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All right. If you're going to be a writer, law states that you must have at least one over-used OTP-meets-at-the-club-and-hook-up story, so here is mine. And I so do love giving Yugi bad ass dialogue. Because he totally is [bad ass].

I stood at the bar, running my pinkie around the rim of my glass and wishing it were alcohol instead of water. One of my favorite songs was playing – a quick, upbeat tune that one couldn't help but love - even if the lyrics were complete trash - but I didn't dare leave my post to dance. (Not that I can't dance, mind you; it's just no fun to dance alone.) Perhaps if I were drunk, I would've gone. But, alas...I was the designated driver. I wasn't supposed to be, but... I looked over my shoulder at the dance floor, spotting my best friend dancing like a lunatic with a tall woman. With a sigh, I faced the bar once more, now thoroughly sulking. Jou was already smashed, so there was no way I could pass off my duties to him. I definitely have to stay sober.

The skin on the back of my neck prickled, and I rolled my weight from one foot to the other. Have you ever had a strand of hair against your face and, for whatever reason, you don't brush it away? Eventually, all your attention focuses on that one spot, and the longer the strand stays against your skin, the more it bothers you. Leave it longer, and it actually begins to hurt somehow. Just like Chinese water torture; the water drip, drip, drip against one spot until you lose your mind from the never-ending stimulation. That was exactly what I was feeling. Something was setting off goose bumps over and over again - like I was being stared at.

For the sixth time since I'd taken up this spot at the bar, I checked over my shoulder. But there was nothing but a wall of moving bodies, and a few bystanders like me. Confused, I fidgeted with the glass in my hands, eyes sweeping across the club. Maybe I was just going nuts…or maybe - there. My eyes snagged and stopped when I found the source of my nerves. There it was.

There he was.

I assumed he was foreign by his dark skin before remembering that it was dim inside the building - everyone looked dark. But then I stuck with my original guess as he showed a further lack of understanding that staring was rude - because he wasn't looking away even though I'd caught him in the act. He didn't look one bit abashed. I swept my eyes down his body and back up, trying to figure out if maybe I knew him or if he was just a creep. He stood with his back straight, arms crossed over his chest, looking like he somehow owned the place. That, topped off with the fact that his lips were set in a half-smirk, managed to intrigue and piss me off all at once. Sure, he was confident, but he was arrogant about it. And I disliked him on sight.

And what was even more infuriating? I wanted to get closer. Something deep inside me wanted to grab his collar in my hands and yank him to me and wipe the attitude right off of his face. It was the first time I'd ever felt such conflicting things toward on person. It was strange. It was interesting.

He blinked at me slowly, which I knew he thought to be alluring (and damn it, I'll be honest: it was) and held out his hand toward me in a silent invitation. I purposefully gave him a sour look and turned my back on him. No way was I going to let him control the encounter. I had to establish some kind of authority. Even without looking, I knew he was still standing there and watching me. Waiting.

"Fuck," I muttered, tilting my head up at the ceiling to let out an explosive breath. "This is such a bad idea." I knew it was, but that didn't stop me from tossing back the rest of my water and walking over to him. This is going to destroy you, you idiot.

But then I was taken by surprise. I thought for sure he was going to try to make a move on me right away - a hand on my waist, or his arm over my shoulder - but he didn't. Instead, he turned his hand to the side and shook my hand. And his smirk changed into something brighter, a captivating smile. As if he hadn't been sure I'd go to him, or that he was genuinely glad I did. But in an instant the smile was gone, leaving me to wonder if it had actually ever been there.

"My name is Atem." He said, leaning over just a little so I could hear him over the music. And that was it. No last name. Well, fine; two could play that game, and I so loved playing games.

"Yugi." I replied stiffly, releasing his hand.

"A pleasure." He said in his slight accent, bowing slightly; one arm across his chest, bending at the waist.

"Are you a gentleman or a smart ass?" I wondered, raising one eyebrow.

"Oh, I don't like labels," he answered, and I settled my opinion on the latter. Smart ass.

"Is that so?"

"Would you like to dance?"

"I don't dance with strangers."

"I don't think we are strangers."

"Are you about to spout some crap line about destiny and us meeting in a past life?"

"I could, if you believe in those things." His eyebrows came up. "But I was referring more to the fact that I just introduced myself to you."

I blinked, slightly surprised. Oh, he was good at this. Better than good, a professional. Which meant that he had played this game before, that this was a regular thing for him. Which was all the more reason for me to walk away. But I never said I was a brilliant man; I was still interested, so I allowed his toying.

"I suppose that's true…" I stepped closer to him and rested my forearms against his shoulders. Something passed over his face briefly - surprise? relief? - before he settled his hands on my hips. I couldn't help but notice how broad his shoulders seemed up close, which I determined to be a good quality in a man. Overall, he hadn't been quite what I guessed. There was a kindness that I hadn't been expecting and it was throwing me off guard.

"What?" He asked, noticing my expression.

"I'm just trying to figure you out."

"Really?" His hands tightened, pulling me closer. My heart skipped. "I don't think I'm too complex, though?"

"So you're just devastatingly two-dimensional, then?"

"Well, I wouldn't go that far." He replied, looking wounded. "What about you?"

"I have immense character depth."

"Depth like Gandalf? In that case, I better cut this short. Humans only live around 80 years."

"Oh, god." I wasn't sure why, but my knees were going weak. "Did you just admit to me that you're a dweeb?"

"Can't you just admit that my comeback was witty and leave it at that?"

"Not at all."

Atem sighed, but he looked entertained.
"I think I got more than I bargained for with you, Yugi."

"Isn't that a good thing?" I brushed up against him, not removing my gaze from his. God, I wanted to push him down. I wanted to swallow him up. Pull him into my skin, down into my bones; carve my name deep, deep within so he could never forget me. Saturate him with my scent until he couldn't breathe. I wanted it so much, it nearly hurt. The odd feeling of desire he was causing in me was overtaking my mind. But there, underneath the wild lust, was another feeling. Curiosity. No matter what, I didn't want this to be a one night thing. And for some reason, watching him, I thought maybe he felt the same way.

"So?" I asked, though my voice suddenly seemed quiet. "Do you really have no depth?"

"I am cunning and somewhat childish." He stated, and I could tell that this was more of a warning than a biography. "I really don't like getting hurt, so once I get a hold of something, I don't let go." His hands slid up from my hips, caressing my back. "And I dislike sharing." Fingers brushed up under my chin, and the touch was so unexpectedly gentle, I jerked back in surprise.

"That right." He said, letting me go. "If you're going to reject me, you better do it now - before I get attached."

"I really don't know why you're acting as if I didn't know this already." I stated, quirking my eyebrow. "I knew from the moment I caught you staring at me that you were going to be aggravating. And it's obvious by the way you beckoned me over that this game is not new to you. And yet…here I am. Completely against my better judgement, may I add." I reached up to rub my neck, fingers twisting in my hair. "I feel like if I left now, you'd be all cool and act like it doesn't bother you - and that irritates me. I'm annoyed and interested in you all at once." I smiled. "At least I can't call you boring, right?"

"I'd be insulted if you did." He replied, but his expression was soft.

"I thought this was just going to be a short game. The playboy who messes around finally meets his match and loses…but I never expected gentleness from you."

"You think I'm a playboy?" He sounded insulted.

"Aren't you?"

"I mean…I've had a couple hook-ups, but no?" He looked embarrassed. "To be honest, I saw you standing at the bar and I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't think of a damn thing to say. And then you caught me and my brain just…went into auto-pilot?" He shrugged. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel like you were just a conquest. I genuinely want to…shit, I don't know." He rubbed his hand over his face. "You make my brain freeze."

In a sudden spark of inspiration, I slipped my hand around the back of his head and pulled him in, pressing our mouths together. And, in the history of forever, I don't think kissing has never been so painful. Granted, I wasn't the one with as much experience as another man, but I had enough to know when it was good and when it was bad. And Atem's mouth moving against mine was so good, I might as well have been dying. My heart had already been throbbing before, as Atem spoke of his true intentions, but now it was exploding, making my very bones pulsate. My chest was so tight, I could barely breathe. And Atem kissed me back as if it were his only chance, hands stroking down the sides of my neck, holding me in place as if he were terrified that I may leave.

A sudden burst of bass from the speakers and laughter from a group somewhere nearby reminded me of where I was. I jerked back, shocked, pushing Atem back with one hand against his chest. His hand came up and wrapped around mine.

"Not here." I said, glancing around. There was a limit to what I would do in front of a crowd. He looked around as well, but then he grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him through the wall of dancing bodies. Laughing, I gripped his hand and changed our direction, yanking him with me through the first door I saw - a broom closet. As soon as the door was shut behind us, I leapt at Atem, using my hands to guide his mouth back to mine. I could hear the music outside the door, the quick beat was in sync with my heart. Atem gripped my waist and pushed me against the door with his body, my shirt riding up. We broke apart so he could lift it over my head, and I let out a breathless laugh as his mouth settled over my collarbone.

I fumbled with the belt on his pants, letting out a frustrated sigh when my fingers kept slipping from my excitement. Atem pulled his own shirt off as I worked, and I kissed him again and again as I finally got the belt off. Atem's hands weren't still either. His hands moved over my shoulders, down my arms. His fingers came over and brushed over my stomach, making me squirm as he found a soft, ticklish area. Heat was coming from my very core, seeping out of my pores, surrounding us in a fiery embrace.

"Don't be a tease." I said, kissing the hollow of his neck, tongue sliding against his skin. I unbuttoned his pants and shoved them down unceremoniously to his knees, hands attaching to his bare bottom, enjoying the curve. His chest was heaving as he also removed my pants. It was so dark in the closet that his eyes almost looked black, and it was in that moment, standing naked face-to-face with Atem, that something deep inside my stomach clenched. A fist gripping and twisting.

Overcome by a sudden wave of gentleness, I took his face in my hands and kissed him. His hands traveled down, and I grunted as his fingers worked, wishing we didn't have to do this with just spit, but too far into it to stop now. He lifted my leg up, hooking it over his hip. I leaned my face into his shoulder, nodding in answer to his unasked question. As he pushed forward, I bit his shoulder harder than I had meant to, and he winced. But he didn't complain, and he didn't rush me.

"Are you okay?" He asked, lips moving against my neck.

"I'm fine. Pain isn't a new thing to me." I huffed, adjusting my foot against the ground, getting into a different angle. He ran his hands through my hair, and after another few painful moments, he was inside. And, like a true gentleman, he didn't try to move right away.

Oh, yeah - it hurt. Of course it did. Going in dry was a bitch. But, regardless, I shifted against him, mouth opening to tell him he could move, but the words died in my throat. The moment I had moved against him, his face twisted in arousal, a moan escaping between his teeth.

"Holy shit." I said. "I think that may have been one of the most erotic things I've ever seen." He cast me A Look, and I grinned.

"I don't know, I…" He shuddered, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I don't think I've ever been so hard in my life."

"My charm has just got you all hot and bothered."

"It's embarrassing to admit, but I'm afraid that if I move, I'll climax right away."

"Move?" I wondered, devious. "You mean like this?" I rolled my hips, and a stream of air escaped between his lips. I admit; I was enjoying his torment.

"I take back what I said earlier." He commented, hands holding onto my hips to stop me from moving. "I don't want to know you anymore. You're the devil."

"Should I be insulted?" I grinned. "Because I'm not."

"The devil." He repeated, but he was smiling.

"Atem," I breathed, amusement dying. "Move. I feel like I'm going to burst, too."

He twitched and moaned, giving his first real thrust into me. My fingers gripped against the skin of his back, leaving marks. I didn't know where my legs were, everything felt good. His breath on my neck, our bodies rubbing together…it was amazing. His rhythm sped up, and he pushed me harder against the door for leverage, lifting my hips. A bolt of lightning made it's way up my spine, stabbing me, and I jerked forward, mouth parted in a silent scream.

"Atem!" I finally cried, twitching. "There - again…!" He thrusted back to the same spot, and I slammed my head back against the door, biting back a sharp moan, tears gathering at the corners of my eyes. It was pain and ecstasy all at once, and I loved it.

"Jesus…" I panted, trying to hang on to rational thought.

"You don't have to call me that," Atem remarked, laughing.

"Atem…not the time for jokes. I'm - I'm going to…"

He kissed me deeply, letting me know that he understood what I was trying to say. What was I trying to say? I couldn't remember. I could hear him moaning from somewhere over me. There was a scream; was that me? I wasn't sure if we were even still at the club anymore. All I could think about was the tingling over my arms and the heat bundling deep in my gut. I wanted it to peak and explode, but I didn't know if I would survive it when it did.

"I honestly never guessed that you would be so vocal." He commented, and I turned my head to bite his neck in retaliation. I rolled my hips, squeezing down, and he moaned loudly. I grinned. Good.

"Who's vocal?" I asked innocently.

His arms wrapped around my back, holding me against him tightly. "Yugi…" He grunted, and I tripped forward over the edge. I gripped him close and cried into his shoulder, toes curling. I felt him jerk and I knew he was at his end, too. I spasmed and slumped against him. Somehow, we ended up sliding down and sitting on the floor, chests heaving as we fought to regain our breath.

"Oh…" I managed, grabbing some towels that were on a shelf near us and scooting away from him. We were both silent for a moment, but then our gazes caught, and suddenly we were laughing. We laughed as we cleaned up. We laughed as we redressed ourselves. Neither of us really new what was so funny, but we laughed anyway. Hand in hand, we carefully snuck out of the closet and back into the crowd, still giggling a little.

"We're a pretty backwards pair." I commented over my shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, first of all, we're holding hands after sex."

"That's true."

I took a deep breath.
"Will I get to see you again?"

He stopped walking and pulled out a napkin from his back pocket and handed it to me.

"What's this?"

"My number." He said, and I thought I could see his cheeks reddening – I wasn't sure. It could've just been the dim lights. "I wrote it before you came over and I just…do you want to get coffee or something?"

I stared at him then at the numbers scrawled on the napkin before grinning. I folded the napkin, and put it in my pocket. "By the way," I said, stepping close to him so he could hear me. "My last name is Mutou." I felt his lips at my ear, pulled back in a smile, and he whispered something back to me.

And that was how I met Atem Sennen.