Sky. Perfect. The only perfect thing. Today it looks different. Like every other day. I'm watching it sideways, then upside-down. Try to get a new perspective.

Roof is empty. Emi is late. Maybe she forgot me. Her head is filled with bubblegum. But I'm a bit hungry now.

The door. Here she is. I didn't see any butterfly around here. I should paint one. Oh, it isn't her.

Two people, must be girls since they wear skirts. But I don't and I am one, so you never know. They didn't notice me.

This one is tall, she has a cane. I wonder why. Is she a paranoid person who hits people with it? She hits the ground with it many times. The other one is clenched to her arm. I wonder how it feels to have someone clenched to my arm. Is it like a hug? I can't hug, like butterflies. Or fishes. Hugs ability isn't given to everyone. They sit on a bench.

Oh wait, they have food. I'm hungry. And I wonder why they're here. I stand up and slowly walk towards them. The food looks good. The blonde girl tilts her head like she has a question.

"Is someone here?" she says.

The other girl (now that I'm close I see that they're really girls, with more chest than Emi. Or me for that matter) jumps when she notices me. She was looking at the ground. That's not interesting, the sky is much better to look at. Maybe it's her perspective.

"Y-Yes Lilly... Someone..." She looks at me. She has only one eye. Is that her disability? Or that she can't talk normally. I look at her. She seems to not like it. Oh wait, she has an eye hidden behind her hair.

"Well, good afternoon." says the cane girl. She opens her eyes... Ooooh. Her eyes... are blue, exactly like the sky. Totally blue. I'm sure that if I looked closely I could see clouds. She makes me want to paint. Her eyes are fascinating, I stare at them for a bit. Oh, maybe I could answer. Emi told me it was rude to not say hello.

"How can you be sure it is good?" I ask. Is that polite? But her statement was questionable. She giggles. Not like Emi though. Less annoying.

"Well, for now I'd take the risk to say it is quite good. Pleased to meet you, I am Lilly Satou and here's my friend, Hanako Ikezawa."

She is calm, that changes from Emi. The other girl looks like her legs are on fire though.

"I'm Tezuka. Rin Tezuka. Tezuka Rin."

The sky-eyed girl smiles. The other... wait. What's that on her face? And on her hand? She has a mosaic on her. Interesting. It's like she was half-cooked. I'm even more hungry thinking about that.

"Care to take a seat, Miss Tezuka?" says the cane girl. I want to see her eyes again but she closed them. I sit on the ground in front of them, still lacking food. I look at their bentos with interest.

"U...Um... y-you don't have any food?" asks the half-cooked girl.

She's observant.

"You're observant. I have not. My friend forgot me. I'm hungry."

The calm girl giggles again. "I am sure we could share. Would you like some rice?"

"Yes. No. Yes. I do... I'd like." I try this politeness thingy, but it's hard.

The girl smiles and hands me some rice. She's not really observant, not like her friend. I stay still, waiting for her to realize. But it's the other who talks, still stuttering. How annoying.

"Um... L-Lilly... She..."

"What is it Hanako?"

"Tezuka... S-She can't take the bowl..."


This girl is really slow to understand so I help her.

"I have no arms."

She seems surprised and bows her head quickly.

"Oh I'm really sorry! Please forgive my bluntness. I couldn't see that you had... (she cuts herself. They both have issues with talking it seems) Well, how should I do?"

"Just put it on the ground. I'll manage."

Still surprised, she does it. I kick my sandals and starts eating, looking at the sky. I'd like a nap...

"So, in which class are you, Tezuka?" asks the non-observant girl. I don't like questions, but this one I can answer.


"Oh, you're a second-year too." She smiles and seems to not have anything to add. We eat. They both interest me now that my stomach is full. I ask.

"So, why are you here, Satou?"

"We thought we could use some fresh air. This spot is enjoyable on days like this."

"No, I mean why you're in this school. What brought you to Yamaku?"

She frowns a bit. Did I upset her? My question is sincere. I collect people and I want them.

"... As you can probably see, I am blind. So this school fits my condition."

Oh. That's why her eyes are like this. She can't see them, too bad. She's like that boy from the art club. A bit interesting, but not too much.

"Oh, I thought your disability was to like to hit people with your cane. How disappointing."

She laughs a bit. "Sorry to let you down."

The other one didn't say a word, she looks at her feet. I speak to her.

"And you? Do you have a problem with your feet?"

She almost panicks. It's like she was elsewhere. I know that sensation.

"W-What?! No!"

The blind girl frowns again. Did I do something wrong? Better not talk about her feet again.

"So, were you an adventurer who was cooked by cannibals but managed to escape? I like to guess. That would be very scandalous." I smile, proud of my idea. She stands up.

"N-No! Why... I've got something to do!" She dashes as fast as Emi and leaves the roof. Oh. She wants to use the toilet. Probably. The other girl starts to stand up, then nods, sits down and sighs.

"Miss Tezuka, could we talk a bit?" She points the empty seat next to her so I stand up quickly and sit next to her.

"Call me Rin. I don't mind."

She smiles. "Then call me Lilly, Rin."

She stops talking a bit and I look at her eyes again.

"Rin, if I may say, do please be careful around Hanako."

I'm hypnotized by them.

"I like it when you open your eyes."

She giggles weirdly, like Emi did when she had to deal with my period for the first time. Her face was interesting back then.


"They're like the sky. Like it was trapped in them. Sky is the only thing that is perfect. But you have it in you. Are you perfect?"

Is she blushing? Does she think I'm secretly a romantic boy? She'd be disappointed.

"I... I don't think I am, but that's nice of you to say." She waves her hand before her face. I can't do that. She talks again.

"But you dodged the subject."

"I didn't even move." This person is strange. She sighs.

"Please don't be direct like that with Hanako. She... doesn't like it."

"Oh. Was the feet thing the problem?"

"... Not really. Your joke was."

This time I'm the one surprised.

"I never joke."

She frowns. I'm not good at answering again.

"Well this was quite rude then. I would suggest that you don't talk to her again."

That I can do.

"Oh okay. Do you paint?"

"I'm afraid I don't. Do you?"

"No. Yes. There's this boy."


"Art club. Maybe not right now since it's lunch."

"My my, art club? That's wonderful."

Hers hers? She really talks funnily.

"He's blind. So he can't see."

"... Indeed."

"But he's here."



"Could you develop Rin? I'm starting to loose track..."

"He paints. Because he can't. It's interesting."

She thinks a bit then talks.

"That is interesting Rin, indeed. Do blind people interest you?"

"Interesting people interest me. That's why I ask questions."

She smiles again. She does it more than Emi, thought it was impossible. She looks like one of those porcelain dolls. Dead things with eyes. Creepy.

"Then you should be more careful with your questions."

"I'm not good with people."

"Smart as you are, I'm sure you have good friends."

"Wrong. Everyone says that I'm light-headed an nonsensical. Can I look at your eyes?"

She's surprised again.

"I don't see why not. You're quite direct, aren't you?"

I say nothing and look at her eyes closely. My face is almost touching hers. These eyes...

She blushes a bit after a moment and breaks the silencer.

"Would that be enough?"

"No. A bit more."

After a while, lunch bell rings. Lilly pulls away and stands up.

"Oh my, I lost track of the time. I must head back. Shall we go?"

"No. I'll stay here. Need to do something."

"What is it?"

"I don't know. Do you?"

"Hmm... I must go now. Until we meet again, Rin."

"Your eyes... I like them, Lilly."

She makes a strange face and walks away.

She doesn't understand me. She never will. She wouldn't even be able to look at my paintings. That face she made... I know it. I creep her out, like everyone else. I lay on the ground.

The sky... Those eyes...

I need to paint.