Alright so this is a completely new story that i have created and it is really similar to the hunger games but still different. I really hope you enjoy it and please review if possible because i love seeing support. Also this is not a SYOT and not in 1st person.

The Capitol was unbelievably quiet, almost no one was out of the house but for good reason. President Alberto Alecto Snow was due to make an announcement, a big one, and it was the year of the 8th quarter quell, the 200th Hunger Games. Snow knew that the Capitol were getting bored of the games but this year him and the head gamemaker Drew Morrison had promised something big, bigger even than the great 100th Hunger Games.

The Districts also were getting prepared for the announcement as it was mandatory to watch. Many went to the town square with worried faces, but most from Districts 1, 2 and 4 were grinning maliciously as they waited. Only 5 minutes remained and in the Capitol the countdown began, everybody in there homes sat yelling numbers at the screen or shoving there last mouthfuls of dinner down there ungrateful throats. Caesar Flickerman the 30th began the TV countdown, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

President Snows old, tired and evil form showed up on screens over all of Panem with a large reaping bowl at his side. The only outside crowd in the Capitol was that of the people outside the Capitol center where they stood fenced off from the stage that the President stood on. "Alright, Alright quieten down please" said the Presidents voice cruelly, the voices turned to a whisper and then quickly almost nothing. "Now this year is big as you all probably know, but i think it will be a lot bigger than what you expect," people oohed and whispered interested in what he meant, "this year we need not have this bowl beside me!" he said pointing at the reaping bowl...

"because this year we will be welcoming a new punishment for the Districts, THE GLADIATOR TOURNAMENT!"

Martyn awoke to the usual District 8 weather, cloudy yet no rain. He almost couldn't get to sleep last night as the worst thing he thought possible had ended, but he hadn't been happy for long, a new punishment had been set in stone for his District and the other 11, the next worse thing was now the Gladiator Tournament. Martyn walked downstairs to see his mum Pamela with tears streaming down her face. "What if you get reaped" she asked him as she sobbed, "there is still only 6 boys that get reaped mum I am sure I will be fine," he says to her calmly. "and anyway I would be fine if I was reaped because remember in this 12 from a District can win" he says to her as he stares at the Gladiators Rulebook, "are you sure" she says as she takes the rulebook from off the ground It has a clear list of Rules and how the games will work and this is how.

6 females and 6 males are reaped (or volunteered) to join the Tournament this will be that Districts team. No one is aloud to kill anyone from their own District/team.

They will get the train to the capitol where they will have the Horse parade, all tributes will ride a horse down to a square where they will wait for the presidents speech.

then there is training which will be split into 3 days, the first day is called 'the choosing' this is the point where all 12 members of the team get together and decide what position they are the positions are




Bows and Arrows

Throwing Knives

The Lighter

Knives and Daggers




War Hammers


they will then all go into a seperate room to learn the art of their position, they will train with a certain trainer for the rest of that day, there is also a small electronic thing they put on your hand which means you cannot touch any weapon that is not of your position, a tatoo on your right hand marks your position,

and then the next day they train in the usual center and will do so for the rest of training. there are interviews which are the same as usual.

The first day is the most interesting. All tributes will be launched into the arena in a small cabin, there will be 12 cabins each representing a District/team

each tribute will be equipped with their weapon/s and they tournament will begin. The cabins will be randomly placed around the arena and there will be a cornucopia

in the middle this cornucopia will only have food, water and other supplies no weapons. The games may end when only one team is left this team might only have 1 person left alive or 12 it doesn't really matter.

Aurora and Melissa ate their breakfast with frowns on their face they knew the news and they knew that the Capitol loved cheating a bit and rigging the reaping to make siblings get selected, tomorrow was the reaping and neither of them were looking forward to it.