A/N: My first take on Alibaba/Morgiana. Basically, Morgiana-centered... a little OOC... but yeah. :|

Please Don't Confuse Me

By: Luna A

Morgiana respected Alibaba.

This was no surprise to anyone who had been with them, or to those who doubted the former third Prince of Balbadd in front of her. One can no longer count the number of times she had asserted her belief that the Prince was someone who could save people from their despair, even in front of the man who was known to be High King of the Seven Seas, she did not falter. Even when faced with his apparent 'betrayal' by joining with thieves, she never stopped believing in him.

Alibaba has always been grateful of Aladdin and Morgiana's unending support and belief in him. Despite the fact that he himself has little to no confidence with the things that he could do, they would always – always – cheer him on, support him in ways he would never thought they would.

Perhaps it was the young Prince's attitude or his purity (so to speak). Or maybe, it was the fact that he was a very kind-hearted person who could not bear to see other suffer. Or probably because he was just that guy with a golden heart which no one could seemingly corrupt. Or he's just plain nice.

Or maybe, all of the above.

At first, Morgiana was sure that the only reason she chose not to go back yet to her hometown was because of her "debt" to the two boys who helped her start anew. After all, she would still be a slave had Aladdin not been kind to her and Alibaba not freed her from her shackles. However, as time passed by that they were together... something changed.

Morgiana shook it off at first by saying that it was only natural for her to be attached to the first two people who had been nice to her. But...

Was it normal to have her heart skip a beat whenever Alibaba would praise her? Was it normal for her to be happy when Alibaba says that 'I think this suits you better' or 'You look good in this'? Was it normal for butterflies to fly around her stomach when he smiles at her? Was it normal for her to feel as if she was the most beautiful girl in the world whenever he would compliment her on her looks?

Sometimes Morgiana wondered if she was actually someone special for Alibaba... like how Hakuryuu thought she was. There were times that she felt that she was special to him and then one second after, she felt like she was just another girl he'd compliment. Just like any other girl. Whenever he says that she was beautiful, she felt like the happiest person on earth – and yet when he says the same thing to another girl, she felt like... kicking him in the ass. Or in the face. Or in the crotch.

Yeah, like real hard.

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