Tera pov

"so you got a brother from another mother" I said rolling down the window

"that's not funny tera"dean said he's been pissed ever since he got that phone call earlier from his new brother

"relax dean I'm sure you'll be fine"I said resting my head on the back of the seat the wind whipping my hair around my phone started to ring I noticed the number quickly picking it up it was my dad old number

"hello"I asked trying to stay calm not wanting to alarm the brothers

"Pandora's box that's where you will find it"a static filled voice replies

I hung as I heard a dial tone

I look up to see dean looking up at me expectantly

"wrong number can we get the rooms first I want to lay down"I ask trying to distact him

"why we might not even be staying"dean replied glaring at the road ahead

"Dea need to lay down or at least get to a pharmacy" I say devising a plan hoping he'd take the hint

"why what's the big deal"dean said getting frustrated

"you really want to know"I say as calmly as I can

"yes tera that's why I'm asking "he said almost shouting

"fine sam you might want to cover your ears"I say glancing behind me at Sam

"okay dean I'm having horrible cramps because I'm about to start my period"I say he looks up at me with a grossed out look on his face

"You wanted to know dean"I say shrugging needless to say dean dropped me off at the hotel

Sam came in with me carrying his and dean's bag we were in the elevator

"which rooms are ours "I say casually

"we have rooms right ne to eaxh other you in d4 we're in d5"Sam says glancing at me

"uh are you sure you'll be able to hunt in your uh condition"sam stammered as the elevator doors slide open

"ok now that was rude and stupid question just give me my key "I said holding my hand out Sam gave me the keys quickly

"tera I didn't mean" Sam began I closed the door

about twenty minutes later i was laying on the bed I got a text message from Sam

Just got to the diner about to meet Adam

I got up walking to the sam had also given me a key to his and deans room I quickly made my way into the room grabbing sam bag I pull ot his laptop I open up a window before typing in the search box

Pandora box

The search result surprised me it was actually a shop right here in town

I cleared the history before putting the laptop back in sam's bag

I heard dean outside the door I quickly took a step back tripping I fell through the wall i was back in my room i wasn't alone

"this will be your new power"I turned to see castiel

"I don't want it"I say quickly

"calm yourself tera this power and the next will not be like you first one no traumatic experience" I heard a knock on the door I turned back to see castiel was gone typical

I got up on the bed Dean came in through the door

"hey how you feeling"he asked cautiously sam must have told him how i snapped on him

"I'm fine now i got some sorry for snapping at you how'd it go "I ask casually


"we're heading to the kid's house you coming"he asked looking anywhere but at me

"Leave me the address I want to pick up something first "I replied he nodded I grab my messenger bag making my way out of the hotel Dean walked me down

"how you getting there"he ask as he stands by his car

"walking"I say turning walking away I made it to the shop quick enough I hesitate standing outside the shop

I walked through the door

"hello tera "the old woman at the counter greeted me

I watched her closely as I made my way towards the counter

I noticed the d├ęcor around the room what really caught my eye was a red dragon statue

"do not be afraid your parent came here a month before you were born the left this" she said calmly

"What is it"I ask curiously leaning on the counter

"A magical pendant"she said opening a box showing me a beautiful a black crystal pendant

I take it from her before putting it on

"yor father wanted you to be protected from them he knew this would shield you from them"she explained

"from who"I ask curiously who was I suppose to be protected from

"your parents did not tell you"she looked panicked

"my parents are dead please tell me what am I suppose to be protected from"I asked

"it is not my place to tell you"she answers stiffly I walk ou heading back to the hotel I had just opened my door when I heard whispering walking further into the room I saw a man in a black suit searching through my room

I feel a charge shoot down my arm I let the energy flow through me sending it at the man

"I'm impressed you knew I was a demon"he said stopping my attack without even blinking

"I was under the impression you wouldn't know anything about your powers"he said walking closeer to me

"stay back"I say as I feel my lightning building up

"some very powerful demon are looking for you including me " he raises his hand lifting me pinning me against the door

"yeah well I'm pretty powerful to "I said as I went through the door I hit the floor looking up to see dean sam and adam staring down at me

"demon in my room"I say simply dean grabs his gun opening the door sam pulled me up

"uh how did you come through the door are you a ghost"I look up at adam

"nope just a witch"I say sitting on the bed

"okay its clear Tera you ok"I nod as dean came back in

"uh what were you talking about before I uh flew through" I ask it like a felt awkward moment

"sam thinks adam should come on the hunt with us"dean says I guess he wants me on his side

"well your taking a girl with you"adam says pointing at me

Is he baiting me I probably shouldn't say I'm a witch

"hey I'm hunter to"I say standing up dean was about to interject when I glared at him

"Dad's dead dean"sam says trying to reason with Dean

"That doesn't matter! He didn't want Adam to have our lives, okay? And we are gonna respect his wishes."Dean is starting to get pissed

"do I get a say in this"adam asked

"no"dean yelled at him

"no"sam said calmer

"hell no "I say all eyes turn on me

"sorry I wanted to play to"I said smiling sheepishly

"well I'm glad your having fun I'm getting out of here"dean said pulling his jacket on walking to the door

"ok I'll go apologize but before I do sam come here for a minute"I said calling sam over

"what "he asked leaning down a little

"don't tell him about me being a witch please"he just nods at me I headed out just as dean was getting in the car

"come on lets ride "I say jumping in the front seat he glares at me before driving off

"we heading to the tombs"I ask glancing over at him

"yep"he didn't say another word to me the entire ride there

Dean pov

We were walking into the tomb tera was behind the cemetery director and I as he was telling us about the tomb's history

"This tomb was built in 1926. Four generations of the Millsap family were interred here." he explained as we went further into the tomb I glance back at tera to see she's on her phone

"Tell me, Agent Nugent, have you thought about where you might like to spend eternity"I don't get the chance to answer when tera jumps into the conversation

"do you know who took the bodies"she asked glancing at me

"Hooligans. Sick, deranged hooligans." he answered bitterly

I notice a srtange liquid on the side of the tomb I touch it before smelling it

"what is this it isn't blood"I ask

"No, it's embalming fluid. Whoever committed this crime didn't just take the corpses. They opened them up."the cemetery director answered quickly

I look up to se tera was gone I quickly walked outside to see her arguing with someone on the phone as I got closer I heard part of the conversation

"I just don't see why he can't stay there a little longer"she is turned away from me she pauses

"I know I know I should of just told you I was in town your right I should of came and got him as soo as I got here I was a little distracted" she sound frustrated

"okay Aunt Marie don't worry I'm on my way yes I'm sure yes ok love you to bye"she hung up before turning back to me

"I got to go get my car "she say simply

"is it far "I ask

"nope just two blocks over "she said watching my reaction

"come on "we both jump into the impala

"so why leave your car her "I ask curiously

"a week before we met my cousin didn't have a way to get around so I lent her my car turn right first house on the left"she said I quickly turn right as we pull into the driveway she is already out of the car running up to garage after tuning the car off I got out to see her talking to an older woman

"alright well I'll get him outa here dean pull out your blocking me in we got to head back bye aunt marie" as I pull out I finally get a look at the car I noticed it was silver when my phone buzzes I got a text from tera I open it up

1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

His name is Viper

Race you to the town bar three streets over

I chuckle when she zoomed past me

"oh she wants to race well lets show her baby"I say hitting the gas catching up to her quickly

Tera pov

Dean was catching up only slightly I was still ahead of him though I pulled a slick turn right in the bar parking lot I cheered as I knew I won as I got out quickly

"okay you won go ahead rub my nose in it"I smile

"I don't think it counts you didn't know where the bar actually was"I say as dean looks relieved

"so why this bar "dean asked before we headed inside

"my cousin is a psychic she saw us in this bar she said it was important so here we are"I reply as we walk through the door

Sitting down at the bar not many people around

"First beer's on the house for cops. Feds too." the bartender says filling two cups

"are we that obvious"I ask

"I know all the local badges."she says setting the glasses in front of us

"what's the FBI doing in Windom"she ask looking curious

"looking into the Joe Barton case"I reply as dean slide a photo across the bar

"excuse me for a minute'I say hopping up going to the bathroom I knew dean could get her talking

I splash some water on my face I turn to get a paper towel only to come face to face with Castiel i jump back

"are you insane why do you keep coming to me I hate you"I say moving past him grabbing a paper towel to dry my face

"I know but there is something you must know that night we didn't kidnap your father we took him into protection"Castiel explain quickly

"protection from what and I swear if you say you can't tell me I'll strangle you with your own halo"I ask still glaring at him

"Demons"he replies simply

"well at least your honest then again you are an angel ok I guess I'll forgive you as soon as you tell me where my dad is"he wore a impassive look on his face

"we lost your father within the first few days"he says looking down

"he isn't dead his crystal still glows"I say watching him

"no I don't think he's dead just lost"he replied

"ok truce for now angel boy"I say walking out the the bathroom

I caught the end of the conversation

"we took care of what done it."s the bar tender looked up at me

I was sliding into the drivers seat of my thunderbird we were heading back to the motel dean took off I guess he wanted a rematch I started to speed up

"maybe you should let him win" i turn to see a little girl maybe eight years old she was wearing a cute little grey sweater

"um what the hell is going on"I asked confused

"I'm an angel but not a full one yet god created a kid angel but anyway I'm here to make sure you and dean get together" she said in a singsong voice

"I mean I know I got a little crush but come on I'm not gonna be forced to love someone" I reply as I kept driving

"no no no its not like that at all you just said you have a crush on him I only magnified it he's your destiny "she said clapping cheerfully

"you just have to try you'll find love" she say looking at me with a dreamy look on her face

"fine but I swear if he reject me I will hold you responsible" I said glaring at the road I heard her cheering I glance over at her to see she's gone

"all the freaks come to me when I'm alone"I say out loud I glance in the rearview I was sure that would've brought castiel down I thought to myself laughing

Sam pov

We were waiting for tera to get her so we could head over to Adam's house dean was tring her cellphone

"Tera call me back come on you've been on this thing all day answer "he yells the last part

"is that her car" I look to see a silver thunderbird pulling into the parking lot

"where the hell you been" dean yelled at her

"i had to deal with something wierd"she yelled back hopping out of the car

"what"I ask still leaning against the impala she was walking towards us

" Trust me you don't wanna know "she replied not missing a beat

She was standing by Adam she kept glancing at him

Tera pov

I kept smelling something like rotting flesh I knew this smell I just couldn't place it

"well come on we're heading to Adam's let go"I walk back to my car hopping in I was about to start the car when my passenger door opens

"they told me to ride with you"Adam said as he buckled up I followed the impala that's when I notice the smell again

"its you isn't the smell"I ask as we kept driving

"what are you talking about oh I fell into some sewage when we were pulling sam away from the creature"he replied

"I smelled it once before on a hunt "adam grabbed the wheel making us swerve I felt the car spin adam was gone I tied to hit the breaks but that didn't stop me from crashing

Dean pov

My stomach dropped as I looked in the rearview to see tera's car spinning before it crashed I pul a quick u turn pulling up to the thunderbird its wrapped around a tree

Adam is laying on the ground I look around to see no sign of Tera she was gone

okay thats part on of jump the shark part to coming soon is she dead or alive