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Here's the chapter:

Jack was gasping. The collar was like a noose, he couldn't breath, he was going to die. 10 seconds...20 seconds...30 seconds... Jack felt his eyes drifting shut, and he let them, he welcomes his demise. It was over, Pitch won, Pitch had him. All Jack could do was watch the light fade just as it seemed to have returned.

Jack opened his eyes. It was a room, filled with flames. Flames everywhere, waiting to burn his cold skin. Jack stumbled back to get away, his eyes wide, his injuries gone. He looked around and saw a familiar girl in front of him. One he felt great care for. He wasn't exactly sure who it was, it was just someone he knew deep down that he loved with everything.

A name popped into his head. "Tooth!" he called out happily. "Where are we?" he asked. Tooth looked up, a sadistic smile across her face. "Tooth?"Jack asked with a confused innocence. Tooth approached Jack, seemingly fine.

Tooth grabbed Jack's right wrist and tugged him along the floor. Jack tried to dodge the flames and continued to question Tooth about where they were going. Tooth stopped near a small pillar with a hand sized flame on it. A flame that seemed to go on no energy, a symbol of fear.

"Tooth?" Jack whispered before Tooth pulled his hand over the flame. It seemed only mildly hot at first. "Tooth, can you stop please? That' s a little warm," Jack laughed. Within a few seconds the flame seemed to have multiplied in heat, it was stinging, burning even more. Jack slowly became more desperate and started begging Tooth to release him.

Jack screamed and pulled at his hand which wouldn't move. It was burning with so much pain, so much agony. Jack couldn't take it. It hurt, so much. "Tooth please!" Jack cried, "Let go!" Tooth didn't stop, she held his hand in the flame and started to laugh at Jack's pain.

Jack was very confused and hurt, the pain was unbearable. Finally, Tooth let go. Jack stumbled and fell on the ground, holding and blowing at his hand. His hand looked like a piece of burned charcoal. It was hurting like hell. His hand seemed to not have even been there anymore.

Tooth continued her sadistic laughing. Jack stood up, grasping his right wrist with his left hand to avoid it hurting any more then it did. Jack felt pressure, and then warm lips on his own. Tooth had shoved herself onto Jack into a sort of tackle kiss. Jack tripped over and fell and Tooth pinned him to the ground.

"Tooth get off!" Jack cried, tears streaming down his face. Tooth pulled out a black knife out of seeming nothing. Her sadistic smile still there. She pulled Jack's shirt up halfway and jabbed it into his stomach. Jack felt a new pain.

Jack screeched and yelled and struggled as much as he could, but it was no use. Tooth started to drag the knife around Jack's stomach, writing. Jack cried and begged Tooth to stop in a loud and panicked tone, but it didn't stop. Tooth started her laughing fit again. She harshly ripped the knife out as blood pooled all around Jack.

His tears and screaming didn't cease. He looked to see what Tooth had written in blood and flesh on him and the words hurt him almost as much as the pain itself. "I LOVE YOU" read across Jack's stomach. He knew it was a family love, but it still hurt that she would hurt him. She would cause him so much pain.

Tooth sat there laughing as Jack sat in a mixed emotion phase, blood pooling everywhere. It hurt worse then anything he could imagine.

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