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Jack's heart-wrenching scream filled the room. Pitch, who held Jack's staff, hit him harder every time. He had bruises all over his body from the beatings. It had been going on for days.

Pitch gave a wide smile as he hit Jack with the staff again at the stomach, getting himself another scream from the winter spirit. Jack curled into a ball trying to protect his head from the constant blows.

"Don't even try to protect yourself Jack!" Pitch laughed, "I'm going to keep hitting you until your staff breaks. Then I will have to find something else to do to you!"

Jack's bright blue eyes widened. He wasn't even sure what he was more scared of. His staff breaking or the beatings continuing.

Jack gasped as another blow hit him in the back and he let out a whimper. His wrists were tied to the ground and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get himself out.

Pitch's smile got so big Jack was surprised it still fit on his face. Almost every part of Jack's body hurt. Even breathing shot pain thorough him.

Just as Pitch was about to bring his hand down on Jack again Jack whispered, "S-stop Pitch. P-please just s-stop." Pitch's smile turned into a grin and he whispered, "Sorry Jack is this hurting?"

Jack narrowed his eyes. The only part of Jack's body that didn't hurt was his eyes. Pitch had told him that he wouldn't touch them because he wanted Jack to watch himself be tortured.

"I'll give you a break on one condition." Pitch taunted. Jack promised himself the day he came here that he wouldn't make any deals with Pitch but he was in so much pain that he didn't really have a choice.

Jack turned his head toward Pitch so Pitch would know that he was listening. Pitch laughed as he whispered, "When I leave, you will go to sleep."

A chill ran down Jack's spine. He knew exactly what Pitch wanted from that and what he was going to do.

Pitch tilted his head waiting for Jack's answer. After a while Pitch raised Jack's staff and pulled it down onto Jack's face. Jack's scream filled the room as blood began to fall out of his nose. Pitch smiled knowing he had gotten the boy's attention again.

"I'm waiting," Pitch finally announced. Tears slid down Jack's cold face as he said, "o-okay." His voice was breaking from being choked and screaming so much. Jack worried that his innocent and fun voice that sometimes made people smile may be gone forever.

Pitch gripped the staff in his hand hitting Jack hard in his right-leg and walked away. Just as Pitch was about to walk out the door he stopped and said, "You have ten minutes to go to sleep Jack," and the door shut.

Jack watched Pitch walk away. The chains that held Jack down loosened a little like they always do whenever Pitch left. They never loosened enough to be any use to Jack though.

He felt all of his bruises, cuts, and scrapes hurting at the same time now that there was nothing to distract him from them. Jack closed his eyes remembering the guardians. How the last thing he heard from them was their promises to come save him. More tears filled Jack's eyes as he remembered how much he missed them.

Jack tried to keep his thoughts happy hoping that maybe they would hold off the nightmares but there was nothing to be happy about anymore. Jack laid on the cold, hard ground for a while. He watched as small pools of blood formed around him where he felt the most pain. Then Jack fell asleep.

Jack was in a small dark room like the one he was being tortured in. He was standing up in the middle of the room but he couldn't move.

Jack's eyes shifted down to see all the bruises and cuts that littered his body. There was a problem though. Jack couldn't feel anything. He felt no pain in his wounds and he couldn't even feel the ground under his bare feet.

"Jack," he heard someone yell out. He shot his head in the direction that it had come from. A hummingbird hybrid was flying toward him with a look of worry on her face.

"t-tooth!" Jack called out in his scratchy voice. Out of the corner of his eye Jack saw something heading in Tooth's direction. Tooth had had her eyes locked on Jack as if she was starting into him.

Jack tried to warn her but his voice failed. He couldn't say anything. He thought of running to her but his feet were glued to the stone floor.

Jack flailed his arms making signs and gestures with a look of absolute fear and panic on his face. Tooth completely ignored his warnings and continued to fly full-speed at Jack.

"Don't worry Jack I'm coming," Tooth called as she began to fly faster. Jack was struggling. He pulled at his feet, waved his arms, tried to open his mouth but nothing worked.

Jack was soon able to make out the thing as an oversized arrow. It was exactly like the one that hit Sandy except this one was covered in black sand. "Tooth move please! An arrow is coming at you! Tooth stop!" Jack screamed in his head trying his best to make them into words.

Jack's heart fell and splatted on the floor as he saw fly through Tooth. The second it hit her he was able to move again. He ran to Tooth tears mercilessly spilling out of his eyes. He crouched down next to her sill body as blood pooled all around her. Tooth looked at Jack.

"You did this to me." Tooth said in a dark voice Jack had never heard before. Jack looked up and saw North, Sandy, and Bunnymund standing over him.

Bunnymund looked Jack in the eye and strongly said, "You killed Tooth." Jack knew that it wasn't real and that his friends would never do blame him for something like this but it was so real looking.

Jack pulled his legs to his stomach as his friends surrounded him with their emotionless faces. He saw something behind them. Jack leaned over and saw Pitch leaning over Tooth with a dagger. Tooth's face pale and scared.

"No," Jack yelled at the top of his lungs and leaped through the guardians to Tooth. Tears were still streaming down his face. As the dagger fell to Tooth Jack screamed. Tooth's figure went limp and Pitch shut her eyes.

Jack woke up screaming. His arms were flailing as much as he could move them and his face was soaked in tears. He began to calm down as realization set on him and he knew it was only a nightmare. When he woke up the first thing he saw was a shadow, but the shadow was a lot darker than it should have been. He looked closer and saw The Nightmare King walk out of the darkness.

Jack scooted back realizing that the boogeyman had his staff again. Jack's eyes widened, what was left of his white skin got paler, and his body tensed. Scooting backwards caused pain to fly up and down Jack's body.

Pitch saw this act and looked down at Jack's staff. Pitch laughed at Jack, "This is exactly what I want to see from you Jack!" Jack looked at him confused.

"Fear! I love your fear! Every time you scream and cry you have no idea how happy I feel inside!" Pitch yelled. As the echo of Pitch's words faded away Jack stared. He stared right into Pitch's yellow eyes.

"Jack I'm practically living off of your fear!" Pitch smiled spreading his arms out. "T-the g-guardians," Jack breathed.

Pitch's smile vanished. "The first one that walks through the door to take you from me will be killed!" Pitch screeched in anger. Jack shuddered at the idea of Pitch hurting his family. He raised his eyebrows in worry making sure not to take his eyes off of Pitch.

Pitch was inches away from Jack in two large steps. "You see Jack I've come to absolutely love you!" Pitch said showing his razor sharp teeth in the smile.

"P-please, l-let me go. D-don't h-hurt them." Jack begged. Pitch's smile quickly turned into a frown. "They aren't very far from here," Pitch growled.

Jack almost smiled at hearing that his friends were looking for him and close. Almost though, he wasn't sure that he would ever smile again after these couple of days. Not because he would never be happy but he was pretty sure he was missing teeth. He can't know for sure while he was with The Nightmare King.

He wondered how long it would take them to get here. He thought about how long it would take before he could leave Pitch's grasp. He wondered if they would all live to see him again.

Pitch kicked Jack in the side earning a loud scream from the winter spirit. Exactly what Pitch wanted to hear. Jack sobbed at the pain. He wasn't sure if he would be able to hold on any longer. Jack knew he had to though.

Pitch sadly looked at Jack's staff in his hand. He hit Jack across the face with it. Jack grunted through his clenched teeth. Pitch's sad frown grew.

Pitch stroked Jack's messy white hair. The boogeyman obviously didn't like how clean he had left it.

"We are going to have to do something about this hair." Pitch mocked. Jack, who had turned his head in the hit, gently turned his head to look at Pitch and instantly regretted it. Jack hated looking at Pitch. Not only because of what Pitch was doing to him but also because he feared Pitch. Jack has been terrified of Pitch ever since his torture started but thought he did a pretty good job of hiding it.

"How about you pick?" Pitch asked Jack with that tone that Jack used to always use when he was playing a game. Jack twitched at hearing it.

"Here I'll give you choices," Pitch continued after a pause, "Pull it out or beat your head with this until it is blood stained?" Pitch held up Jack's staff.

Jack's eyes widened at both of those choices. He had no idea which was more cruel. Pitch bored his yellow eyes at Jack until Jack felt like he wanted to throw up.

After a few minutes Pitch got bored and whispered, "If you don't pick now I'll do both." Jack opened his mouth and before a word could escape his lips Pitch punched him in the stomach. Jack lost his air and gasped to get it back.

"Okay we will do the second one!" Pitch exclaimed with an evil grin on his face. Jack gave Pitch another confused look that was clear on his face.

Pitch smiled and replied, "Remember what I am trying to do Jack? I can't break this unless I hit you with it but for some reason it wont break."

Jack's face displayed fear again remembering what Pitch wanted to do with his staff. Jack's staff was already covered in blood from the blows he had received.

Pitch held Jack's staff high in the air like a baseball bat getting ready to swing. Jack closed his eyes. He didn't want to see Pitch hit him anymore but nothing happened. Jack waited a while before he opened his eyes and saw that Pitch was just staring at him.

"It's not going to be easy or fun to hit you on the floor like that," Pitch sighed. Pitch walked out the door. Jack's jaw dropped as Pitch walked out the door. "What is he going to do to me?" Jack thought.

Minutes later Pitch opened the door and walked in with a long black whip in one hand and 2 pairs of handcuffs in the other. Jack shuddered when Pitch walked closer to him.

When Pitch was only a few steps away from Jack he put the handcuffs on the floor and snapped his free with his free hand. Black sand came storming into the room and buried Jack. Jack was frozen in fear as he suffocated. Then everything went pitch black.

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