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I trudged home from school on a hot summer day the sun was blazing down upon me there wasn't even a spot of clouds as far as I could see. Heatwaves, one of my least favourite things about the country I was born in. I almost wished that it would start bucketing right there and then which would be a god send apart from the fact I would get drenched.

Trying to keep my mind off things and the heat, though I was sweating profusely I practiced my magic tricks. I walked past a pack of girls wearing mini mini skirts and loose tank tops that showed some cleavage, what sluts.

"There she is with those cards again"

"She's so weird"

"Yeah what a freak" they all giggled probably thinking I couldn't hear them but I'm not deaf so yeah I could hear them.

"Pick a card any card" I asked myself spreading the cards out in an arch formation holding the cards on both edges. I moved my right hand and gently plucked a card near the centre and looked at it, Queen of Hearts.

I gently slid the card back into the deck and did some fancy shuffling twirls and flips. It looked like I had put a magnet in each card and put the attractive opposite in my hands.

The cards zipped from my right hand to my left and came to rest in a neat rectangular pile on my left palm. "Meow, was this your card" I asked the air taking the card from the very top in my two fingers and holding it up to my face.

Queen of hearts, I smiled faintly going to practice the trick again as I swung open the door to my house and entered. My mum was standing by the counter in the kitchen she looked up and scowled when she saw me fiddling my magic cards…. again.

"Isis I thought we discussed you not doing 'magic' anymore" her voice was grave as she took a sip from a mug of coffee? wine? whatever it was it smelled horrible and I won't be drinking it anytime soon.

"I said I wouldn't do it at school anymore not that I'd stop completely" I corrected once again drawing the correct card and giving myself a mental pat on the back as I smiled.

She let out a strained sigh "You could try something else for a hobby art, skating, music". "Mum I like magic and I'm not going to stop just cause you don't like it MEOW" I hissed in an annoyed voice.

Why couldn't she see that me doing magic isn't just a hobby, it's something I want to do with my life. Well I think it is, but being a magician or entertainer isn't a real job in her eyes.

It's not like she's ever done something to make others happy, she can't even understand what makes her own daughter happy. How is she oblivious to the wonder in magic, the awe in doing something that seems impossible but is actually entirely possible if you know the right trick.

I think most of the parents on the planet would jump at the chance to have a child that's half as talented as I am in magic, but no not my mum.

"Stop saying meow all the time, people aren't animals so we shouldn't make they're noises" her frown deepened if that was possible.

I know she hates just about everything that I like but she could at least try to be a little supportive. I rolled my eyes "It's my magic word mum I have to say it" I explained "and maybe if you would let me get a cat I'd have someone to say it for me".

Maybe saying meow is a bit weird but not only is it my magic word but it's also kinda like a catch phrase for me. I've loved cats all my life and have wanted one ever since I was a little girl.

My mum thinks that pets are just annoying stinky trouble they they don't have a place in this household or in any other for that matter. I don't know how she managed to have two children since children are like a million times more trouble than any pet I know.

"I've had enough of this Isis from now on no more meowing, no more talk of pets and NO MORE MAGIC!" she raged and when she said that I felt like she had just ripped my soul right out of my body.

What would I do if I didn't have my magic; it's the only thing I'm good at in the world. I felt tears pricking at my usually bright silver eyes. I can't let her take my gift away. "If I ever catch you practicing magic again I will take away all your games, computer rights, you'll be grounded for a month so hand over all you magic things" she screeched at me.

I know what you thinking my mum is an overdramatic lunatic; well at least I'm not the only one thinking it. I looked at the ground, eyes beginning to water even though I knew she could never truly take away all my magic.

It was all already within me, in my heart and head. Every trick I've ever done, every spell I performed and all the illusions I've ever created they were burned deep within my memory.

Tears streamed down my face "Why can't you understand" I murmured her words still hurting as my heart ached. Swiftly turning, my waist long dark brown hair flickering behind me as I ran up the stairs into my room and slammed the door shut behind me locking it.

I collapsed onto my large bed in a fit of sobbing as I drowned out my cries using a pillow. My magic cards strewn all over the place where they had fallen. I hadn't cried like this since I was eight and broke my arm so that was saying how much this pained me right now. Having a mother who can't accept who you truly are.

-No one's point of view-

She needs to learn, she needs to know, magic isn't something someone her age should be doing. She needs to stop playing with cards and go out to movies with kids her age instead of hanging around with George's friends and getting them to believe in all this hocus-pocus. Magic, it just does not exist.

-2 years later-

I kicked a small pebble as I stood on the sidewalk outside a large grey building. It was a winter day so I was wearing my long black jeans that went to my ankles and black and white sneakers.

A loose black and white T-shirt with my crimson red pullover hoodie that had a black paw print on the front of it. Today was unusually cold for a winter day but even it never snowed where I lived which was fine with me I hated the cold.

I guess you could say it wasn't very cold at all but you could still see the steam rise from my breath every time I exhaled. I tucked my hands into the pocket of my hoodie my red fingerless gloves didn't keep them very warm.

Ever since that day two years ago I had lost any lasting respect that I held for my mother and she has been watching me with hawk eyes ever since. A shrill bell ringing noise emanated from the grey building and cries of joy were heard from the inside.

Only seconds later the glass doors were flung open and kids started pouring out like a tidal wave. Amongst the crowd I saw a mop of dark brown hair head toward me. My little brother George's face lit up once he saw I was waiting for him and he quickly ran over to me.

Once he reached me he gave me a very constricting and forceful hug around the waist since I am quite a bit taller than he is. "Sissy you came to pick me up" he cried looking at me with big brown eyes that shone in the sunlight.

"Of course little bro, 'cause it's not like I'm not right here waiting for you everyday" I scoffed tussling his hair a bit my brother seemed to be the only true family I had now and I had a soft spot for little kids.

"Sissy do you think we can go to the movies again next week" he asked with a pleading face and those gigantic puppy dog eyes.

I pretended to think it over for a moment before smiling widely "Of course we can".

Only a few days ago I had taken my little brother to the cinema's to see one of the latest releases Rise of the Guardians. I know a lot of people my age wouldn't be caught dead at a kiddy movie with they're little brother no less.

But my little brother was one of those few younger siblings that actually wasn't constantly annoying but I am a very tolerant person when it comes to kids. "Great" he exclaimed doing a little victory dance.

"That reminds me I have a little something for you" I said holding a fist out to him. He immediately grabbed my hand and pried it open finding nothing her looked at me disappointed.

"Shoot I know I had it here somewhere" I murmured hiding a smile as I patted my pockets down looking for the treat.

I clicked my fingers "Oh that's right" I remembered clenching my fist tightly.

"Surprise" and when I opened it again I revealed a red lollipop sitting in my palm.

My brother gasped and snatched it from my hand and began to suck on it immediately. I just smiled and chuckled lightly to myself he still hasn't figured out how I do my magic tricks and he's been around me his whole life.

Though my mother had forbidden me from practicing magic two years ago I didn't stop I just got a lot cleverer about how and when I did it. Once I find something I love I stick with it no matter what anyone says.

After all it's not a crime if you don't get caught right. I could never just stop doing magic anyway it's as natural to me as a cat's hunting instincts are. I have a feeling that I'll be doing it all my days.

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