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Chapter 20

Harry was at a loss over what to do. There was talk of redoing seventh year but for him school felt years ago and honestly it didn't interest him at all. He knew Kingsley wanted him to join the Aurors, but he had gone from one war zone to another and he was ready to stop, at least for a while. He knew that even without a full education, his defeat of Riddle would open a lot of career doors, but could he see himself in any of them? Harry got off his bed in the dorm and yanked off his robes as he went to his trunk to pull out a bundle of cloth. He unfolded it to pull on the black trousers and then the silvery green tunic with elven protections stitched on it. He ran his fingers over the stitching and he just knew Legolas had sewn them. He transfigured a belt and slipped the Sword of Gryffindor in before redoing the braids he'd woken in and setting the circlet in place. This was who he was now, and he didn't want to go back to being Harry Potter, he wanted to be Harry the Black, consort of the Elven Prince Legolas but he didn't know how to get back to him.


Legolas sat beside the stone marking the place where Harry had been laid to rest. It hurt so much. How had his Father survived such pain after his Mother was killed? He had barely felt the call of the sea when they had emerged from the mountain and then sailed down the river to Gondor but now it was tempting, to sail west and let go of the pain. He stayed for the rest of the Company, for his Father and because he knew Harry would not want him to just give up. They were still cleaning up the remains of the armies of Mordor but once it was safe the Hobbits planned to return home and he was going to ride with them to help keep them safe. The magic's Harry had placed to keep the safe had faded on his death and while he knew they were good at getting out of trouble they would still be at a disadvantage should they run into a fight.


Hermione frowned as she spotted Harry with his packed trunk, dressed in the strange clothes that had appeared while he was in the coma. What was he doing? "Haerry? Why have you packed your trunk? We're staying her for the summer to help finish the rebuilding and then class will be on."

"That's nice for you Hermione but I am not staying," Harry settled a black cloak on, using it to hide the sword on his hip.

"What? Harry you need to finish your education to get a job!"

"I have a job lined up thanks to Bill," he was not telling anyone where he was going. He wouldn't work for Gringotts, but they weren't the only ones who trained and hired Curse Breakers.

"But…" how could he do this without telling her? "What about Ginny?"

"What about her? We broke up, remember? I'll write." He shrunk his trunk and pocketed it. "Goodbye Hermione."

She watched him leave Gryffindor tower in shock, there was something…. very final in that farewell.


Harry stepped out of his tent and stared out over the sands of Egypt, he'd never seen anything like it and he was stunned. This was what he needed, a fresh start. Maybe one day the pain would ease. He grabbed his gear and joined the man in charge of his training, eager to learn.


Gandalf entered the tomb and stared at the body within, he looked unchanged from the day of the battle. How was this possible? His body should have begun to decay by now, magical or not. There was something more at work here but what? He leant heavily on his staff, staring down at the far younger wizard before leaving and resealing the tomb.


Legolas stood amongst the Company as his friend finally wed the woman he loved, making her Queen of Gondor. For a Royal wedding it was rushed and not as opulent as many would expect but Lord Elrond had to return to his remaining people and the Hobbits too needed to return home soon. Gandalf was officiating the wedding as he had Elessar's crowning. Boromir and Faramir stood near, Boromir as Elessar's new Steward. Faramir stood with Éowyn on his arm and Legolas was glad the shield maiden and Princess of Rohan was moving on from her unrequited love for Aragorn. Faramir had been named Prince of Ithilien and Lord of Emyn Arnen so Legolas knew Éomer had no argument against the match, the new King wanted his sister happy. And it seemed King Éomer was soon to wed as Lothíriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amrothas the two men had met on the battle field, Éomer had saved the Prince's life and had since met his daughter.

It hurt, to see so many happy with their spouse when he had lost. He had buried Hadrian as a Prince-Consort should be, but he did not officially hold that rank, they had never had the chance to make it so. That was part of why he was reluctant to return home, he knew his Father would not be happy he had joined the Company when he had been sent to only give word of Gollum, not run off to war. He had planned to return home and show the forest to Harry but now he would be alone.


Harry rolled himself into his sleeping bag and closed his eyes, worn out from a day in the tombs. There was so much to learn! He rolled over again, not noticing his ring beginning to glow softly, as did his mostly packed trunk and sword where it was propped in the corner.


Legolas fired at the distant orcs before grabbing his blades as the fight got in close. He danced through the orcs, blades flashing even as nearby Gimli's axe cut others down. They'd lost two of the men in the group to hidden archers, but Legolas had already taken them out. This was the biggest group yet that they had found since the war ended and they were too close to farms and even a town.

"Nine!" Gimli called, and Legolas chuckled.

"Thirteen," he shot back, falling into the easy banter as they fought. He saw one of the soldiers' falter and moved in, taking out two orcs and getting a nod of thanks from the tired man. He turned and then there was a sharp pain.

Legolas blinked and looked around in confusion, where was he? The battle…was he dead? But this grey mist was not what he had been told death was like for his people.

"Legolas?" his name was gasped out and he spun, looking for the owner of the voice because he knew it.

"Harry?" and then his lover was there, dressed in his funerary finery, throwing himself into Legolas' arms. "Nin mel," he choked out in Sindarin, holding on tight. He didn't care how or even where they were, as long as they were together again.

"I've missed you so much," Harry whispered as he clung to the taller male. He then pulled back enough to look at Legolas, taking in how thin and pale he had become. "So, are you to blame for my new look?" he teased softly.

"It may not have been official, but you were Prince-Consort," Legolas answered shakily.

"Well I love it. I love you Legolas."

"I love you too," the elf leant into him, revelling in being back with him. "Is this death?"

"I went to sleep in a tent and woke up to see you," Harry admitted, suddenly very worried for Legolas.

"I was fighting. The war is over but there are still bands of orcs that need dealing with. Aragorn was crowned King Elessar Telcontar and is now married to Arwen. Faramir and Éowyn will marry soon as well. Boromir has been named Steward of Gondor."

"The Hobbits?"

"Are well and wanting to return home as soon as travel is safe. Frodo lost part of a finger but that is the worst injury suffered. What happened to you?"

"I woke up in the Hogwarts infirmary to hear I had been comatose since I killed Riddle, which was only a month and not the years I lived in Bree and then travelling with the Company. But I am not their Harry Potter anymore, so I left after a while with help from a friend. I have been training as a Curse Breaker."

"Then where are we? These are not the Halls of Mandos."

"I don't know…." Harry glanced down. "But wherever we are I'm guessing has to do with the Hallows since the Resurrection stone is glowing," he held up the glowing ring.


They both stiffened and looked around but there was no one there.

'Choose Master….'

Oh…Harry stared into blue eyes and then he smiled. "I choose you Legolas, I will always choose you." He kissed the elf who kissed him back as the grey mist vanished in blinding white light.


Harry gasped and sat up, blinking in confusion as he found himself in pitch black. What? He felt the Sword of Gryffindor in his hands, so he moved to sheath it. He stood and conjured a ball of light, swallowing as he realised he was in a tomb…his tomb. He closed his eyes and reached for Legolas, apparating blind.


Gimli watched the last enemy fall and then rushed to Legolas' side, kneeling beside the two still elf. Blue eyes stared up at the sky as if he were asleep…. but his chest was still, blood soaking through the green of his tunic. He took a deep breath and shakily reached to see if his heart still beat. A load cracking sound had him spinning, axe up and he stared in shock, axe dropping from numb fingers. "H…. Hadrian…. lad?"

"Move," Harry commanded, kneeling beside Legolas. He stroked a smooth, cooling cheek, knowing he was dead but it wasn't the end, not yet. "Time to wake up," he whispered, and the soldiers watched in shock as he kissed the dead elf before they had to turn away or be blinded. When the light faded Legolas was blinking dazedly and definitely breathing.

Gimli's legs gave out under him and he sat and stared at something that he knew was impossible. Gandalf had returned from death as the White Wizard so maybe it was possible for young Hadrian, but Legolas was an Elf, not a wizard.


"Shhh Legolas, don't try and speak yet," Harry ran his fingers through blonde hair. "I'm here and you are going to be fine." He gently pulled Legolas into his lap. "Gimli."

"Yes?" His voice didn't tremble which was good, but he was rather overwhelmed.

"You'll need to ride with someone else today my friend."

"Of course. Gather the horses! We're returning to the city," he ordered, and the shocked men got themselves together. Harry mounted one of the now spare horses and two soldiers carefully passed the barely conscious elf up to him. Once everyone was mounted they took off at a gallop.


Pippin burst into the meeting room, panting. "Legolas' patrols been sighted, there's riderless horses," he reported and Elessar stood as did Boromir and Arwen.

They all made their way to the gates with a group of Healers, ready for any wounded. Arwen suddenly gasped, elven eyesight picking out the sight of Legolas slumped in the saddle, with a familiar figure holding him.

"Arwen?" Elessar looked to his wife, knowing her eyesight was the best.

"Prince Legolas is wounded but…it is impossible?"

"What is my love?"

"He is being held on the horse by Hadrian the Black." She whispered, and gasps came from all around. All had heard the sad love tale and that the wizard was dead. Soon the horses were in range for all to see even as Gandalf joined them.

"Gandalf, what magic is this?" Elessar asked his old friend.

"I do not know," he admitted as the horses galloped through the gates. Elessar felt his heart skip a beat in dread as he saw how much blood had soaked through Legolas' tunic, how was he still alive? Two soldiers gently took him and then Hadrian dismounted as well. Legolas was loaded onto a stretcher as were two others and then they were making for the Halls of healing.


Gandalf." Harry bowed slightly to the older wizard before hurrying after the Healers, leaving them to follow. Soon the whole Fellowship was gathered at the door of Legolas' room even as Harry gently cut his tunic away to reveal a wound that looked almost healed. Legolas stirred at his touch, reaching out and Harry clasped his hand. "How do you feel?"

Legolas blinked and looked around in confusion. "Alive?"

"Despite your best efforts, what happened to watching your back?" Harry chided gently.

"Sorry," he whispered before falling asleep.

Elessar leant back from where he had been examining his friend. "The wound appears weeks old. From the amount of blood on his clothing he has lost a lot, I would reason that is why he is so tired and weak."

"He was dead Elessar, I saw it myself," Gimli admitted.

Elessar frowned and then looked to Hadrian who looked up and smiled.

"Long story that can wait for Legolas to recover," Harry answered before looking to the hobbits and grinning. "Good to see you again Frodo."

"You were dead…we buried you," Frodo answered, eyes wide.

"Not the first time I should have been dead," he admitted before yawning.

Gandalf walked over to the bed and looked at the two. He could feel powerful magic's lingering around them, the coldness of death and the fire of life. whatever magic this was, it was not of their world, but Hadrian's. "Rest my friend, we shall speak later." He ushered the others out and glanced back to find Harry removing his boots, sword and circlet before crawling onto the bed beside Legolas.


Legolas glanced over at the Wizard riding beside him at the back of the group of four ponies. Everything had been crazy since Harry's return and Legolas' own brush with death. Thankfully Gandalf had set something of a precedent for Wizards to seemingly die only to reappear more powerful than ever. His own resurrection had everyone far more concerned since such things were seen as the darkest of corrupted magic, but Gandalf had confirmed he was still himself and that there was no Darkness in or around him. Whispers had spread through the city though so when Pippin suggested the Hobbits return home now, Legolas and harry had gladly agreed to accompany them.

It felt good to see Harry dressed in a mixture of his peoples' colours and Harry's own. The braids helped as well, matching his own. He felt no different for dying, he felt more like himself again with Harry back at his side. He had regained the weight he hadn't even noticed he had lost and once again appeared otherworldly as elves did.

Several months on the road helped the two of them resettle, together and separately. Harry relaxed, losing the tension he'd been carrying since his resurrection. They had spoken a lot of their lives when separated and he was still in awe that Harry had chosen to forsake the world of his birth for him, permanently. The tale of Death and the Brothers had been intriguing but did begin to explain what had happened. They both suspected the voice they had heard was Death itself. There were no secrets between them and after they took the hobbits home they were going to Mirkwood to see his Father. He hadn't seen him since the Battle of Five Armies as it had come to be called and he was nervous about returning home, but more comfortable with the idea now that Harry was at his side.


Harry smiled as Frodo's face lit up at the sight of a round green door came into view. The four ponies picked up speed, delivering the four Hobbits back to Bag End. Harry and Legolas agreed to help unpack and spend at least one night before returning to the road. Bag End had one man-sized room thankfully and they had no problem with sharing it. It felt nice to sleep on a bed again, even with Harry magically softening their sleeping mats. With some magic the smial was soon clean top to bottom and all the hobbits had to do was shop for food to feed them all. Samwise headed down the hill to see his parents and was welcomed home happily by his family.

"I was thinking we should stop in Rivendell on the way," Legolas offered as they lay together on their last night in the Shire.

"Oh?" Harry rolled over to look at him.

"We can give Lord Elrond word of his daughter."

"Ah, good idea. He thinks I'm dead, doesn't he?"

"A message may have been sent by now," Legolas pointed out as he lazily traced patterns on Harry's bare chest. Harry just cuddled closer to sleep, loving the touch he had thought he would never feel again.


Lord Elrond stood at the top of the stairs, watching as the two horses approached. He had received a message from Elessar on the Wizards return to life and how he had brought Legolas back as well. Seeing them both sitting tall and strong on their horses was something he had never thought he would see again. The two dismounted and approached as grooms took the horses away. They both bowed, and he couldn't help smiling. "Welcome back to Imladris, Prince Legolas, Hadrian. Come, rest and we can speak later," he ushered them in and they were shown to a room where hot water and fresh clothes awaited.

Harry was shocked at the clothes, they were finer than even his burial outfit or the black he had been given during his last stay in these halls. They took turns washing up and then they dressed, helping each other with their braids, both wearing their circlets. They entered the hall and Harry froze, looking around at the elves dressed in their finery, even Bilbo Baggins, drastically aged since their last time in the city, was there. "Legolas?"

Legolas smiled and drew him up in front of Lord Elrond who smiled at them. "Will you be Prince-Consort of Mirkwood officially?" his lover asked, and Harry froze before smiling widely.



Thranduil was working among his people to repair the damage done by the armies of the Enemy when a messenger ran up. "My King!"

"What is it?" Please no more enemies.

"Riders approaching, it is Prince Legolas!"

That had him straightening and following the messenger into the clearing before the gates. He spotted his son easily but who was his dark-haired companion? He was dressed in elvish clothes and even wore a thin circlet, but he was too short for one of Elrond's sons. They turned, and he realised the stranger wasn't even an elf, despite his dress. The two approached and he could tell his son was nervous, natural since he had been expected to return home from Imladris, not run off to war. They both bowed and then Legolas shocked him by embracing him, they had barely touched in centuries.

"Adar," Legolas murmured, and he felt his Father's arm wrap around him.

"What has happened Nin réd?" Thranduil pulled back but his son appeared untouched physically by the war.

"A lot Adar," Legolas stood straighter and took Harry's hand. "This is Hadrian the Black, wizard of the Fellowship of the Ring. Harry this is my Father, Thranduil, King of Mirkwood," he looked to Harry and then turned back to his father, smiling more widely than Thranduil could remember seeing in centuries. "We are married Father."

Thranduil blinked in shock, married? A wizard? The boy looked nothing like any wizard he had ever seen but…yes, there was power around the young man, incredible power.

"Welcome to Mirkwood. Come, you must be tired from the road, we shall speak after the meal."


Harry smiled as Gimli was shown around, seeing the reactions of the elves. Soon they would leave for Helms Deep so that Gimli could explore and show them the wonder of stone in exchange. He had no regrets at all over choosing this world, no one knew how long he would live but he would live all those years at Legolas' side. It had been sad to watch Gandalf, Galadriel, Celeborn, Elrond, Frodo and Bilbo sail to the Undying Lands but one day they would see them again if Legolas chose to sail as well. Until then he would enjoy his life here.

The End.

Nin mel = my love

Nin réd = my son

Adar = father