(Back Ground Info)

You have African American and White, Angels and demons, water and ground. What about Humans and Separatists?

A Separatist is a girl or boy who is born with a power or powers. They are considered outliers to humans. They look like human, but they aren't. 1 in 5 families' has a child Separatist.

My name is Autumn Sky and I'm a Separatist. Most people call me Auttie. I was born the youngest of 4. From the first day of birth the doctors knew I was a Separatist. They stamped me.

Getting stamped is like getting a permanent Tattoo. They place a burning metal sheet on your shoulder and when they pull it off, it leaves a symbol for a Separatist. It is Cruel!

At age 4 I found my power. I can levitate things including myself. My parents had to hide me. I was only given a bowl of soup a day and milk. It was not a 4 year olds dream.

At age 5 I started school. I never made any friends. I would come home crying and play with my dolls in the basement. It was like that for a long time.

When I was 12, my parents kicked me out of the house. For a week I lived in an ally. During that week I met a Separatist. Her name is Soulcatcher. Soulcatcher took me to an underground place.

That underground place was The Golden City.

Golden city isn't really made of Gold or is a city. It is a large Bunk underground. It has 10 floors and it looks like an apartment complex made into a square, all the door, to go into the rooms, faced a meeting area.

Molly took me to her room. She shared it with other girls. Everyone was in the range of 16- 12, making me the youngest. The room contained of 3 bunk beds, a radio, and a bathroom.

The girls were nice. They girls were Fireflame, Torpedo, Thyme, Soundbeams, and Soulcatcher. Each of their names explains there power. Thyme though is a healer.

Everyone was wearing either gothic looking clothes or regular clothing, like me. I was wearing yoga pants, uggs that weren't that high, so my leg showed a little, a light blue sweatshirt.

Our first meeting was that day. We all slide down a pole that was in the corner of the room and walked over to the stage. A man wearing gothic purple and black outfit stood next to a girl in jeans, black uggs, and, had a dark blue shirt on. She had many bracelets on her arms.

I never understood anything about Separatists till that day. Mom and Dad would say my type were killers and evil. We aren't we are normal kids and adults with powers.

Then my name was called. Soulcatcher brought me to the stage and another boy about 15 was standing next to me. He had on normal clothes.

"Show us your powers." Mother Nature said. That was the speaker girl's name. The guy was Iceshifter

I clenched my fists together and then relaxed them. I levitated up in the air. I then pointed at a kid and looked at glass of water. I levitated them too. I dropped them slowly. I dropped to the stage on one knee then got up, my braid flopping around.

The boy then looked at me, and then grabbed my hand. Nothing happened.

Everyone was looking as if we weren't there. He then let go and everyone focused on us.

"Separatist's…Welcome, Ghost and…LittleAir." I smiled and so did Ghost. "Only use your real name I when you are around humans, ok children." Iceshifter said. We both nodded.

My name to humans is Auttie, but here it is LittleAir