirates."

"Shut up!" A bald bandit snapped, "This is none of business!"

"Listen well bandits..." Shanks said quietly, his hat shadowing his eyes, "You can whip food or sake at me, you can ever spit on me. I'll just laugh it off. But-" His head snapped up as Shanks paused, his expression growing dark and dangerous, Luffy shivered, but kept watching in awe, "I dont care what reasons you have! I wont forgive anyone who messes with my friends!"

"Shanks..." Luffy whispered softly, eyes wide. The bandit leader was silent for a second before bursting out laughing.

"'Won't forgive me"? You. a bunch of pirates who float around on a ship all day, want to challenge us!?" The bandit leader laughed again, "WE WILL DESTROY YOU!" The bandits roared approval and charged forward, weapons raised.

"GO TO HELL!" Ben strode forward, pulling out the rifle he had tucked in the sash at his waist, stance relaxed and casual.

"Let me deal with this..." He called to Shanks, who just smiled, "I can take care of them myself." He then pulled his cigarette from his mouth and pressing it against the closest bandit's forehead, causing him to cry out with pain and fall, cradling his forehead. With an almost lazy smirk, Ben then proceeded to use his rifle as a club and beat all the bandits within a matter of seconds. "Don't overestimate yourselves bandits." Ben stated, cocking his pistol and aiming it towards the rest of the bandits, all while lighting his new cigarette. "If you want to fight us, you better get a fleet of marines to back you up."

"Wow..." Luffy gasped.

"Amazing..." Makino exclaimed quietly. The bandit leader paniced,

"Ah! W-wait a minute! This little brat messed with us first!"

"It doesn't matter. Afterall, there's a reward on your head, isn't there?" Shanks taunted. With a 'hmph!', the bandit suddenly threw something down and it exploded in a giant cloud of smoke.

"Smoke bomb!" One of Shanks's pirates yelled.

"Come with me brat!"

"NO! Let go of me damnit!" The smoke cleared, showing Luffy and the bandit leader to be no where in sight.

"Luffy!" Shanks called out, "Oh no! We got careless! They took Luffy! Our Luffy! They took our little pirate-wannabe-angel! What should we do!?"

"Captain! Don't panic!" He snapped, being in no better condition, "Let's split up and find them!" Ben sighed,

"That captain..."

Out at sea on a small skif, the bandit leader was laughing, "Looks like we got away! Who would guess that a bandit would escape by boat!?" The was laughing, Luffy held firmly by her shirt in one hand, dangling over the water, "I only used you as a hostage, but you're useless to me now." Luffy struggled furiously, glaring up at the man holding her, a spark of fear in her eyes. "Good riddance," He said, tossing Luffy into the sea and laughing. Luffy flailed wildly, trying to stay afloat. Luffy's eyes widened and the bandit's laughter suddenly cut off, she turned to see a sea king swallow the bandit and boat whole. The sea king paused, red eyes turning to Luffy's struggling form. Luffy looked on in fear, unable to do anything to defend herself as the serpent dove forward. Luffy felt something pull her into an embrace before her vision was obscured by water and blood as she screamed. When everything was clear again, Luffy found herself trembling and being cradled by Shanks. The pirate captain glared hard at the sea king, making it freeze in place.

"Get lost," Shanks growled dangerously. The sea king stared for a moment before fleeing in terror. Luffy looked up at Shanks, tears gathering in her eyes.


"Thanks, Luffy," Shanks said with a big grin, ruffling her hair "Makino told us what happened. Thanks for sticking up for us." Shanks paused taking in Luffy's tears. "Come on, Lu, pirates don't cry," He teased.

"B-But…Shanks…! Your arm!" Luffy cried, tears overflowing, "YOUR ARM!" It was true, Shanks's entire left arm was gone, nothing but a bloody mess was left in its place. Shanks just gave a small, sincere smile, pulled the sobbing girl that he had come to see as a daughter, closer to his chest. "It's nothing," He said softly, firmly, "It's just an arm…as long as you're alive." His hand shook slightly and he tightened his grip. He had come so close to losing his presious Luffy.

Ben, who was standing in the small fishing boat Shanks had 'borrowed' saw said man swimming towards them. The dark-haired first mate's eyes widened when his gaze landed on the missing arm. When Shanks reached the side of boat, Ben reached down to help him up. Shanks shook his head and guestured to the unconsious Luffy in his tight grip. Ben nodded and took the small girl from his captain, placing her lightly against the side of the ship. He turned and then helped Shanks up. Who, once on the boat, slumped to the ground.

"You okay captain?" Ben asked, looking at his captain. Said captain just laughed,

"I'm fine!" Ben frowned,

"Fine my ass!" He snapped, before helping his captain to sit up and leaned him against the side of the boat before cheacking the wound over, "I'm not doctor, so we're going to have to get you to Doc once we reach shore." The firstmate stated as he shed his shirt and wrapped it around the wound.

"M'kay..." Shanks hummed, his gaze on Luffy.

"Captain, Lu is fine. Just shocked, she's just sleeping it off." Shanks nodded, looking at his firstmate's stern face, a small smile on his face,

"Sorry for worrying you." Ben stared at him, before nodding and getting up. He moved over to Luffy, picked her up gently and placed her on his captain's lap. Shanks wrapped his one arm around her and burrowed his face into her soft, but sopping hair, falling asleep instantly. Ben sighed, shaking his head,

"That captain..."

Luffy stood with Shanks, watching the pirates load the ship. Shanks wore a black cloak, hiding his missing arm from view.

"You're really leaving this time?" Luffy asked in a small voice.

"Yep," Shanks said, "We've stayed here long enough, it's about time we move on." Shanks paused and gave Luffy a contemplative look. "Are you upset?"

"Yeah…" Luffy sighed sadly before perking up and giving Shanks a grin, "But I've decided. I'm not going to ask you to take me with you. I'll become a pirate by myself!" Shanks grinned at the small girl and stuck his tongue out in a child-like manner,

"Meh, I wouldn't take you even if you begged me! You don't have what it takes to be a pirate!" He teased.

"YES I DO!" Luffy yelled fiercely, and all of the pirates on the dock turned at Luffy's outburst, grinning, "One day I'll have a crew that's better than yours! And then I'll find the world's greatest treasure and become the QUEEN OF THE PIRATES!" Shanks had been listening with a blank expression before his lips slowly curved up into a smile, a spark of pride, and almost anticipation, lighting his eyes.

"Oh? So you want to be bigger than us, huh? Well then," He said, reaching up and taking his straw hat off his head and placing it on Luffy's, "This hat is my gift to you." Luffy froze with shock before silent tears started streaming down her cheeks. "This is my favorite hat, you know," Shanks said, pulling away, a soft smile on his lips, "When you become a great pirate in the future, you'll return that hat to me. It'll be our promise, Luffy." And Luffy watched with tears in her eyes and clutching the straw hat tightly as Shanks boarded his ship. Makino came up behind her and put her hands on the young girl's shoulders, smiling down at her when she looked up.

"Raise anchor!"

"Set sail!"


Luffy watched the ship go, tears in her eyes,

"I promise, Shanks..." She whispered fondly.

(One Year Later)

"Pirate Queen my foot!" Garp bellowed, dragging his granddaughter behind him by her red vest.

"Lemme go!" Luffy yelled.

"Not only do you eat a Devil Fruit, but now you're spouting nonsense as well!" Garp ranted, ignoring Luffy's protests. "Luffy, both you and Ace are destined to become great marines!"

"No way!" Luffy protested, waving her hand dismissively.

"Leaving you in that peaceful village was a mistake," Garp continued on, fuming, "Of all things, the Pirate Queen?!"

"Yeah," Luffy replied matter-of-factly, crossing her arms over her chest as she pouted, "What's wrong with that?"

"You imbecile!" Garp exclaimed. Luffy reached out and grabbed a tree as they passed it, wrapping her rubbery arms all the way around the trunk as Garp kept carrying on. "Becoming friends with that damn "Red Hair" Shanks is completely unacceptable!"

"I'm gonna become-" Luffy started just as the tree began to uproot and slam into Garp's back, it snapped over his head like a toothpick, but he let Luffy go in surprise, "-the Pirate Queen!" Luffy finished with a grin, still clinging to the tree. Garp grumbled and snatched Luffy up again, their argument starting anew. Eventually, the two reached a wooden shack and Garp placed Luffy down on the ground while he pounded on the door.

"Dadan!" He yelled, "Get out here!" A large woman with curly orange hair and a cigarette held between her lips threw open the door, two men trailing behind her. All three of them looked stressed and paled slightly at the sight of the marine.

"G-Garp-san!" the woman stuttered.

Garp grinned. "You seem to be doing well." He greeted.

"You gotta be kidding me!" The large woman, Dadan, exclaimed, "I wish you'd just leave me alone for a change! That Ace is already ten years old you know!"

"Is he?" Garp asked with a chuckle, "Has it really been that long already? How's he doing?"

"It's nothing to laugh at," The short man said, "If he gets any wilder, we won't be able to control him at all!"

"Anyway," Garp said carelessly, grabbing Luffy by the back of her shirt and hoisting her up as she ran by, "Take care of this one too." Garp looked at his granddaughter, "Now, Luffy, say hello," Garp said. Luffy raised a hand in greeting.


"Who's that kid?" The other man asked.

"She's my granddaughter." Garp stated matter-of-factly, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. The trio standing in the doorway freaked out.

"WHAA-" The short man exclaimed

"We gotta take care of another one?!" The other man cried.

"Garp's – I mean – Garp-san's granddaughter?!" Dadan gasped.

"Not happening!" the three exclaimed in unison. Garp put Luffy down and the girl resumed her exploring as her grandfather crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well," he said, "I see you've made your decision. But if you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars… or will you raise her?" The trio paled "I've turned a blind eye so far," Garp continued nonchalantly, "But you've committed as many crimes as here are stars in the sky," Garp said, throwing his head back and laughing.

"No way!" the trio cried. The tall man rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, true, I don't wanna go to prison," He started,

"But prison actually seems really tempting," The short man finished for him, "Our hands are full with just Ace!"

"And now you want us to take your granddaughter too?!"the woman cried, "I'm sure that kid's just as much of a monster, isn't she?!"

"What a crappy looking mountain hut," Luffy said bluntly, staring up at them with adorably childish brown eyes.

"You wanna die, you brat?!" The woman yelled. Luffy ignored her and ran after some dragonflies as they flew past her face. As the adults continued to argue, Luffy chased the bugs, coming to a stop when something hit her cheek.

"What was that?" The little girl asked, putting a hand to her cheek and then jerking away, "It's spit! Ewwww!" Luffy turned around, looking for the source. "Who's there?!" She yelled. Her eyes landed on a figure sitting on the body of a bear. It was a boy a few years older than she. He had black hair and freckles and was dressed in a simple tank top and shorts, a pair of black flats on his feet. His arms were crossed over his chest and he held a metal pole in one hand. "Hey! You!" Luffy yelled, glaring up at the older boy, "Apologize! That's gross!" Garp turned at Luffy's yell.

"Oh! Ace!" He said with a grin as he began to walk over to the children.

"Hey!" Luffy repeated, "Apologize!" Ace just glared down at him coldly.

"Luffy, that's Ace," Garp said, coming to stand by his granddaughter, "He's three years older than you. Starting today, you're going to be living with these people, so you better get along, got it?"

"Ehhhhhh?!" The trio cried.

"You just decided by yourself?!" The woman exclaimed. Luffy and Ace continued to glare silently at each other. After the trio finally –cough reluctantly and fearfully cough– said they would take care of Luffy as well, Garp grinned and said goodbye and turned on his heel and left, calling over his shoulder that he'd visit when he had time.

Luffy frowned at the small bowl of rice in her hand from her place inside the cabin near the fire. Luffy tilted the small bowl and swallowed its contents in one go. She held the bowl out to Dadan. "I want another bowl!" She said. When Dadan paid her no mind, she called again. "Pops, I want another bowl!"

"I'm a woman!" Dadan yelled at her, "And don't you realize where you've been left?!"

"No," Luffy stated bluntly.

"Then I'll tell you," The woman said, an evil grin coming to her face, "This is the hideout of the mountain bandits who rule Mt. Corvo, the Dadan Family!"

"Mountain bandits? I hate mountain bandits," Luffy deadpanned.

Luffy watched as Ace got up and left then, having finished his food, her eyes following his every step. "Where's he going?" Luffy wondered aloud as she got up and went after Ace, completely ignoring everyone else. "Hey!" Luffy called, only for Ace to shut the door in her face. Luffy pouted before throwing the door open and racing after him.

"Hey!" Luffy called again, chasing after Ace, "Wait up! Hey!" Ace finally turned around and pinned Luffy down with his dark eyes. Luffy just grinned up at him. "I'm Luffy! I'm not angry that you spat at me anymore! It's nothing to get worked up about! Let's be friends!" The girl said with a grin, waving her arms. Ace just stared at Luffy, a blank mask on his face. "Are you going somewhere?" Luffy asked. Ace just got up and started walking away, then, suddenly, Ace lashed out, kicking the tree he was standing next to in the trunk. It snapped and the tree began to fall. Ace kicked the tree again and it began to roll down the hill. Straight at Luffy. Luffy turned and ran, screaming. The tree continued to roll on it's marry way until it plowed over the rubber girl.

Luffy found herself at a bridge over a large gorge, with Ace standing in the middle of it. As she stepped on it, the bridge moved and Ace turned to look over his shoulder, surprise crossing his features when he saw Luffy. It quickly vanished though, replaced with an annoyed frown as he turned and began to walk toward the smiling girl. Ace's hand tightened on the metal pole in his hand and he suddenly charged forward, bringing the pole down in an arc and knocking Luffy off the bridge.

This continued for well over a month, where Luffy would chase after Ace. An annoyed Ace would somehow lose her. Then she'd return back to the hut, days later, covered in bruises and scratches, only to repeat the process, over, and over, and over again.

(Month Later)

Luffy wandered through the trees until she reached a small clearing. The black-haired girl looked around until she spotted Ace perched in one of the trees, another boy with him, one who looked to be the same age as Ace with blond hair and a top hat. As Luffy crept closer, she began to pick up bits and pieces of their conversation.

"…wonder how much we need for a pirate ship," The blond boy said.

"Don't know," Ace replied, "Ten million or one hundred million maybe? We've got a long way to go."

"A pirate ship?!" Luffy exclaimed excitedly as she stepped into the clearing, a wide smile on her face, Ace and the boy jumped up, immediately on guard. The blond boy slammed a trapdoor -it was in the branch the two boys were on- shut and both of their faces were lined with panic. Luffy didn't seem to notice though -or she just didn't care enought to- as she carried right along. "You guys!" Luffy called loudly, "Are you guys gonna become pirates? I wanna become one too!" While Luffy just stood there giggling and grinning like an idiot, Ace and the boy exchanged looks and quickly climbed down the tree. Running straight up to the young girl, they both smacked her over the head.


Luffy was now tied to the tree's giant trunk, but still grinning like an idiot. "Ace, I didn't know you went this far every day!" She said.

"Shut up," Ace said, an annoyed frown on his face.

"So this is that 'Luffy' girl you were telling me about?" The blond boy asked, studying her.

"Yeah," Ace grumbled, glaring at Luffy, who didn't seem effected by it at all, "And it looks like she finally followed me all the way here. I didn't take any of the walkable routes either…"

"You told him about me?" Luffy asked Ace excitedly.

"I told him how annoying you are," Ace said with a frown.

"And how empty-headed you are," The other boy added.

Luffy just laughed. "Oh yeah?"

The blond boy just looked at her. "You don't even realize that we're dissing you, do you?"

"Are you a friend of Ace's?" Luffy asked, completely oblivious, "Be my friend too!"

"Shut up," the boy said, though not as coldly as Ace, "I'm not going to be your friend." Luffy blinked innocently.

"Oh. Then what's your name?"

"Sa – I'm not telling you!" The blond boy exclaimed, "This is why I told you to live with me. The daily round trip training on the mountain turned out to be bad! What should we do?" Ace was silent, a thoughtful look on his face.

"She found our secret. She'll tell somebody if nothing is done," Ace said seriously, and then said; "We gotta kill her." Luffy's wide smile dropped,

"Alright," The blond said with a nod, "Let's do it."

"WHAT?!" She yelled, "Don't kill me! Help me! I don't wanna die!"

"Shut up, you idiot!" The boy said in an attempt to make her stop screaming.

"Sabo, kill her already!" Ace said.

"What?!" Sabo cried, "You do it!"

"I've never killed anyone before!" Ace yelled.

"Me neither!" Sabo yelled back as Luffy continued to scream and cry in the background, "And I don't know how!"

"Help me!" Luffy screamed.

"Shut up!" The boys yelled in unison.

"I hear a voice from the forest!"

"It sounds like a kid's voice!" Ace and Sabo froze glancing over their shoulders.

"Shit! Someone's coming!" Sabo whispered.

"Set her free for now!" Ace said, "We gotta move from here before they find our treasure!"

Luffy stopped crying at that, grinning as Ace and Sabo untied him. Sabo grabbed the small girl and all but threw her in the bushes before he and Ace dived in after her.

"Everybody knows those brats around here. Ace and Sabo. Are you sure it was Ace who took the money?" A man said as the new group came into view. The speaker was a large, bulky man with long hair and slanted blue eyes. He carried a sword in one hand and the frown on his face seemed to be permanent.

"Yes…We're sorry," One of the other men said. He was wounded, arm heavily bandaged and in a sling. "We shouldn't have let our guard down."

"Some little punk he is," The large man says, "He can't just steal our money! If Captain Bluejam hears about this, he's going to kill all of us!"

"Damnit!" Ace whispered from where the three boys were crouched behind the bushes, a grimace on his face, "I didn't know those thugs were working for Bluejam!" Sabo looked at his friend with wide eyes.

"You mean that money you stole was from them?" he asked, eyes slightly frantic.

"I shouldn't have taken that money," Ace said seriously.

"He has a real sword," Sabo muttered, "That's Porchemy who works under Bluejam. He's a total psycho! Have you heard of him? They say he scalps his opponents after they lose a fight with him! While they're still alive!" Sabo glanced to the side and realized Luffy was gone.

"Huh? Where'd she…" Sabo and Aces' heads whipped around, eyes wide, just as Luffy started screaming.

"Lemme go!" Luffy yelled, "What do you want?! Lemme go! You bastard!"

"Who's this little shit?" Porchemy asked, holding Luffy up by the front of her shirt.

"Help me!" Luffy yelled, flailing uselessly, "Ace!" Interest flashed across Porchemy's face.

"Did you just call for Ace?" He asked seriously, his voice low and glaring hard at Luffy. Luffy's face went blank, before she looked away, puckered her lips and started whistling

"I-I don't know."

"Fine. If you don't know, I guess we have no choice," Porchemy said, a dark grin coming to his face, "We'll just have to help you remember!"

"Hey!" Luffy cried as the pirate began carrying her away, "Where are you taking me?! Lemme go, you bastards!"

Luffy now found herself hanging from the ceiling, bloody, beaten, and watching as Porchemy walked over to the wall and hefted up his sword. "Since you won't tell me, you die," The pirate hissed quietly. And just as he lowered his arm, ready to cleave Luffy's pretty little head from her body, one of the walls to the shack imploded, wood breaking apart and flying everywhere.

"STOP!" Ace and Sabo screamed as they charged into the shack, metal poles raised and ready for a fight.

"That was so scary!" Luffy sobbed, "I thought I was gonna die!" She sat on a rock, wounds freshly bandaged.

Ace jumped down from his own rock. "YOU'RE SO ANNOYING! SHUT UP!" he roared, "HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO CRY FOR ANYWAY?! I HATE WEAKLINGS AND CRYBABIES! YOU REALLY PISS ME OFF!" Luffy shut up immediately causing Sabo and Ace to exchange surprised looks.

"Thank you," Luffy said bowing her head and sniffling as her tears started up again, "For…for saving me!"

"Why you!" Ace yelled.

"Oi, oi," Sabo said, trying to calm the short-tempered boy down, "She's just thanking us."

Ace calmed some at Sabo's voice, but not much. "I don't get it!" He shouted, "Why didn't you tell them?! Those guys would kill women and children without a second thought, and you're both!"

Luffy sniffled. "If I'd told them…you wouldn't have been my friend."

Ace stared in disbelief. "That's better than dying isn't it?" He asked, something that almost sounded accusing in his voice, "Why do you want to become my friend that much?"


"Didn't I give you a hard time up till now?" Ace pressed, a confused and frustrated frown on his face, "Why did you still follow me this far?"

"Because…" Luffy said softly, pausing a moment before lifting her eyes to meet Ace's and saying firmly, "Because I have nobody else to trust!" Ace blinked, backing off slightly at Luffy's outburst. "I can't return to Fushia Village, and I hate mountain bandits. If I didn't chase after you, I'd be all alone! Being alone is worse than being hurt!"

(Months Later)

Both Ace and Luffy loomed over Sabo, "Do you really think there should be secrets between us? Spit it out." The two said, before Ace grabbed Sabo by the neck and Luffy grabbed him by the shirt.

"Spit it out damn it! I'm going to kick your ass!" Ace snapped, shaking the blond boy.

"I-I wont tell!" Sabo exclaimed. Ace and Luffy both let go and Ace looked at the only girl of the group,

"Luffy. It's time for plan B." Luffy nodded and turned to Sabo, a large pout on her face and tears gathering in her eyes, Sabo paled and looked at his feet.

"Sabo...?" Luffy's voice wavered. Do not look up, do not look up Sabo repeated to himself. But, sadly, the blond caved and looked up, meeting Luffy's watery brown eyes, "Sabo... I think of you as a brother... Why're you keeping secrets?" She whimpered, before the tears started rolling down her cheeks. Sabo jerked,

"Gah! I-I'll talk! I'll talk! Just stop crying!"

(A few minutes later)

"The son of a noble!?" Ace exclaimed,

"Who is!?" Luffy's head tilted to the side.

"ME!" Sabo snapped.

"So?" Both Luffy and Ace deadpanned.

"YOU'RE THE ONES WHO ASKED!" Sabo yelled, before pulling his knees up to his chest, "...The truth is, I have two parents... I'm not an orphan, and I wasn't born in the dump." He sighed, "That guy who tried to stop me was my dad... I'm sorry I lied to you guys."

(A week later)

Luffy and Sabo looked up as Ace exited their treehouse, three bowls and a bottle of sake in hand. He set them down on a tree stump and picked up the sake bottle,

"Did you know," Ace said, a small smile on his face as he opened the bottle and poured the sake into the three bowls, "If you exchange sake, you can become siblings." Luffy beamed,

"Siblings? Really?!"

"We may not be on the same ships when were pirates, but this'll bind us together as siblings." The three friends picked up a bowl each, "No matter where we are, or what we do. Nothing can break this bond!" The three tapped thier cups together, "From this day on, we're siblings!"


(Years later. Sabo and Ace:17 Luffy:14)

(With Ace and Sabo)

Ace and Sabo had set out on their journey nearly an hour ago, and the whole thing had been in silence after they had departed from Dawn Island, until;

"Ace?" Ace looked at his brother and hummed, showing he was listening, "Well, you know, in a couple years Lu will get really pretty-"

"Are you saying our baby sister isn't pretty?!" Ace demanded, interupping his blond compainion, and glaring.

"No! Luf is pretty already, but she's going to get even prettier..." Ace nodded as Sabo continued, "Well, if we, her older brothers, can see that, surely men with... less pure intentions will also notice..." Ace was silent, "And well, Luffy can be a little... dense... She'd never notice..." Silence followed and Ace stared at the twitching Sabo, a blank look on his face, before a look of ephiphany spread across it and the black haired teen scrambled for the sail,

"NOOO! LUFFY! WE NEED TO GO BACK!" He was then tackled by Sabo.

"Ace!" The blond boy snapped, "Calm down!"

"BUT LUFFY WILL-" And Ace promptly fell asleep. Leaving Sabo to groan and roll off his brother. He then muttered something under his breath and adjusted the sail so they didn't steer off course.

YEAY! I got this idea while reading some fem!Luffy stories, mainly "Surprisingly Addictive" :) Anyways, here it is! Enjoy!