I crouched in the bushes, watching as Homer crossed the road carefully ahead of me. He dived into the bushes on the other side of the road, slowly turned, and gave me the signal indicating he was safe. Then it was my turn.

I slowly stood from my crouching position, stretching my right leg as I did. Quietly, I snuck forward, and almost got run over. Standing openly, and most vulnerable on the side walk, I looked to the left, and saw two soldiers walking along it straight for me. I froze.

They continued heading in my direction, talking in their own language. They hadn't seen me. Not yet. I sunk back into the trees and hid behind the biggest bush I could see. Crouching behind it, I watched as they approached the spot where I had been standing.

I could see them, yet they could not see me, I hoped. I could hear them, but they could not hear me. I could smell them, and I really hoped they could not smell me, though it wouldn't surprise me considering the last shower I had was almost a month ago. These were the only advantages I had. If I needed to, I could take them by surprise. As they came closer and closer I began to notice something.

They were drunk. I could tell by the way they walked and how sloppy and slurred their words were. A fun night out at the pub I'd say! That sickened me; to think they're out having fun, drinking and acting like this was their home, acting like they were safe, that nothing could harm them and they had successfully taken over this land, and here we were, struggling to even survive.

I sucked in my breath as I realized I had lost sight of them.

'Where are they?! They were right there!' I thought, beginning to panic in my mind.

Thankfully my body hadn't yet connected to the panic in my mind otherwise I would be a mess.

Frantically, I looked around, but saw no trace of them. I still hadn't let out my breath. And suddenly I chocked on the air, coughing loudly. That was it. I was done. They would get me for sure now. I closed my eyes sinking down into the ground. But no one came.

I looked up and slowly came to the edge of the bush. The two soldiers were walking along the path up ahead, almost completely out of sight. They hadn't even heard me.

I sighed the biggest sigh of relief and rubbed my chest. I stood up straight, looked to the left and right, making sure that this time, the path was clear. Then I darted across the road and dived into the bushes. Homer lay in the bushes beside me.

'That was close' He murmured.

I nodded then gave the signal to Robyn that I was then, in one swift leap, jumped out onto the road, looked around, then raced into the bushes laying in the leaves beside Homer and I. We all looked up, making sure no one was around, then got into the crouching position and started running along the tree line up towards the school.

The school looked like the only safe place at the moment. As we approached the canteen area on the edge of the school grounds, I noticed a small movement out the corner of my eye. I stopped my body tensing. Homer sensed my tenseness and stopped looking in the direction I had focused my eyes on.

He saw the movement as well and put out an arm stopping Robyn from moving. We slowly got down flat on the ground and crawled back into the bushes on the side of the canteen building. We hid under the underbrush and watched as the movement became more noticeable.

All 3 of us sat staring at it, waiting for it to come into the moonlight so we could see what it was. But it stayed down behind the benches. I looked at Homer and could see he was straining his eyes to see what it was.

Suddenly whatever it was moved out a tad into the light, giving anyone a clear shot. I could tell it was human. Homer felt into his bag for his gun. I looked at him, shocked, as he raised it and pointed it straight at the person. I looked closer, squinting my eyes to see if my thoughts were correct. Something about the way they stood up a tad looked familiar. I stood up right as Homer was placing his finger on the trigger.

'LEE?!' I yelled stepping out of the bush. He moved in my direction, looking at me.

'Ellie?' he asked. I ran towards him, my heart beating almost right out of my chest.

We hadn't seen Lee in 3 weeks.I jumped into his arms embracing him in a huge hug.

'Lee! Oh Lee we thought they had captured you!' I held on to him so tightly. I didn't want to let him out of my arms.

There was no way I could cope if he went missing again.

'Ellie?! How the hell did you know that was Lee?' Homer hissed coming forward to where we were. Robyn ran up, giving Lee a hug as I stepped back to answer Homers question.

'I would recognize him anywhere.'

Homer shook his head. 'It's good to have you back Lee.' He said looking at Lee was staring into the distance, behind Homer. I followed his gaze. My eyes widened.

'Run!' I hissed turning and running straight for the office doors that were connected to the canteen.