Time After Time

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Chapter 5: Old Faces

Both Doctors ran off to their Tardis to fetch whatever they have that can find the keys to time. I have so many worries about this, not only are two Doctors here but the interfaces are back. I have no idea how this is going to turn out.

I turn to Haruhi, "Haruhi, you and Sasaki take Yu and Tachibana away from here."

"What?!" Haruhi argues with me like i knew she would.

"Please get out the city. Just get out of here as fast as you can. "

"Why? Things are getting interesting."

"Because the Doctor is here, he's here twice. And I trust the Doctor but things get dangerous around him and you can't be sure who comes out of it alive."

Haruhi looks at me when she realizes what that could mean, "Then come with me." Her eyes were pleading for me to come with her.

"I can't. I don't know why but I'm sure I have to be apart of this. Right now just take everyone else away form this."

Haruhi is giving me that look, we both know she has amazing powers but none of us really know how to get it to work and it's probably more dangerous to try right now with time falling apart.

I don't usually see Haruhi give in but, "Fine, I'll take them just promise me that you will be careful. Promise me that when this is over you'll come back to me and Yu."

"I promise." The moment seems to be out a novel, the hero promises his love that he will return from his quest and they lean in to share what could be the last kiss but that doesn't happen. We are interrupted when the sound of not one but two Tardis materializing cuts through the air.

Both Timelords, or should I say, the same timelord come out of the boxes mumbling.

"Oh, just say whatever you want to say." I tell them.

"Bad." Eleventh tells. "Bad things."

"We got it a bit wrong." Ten adds. "Time is already falling apart. If we try and fly to the moments with the Tardis it would be bad. Bad like trying to drive a truck through the cracks of a shattered glass window hoping that it won't fall apart."

"There is some good news." Eleven decides to give us the silver lining. "It will make it easier to reach the Keys to Time. And they are giving off a very strong signal. " He holds out a stick like device. "If we modify the vortex manipulators we should be able to let them track them too."

"Oh, great there are six pieces scattered across time but they're all in walking distance and now we can go in four teams." I tell them bleakly.

"Five." Yuki speaks her part.

"What?" I ask her. "I have already scanned those devices. I believe I can also adjust myself to detect the Keys to Time as well."

"Oh, that's great. If we all go for one key then we can come back together and put it together when we look for the last piece."

"Wrong" Ten blares out. "The last piece if here and now. Something is wrong with it, or it's been set off and that's why it's drawing in the other pieces to now."

"So who goes with who?" I ask.

They break it down, each team needs a time traveler the timelords can breach the divide because of their timelord-ness. Mikuru and Jack can breach the gap with their devices and finally Nagato still has enough of her alien mojo to do the same. I feel like the odd man out without anything really useful to offer. We're a little short on number but I feel that i have to be here to help.

After everything is said and done the Doctors finish their adjustments.

"You know if you want to skip this one you can." Jack tells me.

I'm watching Sasaki load up a still dizzy Tachibana and Yu into her car. I walk over to Haruhi. I pull her in close and kiss her. "I will be back so just stay safe." I write down an address and phone number on a piece of paper and give it to her. "Go here. He'll help you. I know you won't trust him but i trust him enough to keep you safe."

"Fine." Haruhi sighs. "Go save the Universe. I'll just makes sure our daughter is safe, you could never do the hard work."

I hate to agree with her but she's right. I watch her drive away hoping for the best.

"Okay, time to pick teams." Ten says like he's planning on playing soccer.

"I thought we were all just going on our own." I point out.

"Can't." The ancient timelord says. "The keys are hidden, disguised where ever they are. Usually as something important. The Tracer can show them as well as track them but we only have two. Miss Nagato might be able to do it as well but that only gives us three teams to find five pieces and use them all together to find the last piece."

"What younger me says is correct." Eleven goes on, I forgot how he loves to pat on himself on the back. "I'll go with Kuyou and younger me will go off with Miss Asahina. You, Jack and Nagato got fetch the third piece. The three of you together should be able find it. Then we just need to hurry and finish and find the last few pieces."

"All this while Asakura and who knows what else is looking for the other pieces." I sigh, it's a terrible plan but it needs to be done. With that we all split up. I can't say were the other went to put using both Nagato and the Vortex manipulator on Jack's wrist we managed to lock onto one. And off all places it leads us to the train station where the SOS Brigade used to meet. I don't know why but this place has always been special.

"This is it." Jack fiddles with his wrist device. "It's here. It's sort of a small rift, part of another time starting to bleed into this one. I should be able to open it up a little to walk in."

There is no one around and I wonder if people know something is happening or maybe it's just a slow day. That their instinct is telling them to stay away and stay safe at home. Suddenly space tears part and a door way of golden energy forms before us thanks to Jack's vortex manipulator and his experiences with rifts. Walking in feels like walking into a tornado, it feels like it at any moment it could tear us apart, light inside it blinding. Finally pushing through we end up in a dark tunnel. I had no idea where we'd end up but I didn't expect a tunnel. Then a loud sound ripped through the tunnel, I couldn't place the sound right away...

"That's a train!" To confirm my screams the light of train coming our away fills the tunnel.

All I know is the next second Yuki grabbed both me and Jack and ran us out of the tunnel second before the train smashed into us. She yanks us out of the tunnel and onto the train platform. Luckily it's early and no one seems to be around to see that. Then it strikes me, we moved in time and space but only a few hundred feet.

Now I'm afraid that I'm going to have to avoid another me.


Mikuru and the Tenth Doctor find themselves in a park, a park Mikuru is very familiar with. Soon enough they use the vortex manipulator she got from River Song and vanish in a doorway of brilliant gold light following the tracer the Doctor held. What neither knew was they were being watched.

"I have scanned the device." Ryoko informs her superior.

Kimidori gives a slight smile, " While the other parties go search for the other pieces we will find one ourselves. Then we shall find the piece that's in this time frame. Then they will come for the other pieces and we will take them from them."

Ryoko smiled happily with the key of time she was certain they could reform the Data Overmind.

Meanwhile the other Doctor and his alien companion found themselves found themselves in front of the high school that Kyon had once gone to. "Oh, this one is big. It's tearing into this time. It's won't be easy but I think I can." He takes Kuyou hand and drags her along and it's like waking through pudding as the world around them dissolves. The timelord manages to pulls them through one overlapping moment to the next. They are startled when a bell rings snapping them into reality and the other moment.

"Pretty eyes." Kuyou finally speaks.

The Doctor follows her eye line to spot a young Kyon running to his class.

"Oh, this is going to be trouble."


I didn't know where Kyon sent us but I have some trust in my husband so when we finally reach the door there is a sense of relief. Tachibana has managed to wake up but she's still a little dizzy. Yu gives my hand a squeeze as I lead her along, she's a smart little girl and she knows something is wrong.

We get to this fancy apartment building and I press the speaker out in front to the apartment. Kyon's note lead us along so I have to trust him.

I quickly say, "Hello, Kyon sent me here. I'm Haruhi-"

Before I even finish the buzzer rings and unlocks the door letting us in. We don't waste anytime and head into the building and after short elevator we arrive at the the apartment. I knock and it doesn't take more than one knock for the door to swing open. That's when I'm greeted by a smiling face.

"Hello again."

"K-Koizumi?" I didn't expect Kyon to send us to him.


Yuki keeps dragging us away, she's never been one to talk much but an explanation would be great. Finally she stops after we drags us away from the train station.

"Yuki?! What are you doing?" I ask her.

"There." She points to out our old meeting spot. That's when I see it, or should I say see him. Me, I see me. I know this date, it's the one time I arrived before Haruhi, I arrived hours before everyone and there I am waiting for everyone.

"Oh, boy." Things are just never easy.

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