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Chapter 3

Harry moved quickly with Frodo cradled to his chest, taking his turn carrying the too still form. Frodo was pale and cold in his arms despite the blanket wrapped around him, occasionally gasping for air. He seemed to alternate between raging fever and tremors and becoming too cold and still. And they were still three days from Rivendell. He came out into a clearing and blinked, staring at the three large stone….creatures. Seeing the other hobbits panting for air he gently settled Frodo down in the soft grass at the base of one of the statues even as Sam moved over, lifting a torch over them. "Look Mr Frodo, it's the trolls from Mr Bilbo's story." Sam tried to smile and Frodo just wheezed, starting to tremble. "He's burning up!"

"He's fading." Strider stated as he checked him over.

"Fading?" Harry asked.

"Crossing over to be one of them. Sam do you know the Athelas plant?"


"Kingsfoil." Strider clarified and the hobbit nodded. "It may help slow the poison." The two moved off to search while Harry gently wiped Frodo down with a cool cloth, gently pushing magic into the wound to try and slow the poison.

"Is he going to die?" Pippin asked and Harry looked over at him, smiling softly.

"We will do everything we can." He assured him gently. He looked up as Strider and Sam returned with the plant and Strider went to work with it. "Will he make it?" Harry asked and Strider shook his head ever so slightly. At the speed they were going Frodo wouldn't last long enough. Harry frowned and then swore. "They're catching up again."

"Once we cross the river we will be safe, protected by their power."

"We just have to get there first." Harry sighed and went to lift Frodo again. "How close are we?" He asked curiously.

"About a day."

"And it's the only river around?"

"Yes." Strider looked at him oddly.

"Okay I should be able to do that."

"Do what?" Merry asked.

"Without Frodo here they would leave you alone right?" He asked and Strider nodded. "Okay so I'll get Frodo to the river."


"Magic. Hope you're right about the elves protecting though cause it'll wipe me out."

"You can get him to the elves?" Strider asked.

"We should be close enough." Harry agreed. He tightened his hold on Frodo and closed his eyes, he hated apparating blind but Frodo needed help urgently. All he had to do was find the river…with a pop the two vanished much to the shock of the other hobbits and Ranger.

Harry slowly opened his eyes and blinked blurrily at the ceiling above him. Where was he and what had happened? He closed his eyes and mentally went over his conditions, his magic was nearly drained so that explained why he felt so horrible. But how had he drained himself so badly….Frodo! He jerked upright and groaned, hearing a chuckle. He turned to his head to see an elderly man dressed in grey. "Welcome back young one."

"Where?" He asked groggily.

"Rivendell, you were found on the borders two days ago."

"Frodo? Is he alright?"

Gandalf was impressed that his second thought was for the young hobbit and not his own health. "Frodo will live although the wound may always trouble him." He smiled as the young man relaxed.

"Good, that's good." Harry whispered before his eyes closed again in sleep. Gandalf sat back, smoking his pipe thoughtfully as he watched the young man sleep. He didn't know what to think of him. They'd been found by a patrol not far from the river and brought in for medical aide. They had almost lost Frodo several times but thankfully Lord Elrond had managed to save him. The young man with him seemed to be suffering from exhaustion only which was a little odd. He could feel the power the boy held, Elrond had felt it too and it made them wary and yet….there was something almost familiar about him.

Aragorn led the three hobbits into the elven city, smiling slightly at their wonder as they looked around. From the activity he was hoping that meant Hadrian and Frodo had arrived safely. He felt relieved when he saw Gandalf and his foster father walking towards them.

"Gandalf! Is Mr Frodo alright?" Sam called out when he saw the wizard who smiled at them in return.

"Frodo will be just fine Samwise. He is still resting as is your new friend." The wizard assured them gently and the hobbits all relaxed.

"I knew Hadrian could do it!" Pippin cheered happily.

"So our young guests name is Hadrian. Where did you find him Estel?" Elrond asked the mortal man he had raised for so long.

"He was a kitchen hand at the Prancing Pony in Bree. He has been there for at least a year." Aragorn went on to explain what had happened, shocking Elrond even if he managed to hide it. "It's good that they made it here."

"Actually a patrol found them both not far past the river. He was unconscious and Frodo was nearly beyond my aide."

"But they will both recover?"

"Hadrian has already woken once but was still weary. Frodo should wake in the next few days."

"Hadrian!" He turned and smiled as the three hobbits rushed over, talking excitedly as they surrounded him.

"I'm glad you all made it here safely." He told them as he sat down on a bench.

"Gandalf said you were resting when we got here."

"Bringing Frodo took more out of me than I realised it would but I'm alright now." He assured them.

"Have you seen Frodo?" Merry asked and Harry shook his head.

"I was told he is still unconscious but will be fine. He'll be up and around before you know it."

"Then we can go home."

"So eager to head out again Sam?"

The hobbit shrugged. "We've done what Gandalf wanted us to."