A/N: Hey! This is just a teaser chapter so please be gentle! This is my tale on if Randall was a girl and some extra back story! R&R!

Rose heard whimpers in the dark corner of her tent. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and called out softly to the small figure that had curled itself into a ball.

"C'mere sis, I won't let 'em get you, I promise." She heard the whimpers start to cease and she was attacked by a wave of blond. The small figure pressed herself against Rose and hugged her tightly.

"What happened to yer doll?" Rose tightened her grip on the girl and stroked her hair. When the girl finally looked up at her, Rose's heart broke in two when she remembered the joyful little girl from before this all happened. Her once curly blond hair had matted down with dirt and grime. Her once flawless skin had cuts and bruises all over.

"They took MoMo away, said I was a bad girl." She sniffled and buried her face into Roses bosom. Rose sighed and lifted up the blankets, urging the little girl in.

"Don't worry Darlin' I'll make you 'nother one when I got the time, 'Kay?" The girl nodded as she tucked the girl in.

"Thank you Rose." She yawned, slowly drifting off to sleep, snuggled against Roses warm body.

"Good night Scarlett." Rose sighed and planted a kiss on Scarlett's forehead.

"Good night..." Scarlett's breathing steadied as she drifted off to sleep.

Rose sighed, stroking her hair as she watched the girls tiny frame curled up against her. "I won't let 'em get to you no more, I promise Scarlett..."

Rose awoke to find a sudden emptiness in the tent, she sat up and called out, "Scarlett? Sweetheart?" She threw the covers off her and pulled on her jeans. She was about to holster her gun when she heard a gruff voice.

"Hey there sweet pea...where's yer older sister...?" Rose's eyes widened at the mans voice and scrambled out of the tent, swiveling her head around, looking for her precious little girl. She took a sharp intake of breath as she saw Scarlett surrounded by three men.

"Scarlett, sweetheart! There you are!" Rose tried her best to hide her panic as she strolled up to the men. "Thank you for finding her, I was worried sick! Come along now!" Rose tried urging her sister along but found large rough hands grabbing her and Scarlett. One of the men who held on to her threw her on the ground while the others held Scarlett firmly in place.

"We ain't done with her yet." One of the men smirked and pulled out a familiar face.

"MoMo!" Scarlett shrieked and attempted to grab it but whimpered when one of the men grabbed ahold of her hair and yanked her back.

"You son of a-!" Rose started for the man who yanked Scarlett's hair but was stopped by a knife held at her throat. She stood there, helpless as the men teased her sister.

"You ain't gettin' MoMo 'cause you been naughty." He grinned, stroking her cheek softly. Scarlett was too young to understand that these men were bad and looked up at the man with wide eyes.

"I'll be good! I promise!" She tried to grab the doll again only for the man to place his hand on her forehead, holding her back.

"You wanna be a good girl? Shame, I like naughty girls..." The man played with Scarlett's dress strap and chuckled softly. Rose leapt foreword again, gasping at the warm blood the trickled down her neck. The knife's edge had pierced her, but not deep enough. She whimpered and pulled back, helpless.

"P-please! She's only a child..." Rose whispered and pleaded with the men. "I-I'll do anything just please, d-don't hurt her!" She gasped as one of the men roughly grabbed her and pressed his lips against hers. When he pulled back, she stood there, eyes widened.

"...Anything...?" The other men abandoned Scarlett and took a step towards Rose. Rose nodded numbly and stared at the ground.

"S-Scarlett, get in the tent. Do not leave unless I tell you too..." She approached Scarlett softly and hugged her.

"B-But..." Scarlett whimpered and attached herself to Rose's torso. With tears in her eyes Rose shoved Scarlett back and pointed towards there tent.

"Go," She leaned forward and whispered an additional message before turning towards the men, who were waiting impatiently, "The gun is in the pillowcase, you know how to use it now. Don't be afraid." Rose smiled at the girl and watched her walk back into the tent, doll in hand.