Chapter 3


With a harsh shove, Cress was thrown into his cell, for some reason this reminded him of an event long ago, as he glared back at his captors who simply shrugged.

"Man, what is with all these human's coming here anyway." The guard grumbled as he slammed the rusty old doors, it was a simple thing he did as Cress continued to watch the two guards speak to one another. The topic itself wasn't anything of importance, but it was still interesting.

"Ah, I can't believe the Admin had to get involved into capturing some of these humans." The black clad man cracked his neck as he headed towards the door that lead out of the room, his friend followed shortly after. Cress assumed that this Admin was the woman that was able to knock him out.

"Hey... is it really okay for us to leave him with all his stuff?" The man looked back at the cell, as the other shrugged.

"Yeah, it's fine. I doubt he's smart or strong enough too break the locks anyway," It seemed they had a bad tendency of underestimating their prisoners. "Even if he did manage to breakout, I doubt he'll get through security." As the two men walked out if the small prison, Cress walked towards the bars as he peered out of the cell. He was looking straight at a wall, it seemed that they keep the prisoners in separate rooms. Though the amount of space that would take up was a little much, no doubt they are separated by the level of threat they pose.

A Cress pounded his fist against the bars he wondered something. "This doesn't seem all that sturdy." It seemed to be made out of normal metal as Cress unsheathed his sword and widened his stance. With a heavy swing he clashed his weapon against the metal lines.

A surprising result happened, he indeed crack the bars, but they were not cut nor did they shatter. But that wasn't the oddest part of the whole situation, the odd part was that the bars were slowly regenerating, piece by piece it was being put back together.

It seemed if he wanted to break out, he would have to shatter it in one blow.

Cress eyes narrowed as he clenched his sword tightly, the next one would be an amazing swing.

A swishing sound, the sound of a knife missing a neck, it was a shadow city that time. As two figures battle, one of silver hair and one of blue eyes.

The demon was surprised, he didn't expect someone like this to be wondering out at night. Even if the town was filled with Fiends, a human shouldn't be walking around like this. But that was just something that happened. "What the hell is this, I came here expecting a dog but got a wolf instead, man I really need to pick my victims better." The killer said as another blow was thrown.

This time it was from the silver haired youth, taking a step forward trying to break a rib, but once again the killer vanished. "Damn, I didn't expect this." As the killer sighed, looking down at his opponent from the rooftops.

"Yeah, I'll call you an annoying one alright, there are plenty of people I could play with over there though, and this is getting a little dull right?" With a small smile and bow, the well dressed killer vanished, leaving the silver haired youth to contemplate what had just happened.

Appearing in a random city at night was odd, though considering all the things that he's been through up to this point. Either way the youth frowned at the entire situation. "He called himself a killer? If that's the case shouldn't the authorities be after him?" Of course there was a chance that the so called killer could have been lying about his status, but the way he fought was something to be jealous of.

"Well, what ever the case I won't figure out anything by standing around." The youth sighed as he walked down the street belonging to the shady shadow city. This seemed like a regular day for the person known as Senel Coolidge.

"I-I didn't expect for this to take so long." The Red clad knight broth a sigh of relief, it seemed that he finally made it too the nearest town, even from the sight of it was rather unsettling. The town was complete, nothing out of place, but not a single person was out. While it was dark out the town shouldn't be completely empty at this point of the day. Unless Lloyd was underestimating the amount that passed between sunset and now.

"This is kind of weird..."Lloyd closed his eyes as he wandered into the small town, looking around to see anyone alive. His next course of action probably should have been finding an inn, but the lack of funds in his wallet reminded him that it was a lost cause.

As he continued through the town with the stream flowing down the middle of it, Lloyd had a rather eerie feeling a feeling that the people of the town didn't want to be seen. "What... is this?" He thought something like that as he heard a voice from behind him.

"Are you a demon or human?" Lloyd turned around, he noticed a young boy standing in the middle of the dirty road. He probably shouldn't have been out at that time, however Lloyd was more focused on the question that was given to him.

Lloyd was pretty sure he was human, well maybe with a little something else, but he was human no doubt. "Yeah, I'm human." Lloyd replied as the boy eyes lit up.

"Great, and you're a swordsman, that means you can help me out." The boy seemed rather pleased with that aspect as pointed towards a house. No doubt it was his or at least it belonged to his guardian, Lloyd couldn't really do anything else since he was here.

With a large swing the bars finally shattered, what Cress wasn't expecting was a blaring alarm that was ringing throughout the halls, Cress gritted his teeth as he ran out of the cell he had to find an exit as soon as possible, at least that is what he thought was his first, as he traveled through more and more of the facility he noticed people, people that were in cells as if they were horrid like farm animals.

They were starring at him, as if they were shocked that someone had escape their impending doom, as Cress held his sword. It seemed that escaping would have too wait for later, even with the large red blinking lights flashing about Cress couldn't simply ignore people that were in need, and the person who did this would pay later.

Cress once again took a deep breath as he smashed each one of the cells, the metal flew about the room. He knew that he was wasting time that he could have been using to escape, he also knew that it would take awhile to smash every single cell in the area. Both of those things he was willing to look past.

"Ah..." Were they in awe, or maybe they were simply shocked at the entire idea. Either way the prisoners in their rags staggered out, looking around the area in confuse and relief before turning to their savior.

"Who are you anyway?" Cress didn't know how to answer the question that the woman asked, as he simply blinked looking at her. Giving his name would probably be the best idea in the situation, but still. It would be easier stating a name she might have knew.

"I'm a friend of Vincent's." That was Cress reply as the woman face lit up at the name.

"Ah, Vincent, he sounds like the person to pull a bold move like this," The black haired woman mused before continuing her statement. "I assume you know a way out, correct?" The prisoners crowed around Cress as he winced. The thing he did was actually just done out of impulse as he winced. The older woman sighed as she before smiling.

"Don't worry, we know this place rather well, we can find our way out. But please, there are still others inside this place, please save them..."

Cress nodded as he clutched his sword even tighter, it would probably be easier if he found some sort of key to unlock it. Either way, if he caused enough noise it should give the prisoner's enough time to escape. As the prisoners left, Cress sight he looked down the flashed red halls. It seemed he had a lot of work to do.

"Oh shit man!" The guard jumped up from his cell as the brown haired girl ear's perked up, no doubt something big was going down as the guard scrambled to his feet before running out of the door, leaving the teen completely unguarded and supervised.

With a cat like grin she plucked a pin from her hair, normally something like this would be used to unlock pesky treasure chest, though it very rarely worked on those kind of things. As she fiddled with the lock came use, it was surprisingly easy. Maybe the locks were on the lower quality, or maybe they underestimated their prisioners.

"Hah, that's what they get for messing with the worlds greatest treasure hunter." It was a self imposed title as she slipped out of her jail cell. She was free from her dirty prison, but what was she going to do next.

Get the heck out of their of course, that was the only logical conclusion that would have fell in her lap. Unless something else came up on the way out, but that would be silly, what could have possible halt her escape.

Those were the thoughts that entered her head as she escaped the room, but the sight that she saw was disheartening. People in cells just sitting in them without anyway out, the brown haired girl sighed. Maybe she was too soft for her own good, but she probably couldn't ignore any of it.

"Teach would probably get angry at me for using eres without worrying about the collateral, but I think it's called for this time."

All the screens flashed with warning labels as the Admin frowned her face. The room was giant and large, filled with screen showing every single hallway and cell. To much of her displeasure it seemed almost all of them were empty by two little worms.

But none of that mattered in the end, the experiment was complete so continuing experiments, while nice was pointless. Though this did give her another chance to see something amazing, a chance that probably wouldn't present itself again in awhile.

"Very well," The Admin known as Nigromante, clicked a button under her desk as she spoke into the microphone, no doubt the message would be heard from everyone in the building at the current moment.

"All personal, please evacuate the building, I am about to release the experiment. So unless you want to be joyfully munched on, leave soon. Oh and for the intruders, have fun my little lab rats. I hope we meet again if it's in this life or the next." The woman gave a little chuckle before clicking another button located on the other side of the table.

She will be watching their every movement, after all if those two were smart enough to escape they must have some sort of combat ability.

"Yes, Yes! I will study everything!"

"Ah, that doesn't sound good at all." The brown haired girl eye twitched as the last person ran out of the mangled cell. There wasn't anyone else in the area, at least none that the girl could see as she looked around. Maybe now was the time to follow everyone's lead and run like hell.

Before she continued that thought, a large banging sound nearly shattered her ear drums. It seemed like something was chewing through the wall. Like a giant mouse of some sort, the sound of scrapping metal was unpleasant to the ears.

Now she knew it was time to run as she scrambled down the hall. She knew the metal wall burst open, but now was not the time to look back. As the brown haired girl remembered something not to amusing about being chased by a giant worm in a cave.

As that thought filled her head, she saw the exit ahead, only a few more feet and...

"HSSSSS!" A large hissing sound filled her ears as something crawled along the ceiling and landed right in front of the exit, cutting off her only escape route. It was a reptile of some sort, it's body was twisted though. Rotten flesh fell off every inch of its bone as it stuck out the fork tongue it had, it probably had green skin, but it was impossible to tell with the blotches of black scattered on its body.

"Okay, now this is actually really bad..."

She complicated if she could use her eres, but before she could even start the spell the creature lunged towards the treasure hunter. She wouldn't be able to dodge in time, even if she did she would take heavy damage. The only thing she could do was wince at the incoming blow, however...that blow never came.

The sound of cutting flesh, but it wasn't the treasure hunters, but rather the beasts as it reeled back. The treasure quickly jumped back as she looked at the person that helped her out of the pinch. An armored clad knight with a red bandana wielding a sword.

"Hey, are you okay?" That what he asked as she gave a nervous laugh.

"Y-yeah, I just slipped up a bit that's all. Though it's nice to see that' there is at least one gentleman here." She complemented him as the knight glared at the monster, the arm that was removed twitched as it resolved.

"You might want to get out of here, it's not save here at all." Cress stated to obvious as the brown haired girl frowned before taking out something that looked like a giant straw.

"Hey, you might not believe it, but this cute girl actually is pretty handy." Cress wanted to protest, but he didn't get a chance to speak as the creature lunged once again. No doubt he would have to believe in the person next to him, even if it probably wasn't the best idea.

With a heavy blow, Cress matched the beast swing with his own as both were pushed back. No doubt this wouldn't be an easy victory.

Author note

How many people are reading this, just wondering. I decided to put the story in this section since it made sense.