Definition Box: YANKEE*- Yankee, despite the American meaning, means a juvenile delinquent or gang member when used in Japan.

Still looking into one another's, Bulma's blue hues were filled with tears and for a brief moment his eyes softened and gently reached up to caress her cheek, making flinch in the process afraid that he would possibly hit her.

"Ojo?" he asked leaning in a bit. Bulma looked down and to the other side, afraid that if she looked into those eyes, those obsidian orbs that she would break down.

At that moment the door to Vegeta's vehicle opened and out walked a pink-haired beauty; dressed elegantly and as she walked over to their direction the trio couldn't help but be entranced by her beauty. "Moka…" both Vegeta and Bulma called out simultaneously.

A strange sound elicited from Bulma the realization just dawned on her, Moka exiting Vegeta's car that meant that they were courting each other in one or another. Bulma suddenly freed herself from Vegeta's grasp and walked to her son's side who had been quiet for some time.

"Bulma…" the pink-haired beauty said, while licking her red lips. "What a pleasant surprise?" she said finally reaching Vegeta's side.

Bulma grimaced inside seeing the way she licked her lips but answered some-what respectfully towards the pink haired witch. "Yes… A pleasant surprise it is indeed…" she said forcing a smile to cross her pink-glossed lips. Moka's glare traveled to Bulma's side and surprisingly landed on the boy that was by her side.

"Oh… and who would you be?" she asked bending a little to get a better look at the boys face. Trunks looked the said woman up and down and turned his nose up at her. "Not of any importance to you woman!" He pompously said, crossing his arms over his chest, and looking away.

A gasp made its way through Moka's throat; her red lips immediately drew into a frown. "Why you little bastard!" she said in obvious dislike towards to the child. Trunks's eyes narrowed and he sneered "Said the Bitch!" he hissed.

Her eyes widened, No one had ever dared to speak to her in such a vulgar manner before, well save for Vegeta but he his was always in their "throws of passion" "Why I outta…" she started but was cut off by Bulma. Who had quite enough of this childish banter but very entertained and walked in front of her son. Emerald and Sky-Blue gems clashed "You outta… What?" Bulma asked looking her dead in the eye, daring her to say something that would endanger her child's safety.

"Did the Yankee* in you come alive Briefs'?" Moka asked.

Bulma only smirked "She can come back at any moment, of any day. So if I were you I would watch out there are always eyes and ears wherever I go." She said looking all around.

At this time Vegeta decided to but in "Hm… a Yankee I would've never thought Ojo would've ever been one, What with how she carried herself." He mumbled out loud.

His eyes traveled down her form. The dress she was currently dressed in stuck to each part of her curvaceous body accentuating it a bit more even. Pregnancy had filled her out perfectly. Her baby-blues were narrowed; her pink-pouty, full lips were currently pulled into a frown, they looked to be full and plush, for a moment a brief bittersweet moment he wanted her all to himself but shook those thoughts away.

Vegeta grabbed a hold of Moka's arm and turned his attention to Bulma and the Brat. "Well I would love to stay and chat, but I have a meeting to attend… so I'll have my people contact yours and we'll set a lunch date?" He questioned.

Bulma looked him over and shook her head. "Sorry but our people do not contact Trash!" Trunks sneered, before grabbing a hold of his Mother's hand and dragging her towards the entrance of the company's door.

Trunks led his mother through the glass door and headed straight towards the elevator passing the clerks desk, who at this time was calling Bulma's name out saying that she had mail and packages shipped all the way from China.

When the glass door to the elevator slid open they immediately stepped in, Trunks pressed the button that was decorated gold 100. "Trunks…" Bulma started observing her sons' behavior as he continuously clenched and unclenched his fists.

Looking out the glass windows that surrounded them he looked at anywhere but his mother. "I'm sorry for reacting the way I did… it's just he made me so-" Trunks started but was cut off by his mother.

"It's quite alright, but keep in mind that he is your father-" she started. Trunks head snapped up his steel blue eyes filled with tears, he laughed bitterly "My father, that man wasn't even there when I was born! Hell he wasn't there at all! That shit isn't my father!" he said the tears still holding.

Bulma's eyes narrowed "Now Trunks…" The tears finally fell, "Hmph! My father...?" he stared into her eyes without blinking, "I'm sorry but I don't have one…" he said before wiping at his eyes as the elevator doors opened and he stepped out.

Bulma sighed and stepped out making a detour to her office, she couldn't help but feel that it was her fault that father and son couldn't get along, but it was Vegeta who rejected her and her child. No she wouldn't feel any pity; he deserved every and any harsh words that came from Trunks.

But… he was the one and only, and no one could ever replace him, sighing she walked into her office pulling the mahogany doors open and walking through to find Trunks looking through the stack of deals that needed to be looked over.

"Mom, I think you should look over this company their stocks have been increasing as of late and the rate of their-" Bulma smiled. He looked at her funny "What mom?" he said. Bulma laughed "For a boy who just cried minutes ago you sure act like you sure didn't cry." Trunks smiled though she saw that it didn't fully reach his eye. "Well mom! It's because I'm strong! Now enough of that-" Bulma ran to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Moooom! we're at your work place! They won't take me serious if they see you cuddling me!" he whined. Bulma laughed "Okay, okay!" she said pulling to look him straight in the eye "But just remember you are still my baby boy!" She squealed kissing his cheek.