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Warning : GODLIKE NARUTO ( ftw )

"The Kyuubi is almost at the gate!" A bloodied ninja exclaimed. Though their efforts were futile , they had put all their trust and faith into the Yondaime Hokage , Minato Namikaze , who claimed he had a plan. The man was ontop of the village gates with his newborn son , Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto , he kissed his baby boys forhead for the last time as he prepared to fight the most powerful bijuu known to exist , The Kyuubi No Kitsune .

He sighed . Minato's only wish was to see his son grow up to be a great shinobi , but he knew he would not survive the fight.

The Kyuubi was tired of toying with the weak shinobi and was about to unleash its wrath on them till a large puff of smoke blinded him . " You all have done well , go back to the village and leave the rest to me ." said the Hokage a chorus of "Hai" could be heard through the region .

The Sandaime Hokage , Sarutobi Hiruzen , the previous hokage , had tried all that he could to persuade minato to let him be the one to sacrifice himself. Unfortunately Minato could not let him die , as his job was to protect all the people of Konaha , his home .

Minato immidiately summoned Gamabunta , the frog boss. Minato explained his plan in defeating the kyuubi to Gamabunta. He agreed to the plan while Minato started to prepare the seal.

"Goodbye everyone , goodbye my Kushi-chan , Goodbye Naruto I'll forever love u both." Thought Minato as he finished his seal.

"Fuuinjutsu : Shiki Fuujin !"

The Shinigami appeared behind Minato before asking "Why have u summoned me mortal"

"Shinigami-sama i have summoned you to seal the kyuubi in exchange for my soul."

If he had expressions , the shinigami would have certaintly have a surprise one.

"Very Well Mortal..."was all he said before an arm went through minato , taking his soul , before it went through the kyuubi and landing in naruto, sealing the most powerful bijuu inside his own son.

"Im sorry naruto for making u a jinchuuriki , there will be hardships but i know u can persevere through them" Minato choked out. Hiruzen shunshined to minato to support his dying body while he spoke out his final words

"Hiruzen , i wish u luck in your fight against paperwork and please let everyone know that naruto is a hero for holding back the kyuubi , not a ..." with that , minato had died , leaving a crying naruto under the care of Hiruzen , The Sandaime Hokage.

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