James & I continued working, then it was time for our break. James turned into a human. "Well, we have 15 minutes to ourselves," James said.

I nodded, then looked away from James as I blushed. James did the same. But then, James & I were looking each other. We were leaning to each other, about to kiss.

But then, a big blaze bomb was heading our way. We gasped. James kicked it & it exploded. Luckily he was unscathed. But I was really worried.

"James, are you alright?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm okay. What was that?" he asked. "I dunno," I said. "But not just that...where did it come from?" I asked.

Far from here, Villa, Gertrude, & Diesel 10 were working on making lots of diesels. Villa's pony tails went up like devil horns & her red, beady eyes glared.

Diesel 10 was a bit freaked out by it, but then he was just working on making the diesel. The diesel was complete.

"Arise!" Villa said. The diesel moved on the track. Villa pressed the button the transforms the diesel into a human.

It was a boy & he was very quiet. "Lars, diesel number 47!" Villa said. She screeched as she laughed. Lars bowed. "Yes, Queen Villa," he said evilly. "Queen Villa?" Diesel 10 said.

"Yes, these are my diesels & I am the empress of this diesel empire, you feel me?!" Villa screamed at Diesel 10.

"Alright, alright...empress," Diesel 10 said as he walked away. Villa rolled her eyes & began on working on her next diesel.

She grabbed her wrench & laughed evilly. Later on at Wellsworth station, Gordon, as an engine, was picking up passengers on the express.

"What was that?" the young adult thought. "Maybe it's my imagination," he thought. Then, the whistle was blown & Gordon was ready to go.

Gordon was puffing slowly as he was thinking. Then he snapped out of his train of thought as he went faster.

"Must concentrate on my work," Gordon thought. Then, another explosion was in action. Everyone, even Sir Tompan Hatt were very scared.

"What was that?" he thought. Then a cloud of smoke appeared. Seconds later, it dissolved. Villa was finished with her next diesel.

"Arise!" she yelled. "Ana, diesel 78!" The human diesel bowed. "Yes, Queen Villa," she chuckeled evilly. "Well, can't I be called King Diesel 10?! We made a deal...!" Diesel 10 whined. Villa was fed up with Diesel 10's constant complaining.

"FINE! Sheesh, shut up already," Villa screeched. Diesel 10 gleamed. "FINALLY!" he yelled. He then laughed evilly. "It is I, King Diesel 10, & you will all listen & worship me-"

"Ah, ah, ah...I'm still the Queen," said Villa. Diesel 10 let out a sharp sigh. "Fine, whatever..." he said. "Thank you," Villa said.

All the diesels were now one big empire, even Diesel 10's friends which really enjoyed it. Villa screeched & laughed evilly.

"WE WILL TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! IT WILL BE IN OUR GRASP!" Villa laughed. The little deviant kept laughing as her laugh echoed across the island. "Now, get those steamies and especially...THAT PINK GIRL!"

Later, it was very dark outside & the mist appeared. James was going to drop me off home. James' light illuminated the very path.

Until we heard lots of noises as something was rustling in the bushes. "What was that...?" I gasped in fear. "Maybe it's a rabbit..." James said softly.

"Could be..." I said gently. We continued puffing along the track. Then, red beady eyes gleamed & glared at us.

"James, did you see that?" I asked. "Yeah, that was kinda...spooky," James said. Then he began to puff quickly as he became more scared.

Every bush, tree, & cloud of mist looked blurry as he puffed past them. Then he stopped with sparks flying as another engine was on the tracks.

It was...DIESEL 10 & GETRUDE! "OMIGOD!" I screamed. I breathed heavily as I was completely freaked out.

Then Villa climbed out of Gertrude. James transformed into a human & stand in front of me as he was defending me.

"Don't hurt me...!" I screamed. Then..."GET THEM!" Villa screeched. The diesels were in human form & threw a massive net on us.

"AHHH!" James & I screamed. "Let go of us!" James yelled. "Please...AHH!" I screamed. "Take them away!" Villa laughed evilly.

The diesels were then gigantic robots & they flew as they were carrying the net James & I were in. I hugged James tightly. "W-where are they taking us...?" I ask in fear. James hugged back. "I dunno...but don't worry, I'll be with you, Taylor," James said.

I smiled. I hugged him tighter. But I began to cry. Lots of tears fell upon my cheeks. James was patting my back.

"Shh...don't cry, Pinky. It's okay," he said softly. I stopped sobbing & sniffled. We were kidnapped by the diesels!