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The red flashing lights and blaring noise was keeping her from going back to sleep. She was annoyed with whoever has the nerve to wake her up at - she looked at her clock - 4:23 in the morning. She dragged herself out of bed and floated out of her bedroom, through the hallways, and into the Ops room. She was the last one there.

Robin looked at her, and now saw that everyone was there, and began to explain.

"Titans. We know that criminal activity has been low with the exception of the incident with Kardiak yesterday. I noticed yesterday during that fight that we have let our guard down and let up on training. As the leader of this team I plan on fixing this problem. We always need to be at our best at all times because we never know what can happen. This is why I got you all up early in the event that we might have to do this at a later time. Consider this training."

"HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY INSANE!" screamed Beast Boy. He had wild eyes that were blood shot, probably from lack of sleep. She wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't even gone to bed yet and stayed up playing videogames instead.

"I have to agree with Beast Boy on this one Robin, this is a little too intense, even for you," stated Cyborg with authority but also with a bit of concern for the Boy Wonder's well-being.

"Guys, I'm fine. I've just had a bad feeling lately and I would feel better if we were more prepared and trained for any kind of situation."

Still, she gave Robin a worried look. Robin saw this and smiled at her. "I promise, Star. I'm fine." Starfire seemed satisfied with this answer and looked around the room. Raven hadn't spoken yet so she watched Raven for her reaction. She looked tired, but so did everyone else. Though there was also something about her appearance that made her look…. frazzled. Maybe friend Raven had a non-pleasant dream. What was the name for it? Robin had mentioned it… Ah! Nightmare. Perhaps friend Raven had a nightmare. I shall inquire about it later.

"Okay team. Since we're up and about, we may as well train. Titans to the Training room!" ordered Robin.

Everybody moaned and groaned as they dragged themselves to the training room, all except one who was asleep on the floor with his butt in the air.

"Somebody get Beast Boy," said Robin. Raven sighed and levitated the boy taking him with her.

"Because we are a team, it is important to know all your teammates strengths and weaknesses along with your own. So I've decided that today we are going to spar each other. You're going to use this time to figure out your partner's strengths and weakness and, if you don't them already, yours as well. Because there are 5 of us, while 4 of us are sparring the 5th will work on conditioning. We will switch every 10 minutes. Beast Boy and Star, you guys will spar each other. Raven I will spar you. Cyborg, work on conditioning."

Everybody got in their assigned positions and went to work. Raven came up Robin and said, "Are you ready?"

Robin nodded and came at Raven running. Raven levitated in the air and over Robin. She then took one of the weights, using her powers, and threw it in Robin's direction. He quickly ducked and jumped towards Raven with his bo staff out. Raven got ready to kick him in the chest, but at the last moment Robin went under her and brought her down with him to the floor.

"You picked me first because you wanted to more than just fight, Robin." Raven got loose from him and kicked him in the jaw. While he was dazed Raven got a couple more weights ready.

"You're correct," he replied as he blackfliped to dodge the weights. "As you know I've had a funny feeling that something bad is going to happen." Robin used his bo staff to jump over Raven and then kick her from behind.

"You're not one to usually listen to what you're feeling. What's changed?"countered Raven as she rolled away from Robin and got back into fighting stance. Robin threw a bird-a-rang and Raven used her powers to redirect it back at him.

"It's been unusually quiet lately and it isn't because all the criminals are in jail. I've checked, so either it's hibernating season for villains or something weird is going on." Robin dodged the bird-a-rang with a flick of his bo staff and it exploded. Raven took this time to get closer to Robin with him distracted. She went to punch him in the gut and at the same time Starfire scream from being tackled to the ground be Beast Boy in tiger form. This made Robin look over for a split second and in that second the punch landed in his gut and sent him falling to the ground. Raven then took the heaviest weights she could find and pinned his arms and legs to the ground. Raven smirked and put her foot on his stomach while pretending her hands were a gun and play shot him.

"I found your weakness," stated Raven. "It's too bad your weakness and strength are the same though." Robin just looked at Raven. I forgot how intuitive she is sometimes thought Robin.

"Anyways," started Raven, "you wanted to talk to me to see if I felt anything weird or strange going on, correct?"

"Correct," replied Robin.

"Well the overall atmosphere of the city is normal, even a bit more content than usual. I've been keeping an eye on the other dimensions and nothing big or disastrous has happen. The only thing that there seems to a bit of concern about is that I've been feeling freer; like I can express my emotions more freely without needing to meditate as much, which I find alarming."

"Why is it alarming, shouldn't that be a good thing?" questioned Robin.

"Normally it would but it's not gradually happening over time. It's like I woke up one morning and all of a sudden I didn't need to use half the self control I did the previous day. That isn't normal."

"I see. So what do you think is happening?"

"I have a few theories, but I think that someone is tampering with my demon side, making it less aggressive and not as present. But why, and more importantly how, is what I don't understand."

"Do you think this person is also the cause for the absence of villains?"

"I think there is a connection." Robin nodded looking like he was trying to process something.

"Tell me if anything changes," stated Robin. Raven nodded. They then looked over at Beast Boy and Starfire. They had just finished their fight with Starfire smiling proudly as Beast Boy hung from one of the beams on the ceiling.

"Good job, Star," said Robin as he laughed at Beast Boy.

"Why thank you, Friend Robin," said Starfire with a giggle.

"Umm Star?"


"Well… um… I…" Robin looked flustered and was rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, um you um can call m-me boyfriend Robin now, i-if you want."

Starfire looked like she was about to burst. She shot into the air and screamed happily.

"Oh this is a joyous occasion Boyfriend Robin! We are now boyfriend and girlfriend! We must celebrate! I will go make the pudding of celebration!"

"Wait Star, we still have to train!" yelled Robin, but it was too late. She was already out of ear shot. Beast Boy came down from the beam as a hawk and landed on Raven's shoulder.

"Niceee dude. Congrats," said Beast Boy.

"Yeah man. We've been waiting for you two to get together for a while. Don't screw it up," warned Cyborg.

"Yeah, thanks. Anyways, let's get back to training. Cyborg, I'll be sparring with you and Beast Boy, you will be sparring with Raven," stated Robin.

Beast Boy turned back into his human form and strutted up to Raven and slung his arm around her shoulders saying, "Don't worry, I'll go easy on you Rae." Raven blast him off her with her powers and said, "My name's not Rae."

As she walked away a green tiger pounced on her pinning her to the ground. "Someone's being a bit catty today," joked Beast Boy.

"That was so funny I forgot to laugh," said Raven monotonously.

"Then don't forget next time"

"Now get off me." with that she kicked him in the stomach, tossing him 10 feet away.

"Heh. I forgot how strong you were," said Beast Boy nervously.

"Then don't forget next time," mocked Raven. She then sent a energy bolt at him, which he dodged by transforming into a humming bird. Raven kept on shooting energy bolts at him and Beast Boy weaved through them. When he directly above Raven he transformed into a snake and started slithering up her leg. Raven tried to kick and pull him off but Beast Boy was constricting too tight.

"Beast Boy," warned Raven. He ignored her and slithered further up her body onto her hips.

"I would make a great belt, wouldn't I Rae?" questioned Beast Boy playfully.

"Are you begging for a death wish?" threatened Raven.

"You forget, Rae. I'm the enemy right now and you are doing a really sucky job of defending yourself. I think I found your weakness." Beast Boy continued his journey up her body onto her stomach. Raven was breathing a bit heavier now but still wasn't trying to stop Beast Boy. Maybe I can test her boundaries... thought Beast Boy. He slithered to her back and onto her neck. He flick his snake tongue on her neck and started moving downwards towards her breasts. He followed the outline of her breasts and curled his body around them.

Suddenly Raven snapped out the fog she was in and shot Beast Boy with an energy bolt and teleported to her room. Beast Boy was sitting on the ground in human form feeling extremely guilty. Cyborg and Robin who noticed Raven's exit looked at Beast Boy.

"What the hell did you just do, BB?" asked Cyborg. Robin just shook his head. Beast Boy pushed her too far. Way too far.

Raven paced back and forth in her room. She looked at her clock. 6:52 am. It wasn't even 7 in the morning and Beast Boy had already ruined the day. Eventually she flopped down on her bed. He mind was running wild, but right now what she really needed was sleep. Just as she was under the covers and comfortable, she heard a knock on her door.

"GO AWAY," yelled Raven.

"But friend Raven, do you not want to share my happiness and eat my pudding of celebration?" asked Starfire sounding a bit hurt.


"Sorry Starfire. I didn't realize it was you. Come in."

Raven sat up as Starfire floated into her room. Starfire looked at Raven in her bed and gasped.

"Oh I am terribly sorry. I did not realize you were sleeping."

"Don't worry Star, I was only resting my eyes."

Starfire studied Raven for a little and stated,"You are stressed. Why?"

"It's nothing for you to worry about Star."

"Oh but it is for you are my friend. Please, inform me of your troubles."

Raven sighed. She wasn't going to get Starfire to leave her alone unless she told her. "It's really nothing. Beast Boy was just being a, umm, what's the word for it..."

"Klorbag?" offered Starfire.

"Yes," said Raven, "Beast Boy was being a Klorbag."

"What did he do to deserve the title of being a Klorbag?"

"Well, you see, we were sparring and he turned into a snake and slithered places he shouldn't have."

Starfire looked a bit confused and then finally put it together when Raven gestured towards her body.

Starfire gasped. "For such things you would be tortured on my planet! He continued on even when you tried to stop him?" questioned Starfire.

"Well no, I never stopped him but-"

"Friend Raven, you know how Beast Boy acts around you. You should know that he will push you until it gets him hurt. You should have warned him not to push you on something like this."

"How is it my fault! He shouldn't push me in the first place."

"Friend Raven, if it were not for Beast Boy doing the pushing of you, you most likely would not have been as good friends with everybody. He is the one who is always inviting you to places, trying to get you out of your room and wanting to get to know you better. You are lucky to have such a caring friend as he. You should think about this. I must finish making my pudding. Goodbye friend Raven." With that Star got up and left for the kitchen.

We all seriously doubt how wise that girl is thought Raven.

To say Beast Boy felt guilty was an understatement. When he went to go apologize to Raven, Starfire came out of Raven's room and told Beast Boy that Raven was resting and to come back later. He wasn't happy about that but he took advantage of this time to take a well needed nap. When he woke up he looked at the clock. 10:03 am.

Raven must be well rested by now thought Beast Boy. He got up and was headed for Raven's room until he thought he should bring her some tea. He entered the Ops room and headed towards the kitchen. He got a cup he often saw Raven use and put it on the counter. He filled her tea pot with water and tea leaves and put it on the burner. As he was waiting for the water to heat up he looked around the room. Only Cyborg was there watching TV, sitting on the couch.

"Hey, Cy," called Beast Boy.

"Hey, BB. What's up?"

"Where is everyone?"

"Starfire and Robin went off somewhere together, I really didn't care enough to pay attention. Raven hasn't left her room as far as I know." Beast Boy nodded. "You making her tea to apologize?"

"Yeah, I really messed up. My good looks won't save me this time." Cyborg chuckled.

The tea pot started whistling. Beast boy took it and poured into the cup.

"Well, good luck buddy. Don't get your head ripped off. I'm not cleaning up the mess," teased Cyborg.

"Yeah, yeah," muttered Beast Boy as he left the room and headed towards Raven's room. Once he got there he waited a minute to try to think of something to say but in the end decided to wing it like always. Hasn't failed him yet. Beast Boy raised his fist and gave 3 loud knock on the metal door. As he waited he heard the rustling of sheets and then foot steps of someone coming to the door. Raven opened the door, saw it was Beast Boy, and went to close it again, but he was too quick. He put his foot in the door way and showed Raven the tea as an offering. She considered it and gave in with a sigh, opening the door and letting Beast Boy in. Raven took the tea from him and sipped it.

"What do you want, Beast Boy?" asked Raven irritated.

"I want to apologize for the way I acted earlier. It was really inappropriate and invasive and I really regret it. I'm sorry."

"I'm impressed you knew what invasive means and actually used it correctly."

"I only use the best words when apologizing to you."

"I'm so flattered," said Raven sarcastically.

"I'm serious Rae...ven. I didn't mean to push you that far. You were just becoming more and more open and I wanted it to continue like that, but I hurt you instead."

Raven sighed. "No, Beast Boy. You're right."

Beast Boy's head shot up surprised. "Really?"

"Yes. All you ever try to do is be my friend and make me smile and I'm horrible to you about it. I should be thanking you, not blaming you."

Beast Boy stared at Raven for a while and then he said, "You know, I'm really glad that your my friend, Rae."

Raven was touched. "I'm really glad you're my friend too, Beast Boy."

They were starring at each other now, the intensity of it overwhelming. They both leaned forward, their mouths were so close they could feel each other's breath on their face. Just as their lips were about to touch-



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