Norman sprinted down the hall ducking into a room at random. He pulled out his phone and dialed, it rang, and rang, and rang. She didn't pick up.

"Wanda? Wanda! Pick up your phone once in a while. Jesus Christ, listen, drop whatever you're doing and get back to the manor. I don't know what you're doing but whatever it is the bots are on to you. They found Becile parts in the yard, over by the basement window. Please, whatever you're doing, stop before someone gets hurt. The Spine already damn near killed me, don't let the same thing happen to you." He ended the call and hoped that the message would reach her soon.

It wasn't long before Rabbit found Norman. "Norman, you've got some 'splanin to do."

Norman scrambled to get away, terrified of what the automaton might do.

"I-I-I-I'm not gonna hurt ya Norman," he said catching the human's arm with ease. "Not if ya don't make me."

Norman whimpered quietly, not believing the copper bot.

"Now are-are-are you gonna tell me why S-S-Spine found Becile p-parts outside?"

"I don't know anything! I swear." he curled himself into a ball, trying his best to defend himself, but knowing that should Rabbit choose, he would be dead in an instant.

Rabbit watched Norman for a few moments as he quivered before he believed that he was telling the truth. "Stand up."

Norman stayed as still as he could, not moving out of fear of what the bot might do.

Rabbit released a puff of steam before leaning down. He grasped Norman's shoulder and pulled him up into the standing position. He cupped a hand under Norman's chin, and his eyes looked directly into the human's. "I believe ya, you don't gotta be scared no more."

Norman was still shaking, "S-Spine doesn't believe me, he's gonna k-kill me." Tears streamed down his face as he stuttered out the sentence, truly terrified.

"N-No one's dyin' on my watch." He patted Norman on the back, "As-as-as long as you answer one question for me. Where's your sistah at?"

The Spine skulked in the Hall of Wires, he felt terrible. He abhorred violence, it had been the the first time he had raised his fist in anger since the end of the wars.

"You coulda k-killed him!" Rabbit's words echoed through his mind..

The Spine seemed rather adept at hurting people today. Peter, Rabbit, Norman, Holly, he idly wondered who else he would hurt before the day was out.

"I should have followed her," he said to himself. "I should've run after her and told her I'm sorry." He removed the phone from his pocket but resisted the urge to dial her number. She'll come back, he reassured himself, she's different than the others. He told himself the same thing that he said so many times before, but they never never did, and he knew it.

Holly walked into a coffee shop only a few miles from the manor, she had the driver take her there as she tried to figure out what to do. Her dark blue dress was slightly rumpled as she climbed out of the cab, she tripped slightly as she walked into the cafe but recomposed herself hoping that no one would notice it. She felt tired and confused as she ran a hand through her hair. She looked around trying to find a seat as she realized the cafe was nearly full. She noticed a well dressed man sitting alone at one of the tables, and walked over to him. "I'm sorry, but is this seat taken?" She asked politely.

"Oh, no. Go ahead." He responded.

"Thank you," she said as she sat down. She flashed him a half smile as she looked around, her mind was far from the smell and sound of the coffee house, it was with the morning, as she wondered if she had done wrong.

"Don't mention it…" He noticed her dismay but wasn't particularly interested in intruding on her business. "Are you expecting someone? I could find another seat if you would like."

"Hmm?" She said, shaken from her thoughts. "Oh no, I'm not expecting any one…" She rubbed the sleep from her eyes half halfheartedly, "God I need to get myself some coffee." She remarked to herself quietly.

"What do you usually order?"

"Black. I don't like things that are too sweet." She said automatically. She was surprised, most people made decisions for her, they never asked what she thought of anything. She looked up at the stranger, "I'm Holly by the way."

"Nathaniel, its nice to meet you. Garcon, a tall black coffee! This one is on me."

Wanda was carefully cleaning the inner workings of the robot when her phone rang, not that she noticed. She had turned off the ringer as well as vibrate, not wanting to be disturbed in her delicate work.

"What a beautiful machine," she purred to herself. "So complex, and yet so simple."

She wiped away dust from a dislodged chest piece to discover the symbol of Thadeus Becile. "I wonder why your brothers never mentioned you," she spoke to the deactivated robot, as though it could hear. "I'll have to ask them about that later." She stepped back from her work, admiring the much cleaner robot and noticed the screen on her phone glowing a bright blue, signaling a message.

She picked up the phone and looked at the screen. Why would Norman call me? She wondered before listening to the voice mail. She listened first with growing fear than anger. She dialed Nathaniel but was dismissed with a "Not now Wanda," before he abruptly hung up the phone.

She made no attempt to clean up the lab before she left. She stopped only to lock the door as she stormed off to the Walter manor.

She burst through the door of the Hall of Wires, knowing The Spine would undoubtedly be there as usual. Before The Spine even had time to register who she was she delivered a swift punch to the center of his chest, directly over his blue matter reactor. She could feel pain in her hand, but she knew it was nothing compared to what she knew The Spine was feeling.

He fell to his knees as the pain suddenly coursed through his every sensor. An anguished cry of shock and pain escaped his lips.

"Nobody messes with my brother," she hissed. "Especially not some useless hunk of metal." She crouched down beside him, locking his eyes with her own. "You've got a problem, you come to me." She said, the words loaded with venom.

She turned on her heel and walked out of the room leaving The Spine alone to his agony.