The sun was shining in the Island of Sodor. James woke up & left his red house. "It's time to get Taylor," the British 14-year-old boy said.

He pressed the button of his Sodor Morpher into the red engine he was. James smiled. "Okay," he said as he left. I waited outside of my pink house for James.

Seconds later, James was here. "Hello, James," I said. "Hello, Taylor," James said. I climbed aboard James' cab.

"Next stop, the shunting yard," James said. "Alright," I said. But then, out from nowhere, red, beady eyes glared evilly.

"I WILL get those meddling idiots if it has to take all the power I have," a teenager said. He had yellow jacket, black pants, black hair with with yellow highlights, a shirt with a deisel design & a bomb.

"Heh, heh, heh," Deisel 10 said. "I might lost the first round, but the second round is mine. I will destroy those three...Thomas, James, and especially that pink brat, Taylor. HA HA HA!"

His evil laugh echoed across the entire island. Even as James & I were shunting freight cars, we heard Deisel 10's laugh.

"What was that?" James said. "I dunno...but that voice...sounds familiar," I said. Until it hit me. I let out a sharp gasp.

"What is it, Pinky?" James said. James calls me 'Pinky' as a best friend name. And I call James 'Red' as a best friend name.

"It's...D-Deisel 10...!" I said. James' eyes widened in shock as his pupils were getting smaller & smaller by the second.

"R-really?" said two voices. It was Thomas & Percy who overheard us. "Deisel 10, are you really sure?" Thomas said.

"Nobody's voice is like Deisel 10's," I said. James began to feel worried about me. Then the Logging Locos, Bash, Dash, & Ferdinand arrived.

"Did you guys; Hear that?" Bash & Dash said. . "Yeah, it's Deisel 10," I said. "W-who's Deisel 10?" Ferdinand asked.

"Deisel 10 is one of the most evil & vile kids ever. He almost put the entire island in jeapordy one time. He also almost got Thomas & Mr. Conductor killed," I said.

The Logging Locos whimpered in fear. "Really?" Bash said. "That's...c-crazy," said Dash. "But let's just be careful. He can sneak up on you at anytime," said James. James, Thomas, & I thought back of the time that Deisel 10 & us were arguing.

"Uh, Thomas...!" James & I shouted. "HA HA HA!" Deisel 10 laughed evilly. I gasped in fear as I saw him. Thomas & James ran in front of me to defend me.

"You always need help. Because steam engines & wimpy children are cowardly, cranky, worn out hunks of metal who couldn't hurt a fly," Deisel 10 said.

The fly kept buzzing around Thomas, James, & I. We became very angry. "NO WE'RE NOT!" James & I yelled in unison. "Yes, you are," Deisel said.

"AREN'T!" James & I yelled. "Are...!" Deisel said. "I will dominate you punks & you will never stop me...! HA HA HA...!" Deisel laughed evilly.

"That was a scary time," I said quietly. Then as a human, Mavis was hiding behind a building close to the shunting yard.

"Deisel 10 is back? No, that's impossible. How can he possibly come back?!" Mavis thought. "His power could be stronger than it was before. This is a disaster!" Mavis transformed into the deisel that she was and went over to us.

She was pretending she has arrived to the shunting yard. "Hello..." she said quietly. "Mavis...! Did you hear? Deisel 10 is back," Thomas said.

"Oh...that' crazy. I-I can't believe it," Mavis said. Then, back at a huge maroon building, a girl named Villa was there.

"Well, if it isn't Deisel 10?" she said. "Who are you?" Deisel 10 asked. "My name is Villa & I happened to be the builder of Gertrude, engine 66," she said.

Gertrude came out walking in her human form. Deisel 10's eyes turned into hearts as he saw her. "Omigod..." he said.

"Hello, Deisel 10. My name is Gertrude, it's nice to meet you," she said. Deisel 10 giggled. "So anyways, I want to make a deal with you," Villa said.

"What deal?" Deisel 10 said. "If we combine forces, we can build all the deisels we can & convince the deisels that are your cohorts to work with us. This will be the start of a deisel army. So what do you say," Villa said as she stuck her hand out.

Deisel 10 looked it. "Well?! Are you gonna sit there?! HURRY UP!" she screeched. Deisel 10 jumped. He thought then...he shook Villa's hand. "Deal..." he said.

"Deal...a deisel army, a deisel empire, a deisel planet, A DEISEL GALAXY! HA HA HA HA HA...!" Villa laughed evilly.

Gertrude & Deisel 10 laughed with Villa. This could mean a whole BUNCH of trouble.