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Tributes Alive:144

Annalise York POV-2

The horse parade had taken place yesterday and my Districts glamorous attempt won the exuberant crowd over absurdly fast. District 2 was a fine place to live if you lived in the right part of the District, I; would like to think that I live in a very fine part of the District. As well as luxurious homes the training centres are the strongest in all of the District. I live in an area of the District called st. Brutus, it was named after one of our most famous victors many decades ago.

Right now I am living just two stories above the Capitols tribute training centre and I was bursting to rush down and practise my already spectacular moves. It was 5:30 in the morning of our first training day and we were only aloud to go down there at 9. As I was trying to figure out what to do to pass time Santara passed by my room. "Hey Santana what are you doing," I ask politely in a small whisper, "coming to wake you up its almost 9 o' clock" "whaaat it says 5:30 on mine" I yell in surprise, "well its wrong" she says and I quickly get dressed and ready still extremely stunned.

I finally make it to the elevator where the rest of the team is waiting for me. It zooms us down to ground level where the training centre lies clouded with mystery, we enter it and see the other districts already there. I quickly take in the astounding sight of glinting steel and sharp blades, targets and obstacle courses. The head trainer brings all 144 of us together and tells us the rules. Since there is so many of us the training room has been specially expanded and extra areas have been added, now there is three of everything to even it out so queues will be shortened. She tells us to begin our training and immediately all the groups rush off, some groups have decided to stick together while others have split up to figure out there individual strengths.

District 2, my district have all split up and right now me and Santara are heading towards the much anticipated Throwing Knives. They glimmer in the sunlight that is hurtling through the glazed windows on one side of the centre. We were first there but I could already see people lining up behind us, I picked up one of the smaller throwing knives and chucked it round my hand feeling the weight of it, I looked round to see if anyone was watching me and I was right 2 young kids from District 12 who were waiting in line were staring intently at me. I sighed, turned round and without even taking the target inflicked the knife out of my hand and landed the point into the target, missing the bullseye by millimetres. Santara was next to throw and was clearly better than me at throwing knives, then we rotated with the two from district twelve who were utter crap out of 4 shots each only one of them hitting the target, I took a mental note that they will be easy killings at the start.

For the first hour or so I took no notice of the other stations and tributes that cluelessly wandered around the enlarged training centre as I focused on perfection at the knife throwing station. Eventually the two twelve year olds left and half of District 7 came to join us and I have to admit, they were pretty good. Eventually I mastered it and we moved on to one of the other 57 stations that lured us to them.

Carrol Stone POV-12

I sat down at the lunch table with the rest of my District, none of us had achieved much, we had all gone off to different stations to figure out where we were strongest. Me, Relic and Ferrel went off to some of the weapon stations as we wanted to figure out what position we would suit best, the other two in our group, Hera and Ebony had gone to some of the survival stations like climbing, swimming and camoflauge. Lunch was almost done and nothing much had been said at the table, in our group you could already see our smaller alliances and who would stick with who.

Lunch finished after about half an hour of stuffing our gobs. We immediately went back to training and this time Relic, Ferrel and I went over to the Spears. We wer at the very edge of the training centre and hardly anybody else was at these stations because awall was blocking there view. Relic threw his spear first and it wasn't a bad shot, hitting the upper leg on the human target, I patted him on the back before he went to collect the spear. I then tried my luck but I was no good; nor was Ferrel but he was amazing with things like throwing knives, poison and blowguns. We decided to move on as only Relic had mastered the spear a little bit, he had gotten better although I don't think it will be his preferred position.

For a while we sat down eyeing the other tributes, there was a boy from 5 who was a speedy climber and two tributes from eleven who looked like tough opponents. The tributes from District 6 and 3 looked quite weak apart from a couple of members in their team, and District 7 looked overly cocky with a couple of possible wanna-be careers. And then of course there was the careers chucking a knife straight at the bullseye, slashing at targets with swords and axes, never missing...

Aeron Miller POV-6

My whole District was trying to stick together so we could learn what positions people would most benefit from. We had already figured out a few of our 'areas of excellence' including Reuben as our little trickster with the poisons and other weird weapons, Tarbos was our own knife roulette and Andrea would wrap her hands round the Bow but everybody elses positions were still in jeopardy and at the moment Myst and I were taking charge of our young group, we're almost certain that we are going to die in the arena so if we do we are planning on making it memorable we are going to go down fighting the Capitol!

At the moment the sweaty atmosphere was beating me up over my mistakes with the katanas that I was holding dragging me down so I could feel the oxygen in my body clogging up. The rest of my team were busy making remarks on how good I was with the katanas and when I finally put them down I felt quite proud of myself. Andrea quickly took the two odd shaped swords out of my hands and tried her luck with them but to no avail. Dean, one of our youngsters, also tried and he wasn't as crap as Andrea but still nowhere near as fierce as me, so finally we figured out my position only eight more to fill in and we're off to the tridents next.

We had only been at the station for 10 minutes and we already had a star in the making, Myst and I had figured that the Trident would be the hardest spot to fill in but surprisingly it wasn't. Ember Talon was amazing with the trident her balance and power was almost equal to perfection and if I saw her in the arena with one of these I would run. Before two years ago none of us hardly knew what a Trident was until the 198th hunger games where the male from District 4 had one and slaughtered both of our precious little tributes. Hopefully now we can get district 4 back and give theM a taste of there own medicine.