Chapter 1

The Spine sighed as he stepped through the door way into Walter Manor, home once again. He stepped out of the way allowing Rabbit and Hatchworth to enter. Rabbit immediately raced off in the direction of his room, rambling on in unintelligible squeals. Hatchworth looked quizzically at The Spine. "Is something wrong The Spine?"The Spine took a moment before answering, "No Hatchworth, everything's fine. Why don't you go see what Rabbit's up to." Hatchworth gave him another quizzical look before heading off in the direction of Rabbit's room.

The Spine walked over to a window, looking out from behind the dark curtains at Michael, Matt, and Steve who were still unloading the band, usually The Spine would offer to lend a hand, but not today. He closed the curtains once again, savoring the darkness of the room. He felt peaceful, but something was not quite right. The Walter wi-fi was eerily quiet, there were no sudden outbursts of gleeful laughter from Rabbit, the air didn't buzz with questions from Hatchworth. "Rabbit?" He called out, "Hatchworth?" He took a few steps forward, genuinely concerned before he heard laughter.

"Yeah Spine?" Rabbit asked with a bubbly enthusiasm. "Nothing Rabbit, things just got a bit to quiet for a minuteā€¦" His reply trailed off. Rabbit popped his head around the door, "S-somethin' botherin' you Spine?" The Spine sat down on the couch and loosened his tie, "It's nothing Rabbit, really." Rabbit stepped into the room, his arm twitched slightly, "You know Spine, I am your b-brother, you can tell me anything."

The Spine sighed, looking at the copper bot before him, it was hard to believe Rabbit was his older brother sometimes. The Spine smiled at him, Rabbit always tried his best to cheer him up. The Spine took off his beloved fedora, setting it on the couch next to him. The Spine opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when the door to the mansion was flung open.

Steve, Michael, and Matt came in laughing, unaware of the conversation between the two brother. The air rushed into the room, cooling the temperatures around them, not that the automatons could truly feel the change. Rabbit turned to the humans, who had quieted considerably when they entered the manor, as they headed off in the direction of the kitchen.

Rabbit turned back to The Spine to see him standing once again, The Spine took a step towards his brother, before pulling him into a tight embrace, the metals clanged together loudly, only slightly muffled by fabric. Michael Reed came rushing around the corner, after hearing the sound, afraid of another break down, but was stopped in his tracks by the brotherly embrace, before he quietly backed out of the room.

"I care about you Rabbit, I really do." The Spine said quietly, still holding his brother close. Rabbit held The Spine tightly, his embrace felt safe, "I care about you too Spine, that's what family does, they care about each other."

When they released each other The Spine felt better than he had in decades, it was only then he noticed the dark stain soaking through Rabbits jacket, his right shoulder began twitching badly. "Rabbit? Rabbit, what's wrong?" The Spine asked him, desperately trying to strip away the jacket over the oil soaked shoulder. "I don't - I don't- I don't-" Rabbit was stuck in a loop, The Spine could feel Rabbit's fear growing along with his own. "Michael!" He shouted, "Michael, somethings wrong we need you in here, now!" The Spine's commanding voice carried through the house.

Michael Reed was in the kitchen with Steve and Matt when the call rang out, the sound of metal crashing to the floor followed shortly after. Michael dropped his mug of cocoa and ran through the house.

The Spine dropped to his knees cradling Rabbit in his arms, his brother trembled, his photo receptors flickering as he jolted uncontrollably. His brother had been so full of life only moments before. "Michael!" His voice rang out once again. Michael came skidding around the corner toolbox in hand, "What happened?" he asked breathlessly.

The Spine looked up at him, "I don't know. But you have to fix him. NOW Mr. Reed."