Stiles sighed happily as Derek's lips slid over his slightly bulging stomach. Fingers ran through darkened locks as he tilted his head back farther to allow the moonlight to caress his face. The wolf between his legs whined happily.

He kissed Stiles's pale stomach again.

"I hope whoever they are, they look like you." Derek's whisper was barely audible, but Stiles could feel the vibration of the wolf's words through his skin. The teen hummed

"Why is that?"

"Because then they will be beautiful, smart, loyal." With each praise the Alpha placed a kiss on the bulge.

'Yeah,' Stiles thought sardonically, 'and graceless, and talkative, and riddled with ADHD, need I go on.' Out loud he said, "While I thank you for your obvious over lack of knowledge about the real me," Derek nipped his skin at that. Stiles chuckled and tightened the fingers in Derek's hair. "and as much as those traits would be wonderful, I would much rather our child turn out like you."

"Me?" Derek pulled himself up just enough to look in his lover's eyes, "What's so special about me?"

One of Stiles's eyebrows shot up, "Are you kidding me? Are you trying to tell me that you wouldn't want a child who is a strong, fearless leader capable of protective their packā€¦and any future siblings they might have."

The shock on the Alpha's face was almost enough to make Stiles laugh if he wasn't being so serious. Bracing himself above his mate, Derek's grey-green eyes searched the boy's face as though trying to detect if he was lying. Of course he wasn't but Stiles understood why Derek needed to do this. Why he needed to be sure.

Though it was ridiculously cute to see the way he was chewing his lower lip.

He didn't even need to ask the question.

Stiles took Derek's face in his hands, "We can have as many as you want."

It was like the sun had decided to take up residence in the wolf's face. So beautiful was his smile that for a moment Stiles was blinded. Derek wouldn't let him lay there stunned for long though. Lips smashed into his own as the overheated flesh covered his own blocking out the moonlight.

"I love you Stiles." Derek rubbed his hand over Stiles swollen flesh, "And I love our baby."

Stiles wrapped his long legs around his wolf's waist.

"And we love you sourwolf."