Tera pov

I was watching the flames dance around me i looked into the crowd staring at the demons they looked amused happy even

i see a set of headlights in the distance the demons don't eve notice they were busy watching me the smoke started rising i started choking i could feel the smoke starting to fill my lungs

Dean pov

As we got out of the car i notice a girl tied to a post she was surrounded by flames i could hear her coughing I watched sam run to help her as he put the fire out she quickly frees herself from the ropes

i was dogdeing demon goons when they all stop moving they tun to the girl who is now glaring at them

Tera pov

"My turn"i say forming a pink energy ball in my hand before launching it into the air streams of pink light were lashing out from from the energy ball reaching into each demon pulling out the evil spirits the vessels fall to the ground

the dark cloud of demon spirits swirling in the sky

"hey is that all you got come on come and get me "i yell at the sky as the black cloud hurled it self at me i put my hands out creating my purified shield

the second the cloud make contact with my shield they were turned to ash i turn around only to be staring down the barrel of a gun

"woah calm down I'm not a monster ok i kinda am but i swear I'm not evil"i say trying to defend myself

Dean pov

I lowered my gun suddenly she started to stare off into the distance

"did you hear it "she whisperd glancing back at me and sam

Sam pov

i watched she got in a defensive position and then we did hear it

a long howl not far from us

"hellhound did you summon them"dean yelled pointing the gun at the girl once more

"i can't summon them"she replied quickly we could hear them they were only a few yards away

I heard a crackle the girl was surrounded by a field of pink electric current she then directed the curent striaght out into the road there a was a yelp then blood splatteered all over the street

Tera pov

"its gone "i say turning before walking up to them

"hi i'm tera and i'm a good witch"i say sticking out my hand

the tall one grabbed my hand while the short one hesitated

"i'm sam this is dean we're the winchesters"he said gaging my reaction

"i know i could see your marks"i say pointing at his chest

"i've been waiting for you Bobby sent you here to get me"i say dean looked annoyed before walking back to the car i followed sam as he pulled the front seat forward i hopped in the back sam sat up front i leaned my head agianst the cool window

i heard dean start the car and thats how my ne journey began

my name is Tera and i am a witch