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And we're heading for Moria where things will really start changing from cannon.

Chapter 7

"You have seen war." Aragorn commented as the two walked together, Legolas listening from further ahead as the group made their way closer to Moria.

"What of it?" Hadrian asked tightly, pulling his black cloak tighter.

"Other than Gandalf the Istari generally keep apart from conflict." Aragorn told him and Hadrian laughed.

"Then it must be better to be a wizard here than back home. My people were at war before I was born and I was a leader in that war by the time I was a teenager. I have killed and nearly died myself more times than I can count. I am no innocent child, despite appearing the youngest, if you don't count the hobbits."

"Your parents allowed you to have such a part in a war?" Legolas asked, turning slightly to see them.

"My parents were killed when I was barely a year old. The relatives I was left on the door of would have killed me themselves if they could have. I was magical and they weren't, therefore I was a 'freak' in their eyes." Hadrian snapped, bitterness and pain coating his words. Legolas turned back around unsure how to react to that revelation and Aragorn place a comforting hand on the young wizards shoulder.

"Being different to others does not make you a freak Hadrian." The Ranger stated and Hadrian shrugged, moving ahead of them and closer to Gandalf and Frodo. They had to walk single file towards where the doors should be since the lake had obviously expanded over the years and the water was very close to the stone walls.

Harry stared at the black water as he edged past, something was done there. He shivered as he 'saw' for the first time in almost a year. There was no way he would be disturbing that water! That thing looked like some sort of Kraken but with more tentacles. He grabbed Pippin before he could throw a single stone in and shook his head. "Do not disturb the water." He warned the hobbits only to mentally groan as Boromir slipped and ended up ankle deep in it for a few seconds. Great. "Okay we need to get those doors open."

"Hadrian?" Gandalf asked.

"There's something very hungry in that water and Boromir just woke it up."

"How do you know?" Legolas asked and Harry turned to look at him.

"I Saw it."

"Saw?" Legolas stared at him and then his eyes widened. "You have the Sight like many of my kin?" That was a big shock. Hadrian just shrugged, to him it was no big deal, he'd been dealing with it for several years now and it wasn't always reliable. What he saw was always accurate but the ability was sporadic, he had gone a year without seeing anything after all. He moved past the elf to join Gandalf in studying the closed doors. Legolas found himself watching the two wizards while Aragorn and Sam freed the pony to hopefully make her way safely back to Rivendell.

Harry kept a hand on Frodo's shoulder as they made their way deeper into the mines. He doubted very much they wound find any living dwarves within, only the creatures that had killed them. He was keeping an eye on Frodo's sword but so far it was not glowing. The veins of mithril in the walls were interesting to see and explained why the dwarves had wanted to reclaim the kingdom so badly but Harry doubted it would ever happen. This place seriously gave him the creeps, it was a hundred times worse than Snape's dungeons. He tugged his cloak closer to try and keep the damp out even as he gave Pippin a helpful shove up to the next stair. Who made staircases that were basically vertical? They eventually made their way to the top and Gandalf hesitated in front of the three way split in the path, obviously unsure.

"I have no memory of this place." The older wizard stated and Harry sat on a bit of rock, Pippin leaning against him tiredly.

Harry pulled out some food, Aragorn doing the same and they passed it around. It wasn't all that pleasant cold but they couldn't risk a fire, it was too visible. Harry whispered a spell and three small balls of blue flame shot off down the three available paths. Gandalf looked at him and he shrugged, it was better than picking one at total random. He half listened to Gandalf and Frodo talking about the being that was following them now. It had started shortly after they had entered the mines but had not attacked so he wasn't too worried about it. The three balls soon returned and Harry closed his eyes as he took what they had learned. "That way." He pointed at the correct tunnel and Gandalf nodded in agreement so the group gathered their gear. They were soon moving down the tunnel, their way lit by the light of Gandalf's staff. They walked for hours before finding a small area to spend the 'night' in. Harry curled up in his bedroll, leaning against the rock wall as he stared into the darkness, he shivered in the damp cool.

Legolas moved closer as he noticed the shovers wracking the wizard's slender frame. He pulled his blanket out and draped it over slim shoulders, receiving a surprised yet grateful look.

"Thank you." Hadrian whispered and Legolas nodded, shifting ever so slightly. "I guess elves don't like being underground anymore than I do." That surprised him, most people wouldn't have detected his discomfort.

"No we do not. My home is in the forest and while the trees block out a lot of the sky it is still open air."

"I understand that. I do not like places like this, I can stand them but not comfortably." Hadrian told him. Legolas sat down beside him and to his surprise Hadrian moved closer, sharing body heat.

"Perhaps if there wasn't the constant thought of there being orcs around we would like it more?" Legolas suggested with a small smile and Hadrian laughed softly.

"Yeah, constant threat of imminent death does put a damper on things but don't worry. You'll make it out of here alive." Hadrian told him and Legolas stared at him. "I've seen it. Only one will fall here and it is not you."

"And you?" Legolas asked worriedly and Hadrian smiled again though this one was sadder.

"Fate will not give up her favourite toy so soon." He whispered bitterly and Legolas frowned in confusion. "There's something here, something powerful and dangerous."

"Close by?" The elf asked in alarm but Hadrian shook his head.

"Deeper in the mines and sleeping for now. So we better not wale it up."