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I was calm.

Excited, yes, but not manic.

My thoughts turned back to the evening that set this all in motion. It was a Saturday night in December, the turning point in my life that brought me to this wonderful late summer day. . .

"Are you sure, Bella? You've lived in this house for a long while now; you wouldn't prefer to stay here?"

"I'm positive. Your house is bigger, the kitchen is more modern, and I really like the floor plan, not to mention the amazing bathtub," I replied with a smile.

We were lazing on my bed - he in only a pair of soft flannel sleep pants and me in my usual bedtime attire of one of his t-shirts - drinking wine and nibbling on the tray of cheese, baguette, and fruit that I'd made up. Edward had returned this afternoon from a trip back to Chicago, his first away from me in the five months that we'd been together. I absolutely hated him being gone, but it had been a last minute thing and I wasn't able to get the time off work to go with him. He'd only been gone three days, and even though I had tried to keep busy with Christmas shopping and decorating, the time had dragged by like a snail on muscle relaxers. I didn't sleep well at all, either in my bed or his (I'd tried both); I'd missed his big warm body wrapped around me and the scent of him that just invaded my senses. We celebrated his homecoming for hours after he arrived and even after a long hot shower together, I was still dealing with twinges of multiple orgasm-induced fatigue that made my muscles down south tender. I was so NOT complaining, though. I reveled in the soreness, the proof of his complete ownership of my body.

Edward hated being separated as much as I did, and after a long phone conversation while he'd still been in Chicago we decided it was silly to keep two houses. Even though he had originally only planned on being in Forks for the six months it took to complete the warehouse project, all that changed as we'd fallen deeper and deeper in love. He'd told me in the beginning that he could basically work from anywhere; moving in together seemed like a natural step for us. It meant the world to me that he wanted to make a permanent home here in Forks. He knew how much I would miss my family and friends if we moved too far away. So, we began discussing the pros and cons of each house. I was leaning towards moving into his.

"You know," he sighed, almost purring as I scratched my nails lightly through his hair and against his scalp, "I was thinking that we could always just sell both of the houses and look for a new one. Something that we both really love."

I paused in my scratching, considering that option. Forks wasn't that big; I was sure there were houses around here for sale, or we could possibly look into places in Port Angeles. I opened my mouth to tell him that, but he cut me off.

"However, then I had another idea. How would you feel about asking Emmett to help us draw up some plans? We could both design it and make it something really special. There's plenty of land around here; I'm sure we could find the perfect spot. What do you think?

I looked at him with wide eyes. The idea of the two of us creating a home together was definitely exciting. In fact, the more I thought about it the more I began to really love the idea.

"I think I love you, Mr. Cullen."

"I know I love you, Miss Swan. Should we do that? Build our dream house?"

I nodded and grinned at him, again marveling that this amazing man was mine. Edward leaned over and kissed me tenderly. He lazily explored my mouth, his steel piercing rubbing against my tongue. I sighed into him, breathing in his clean and citrusy scent. There was absolutely no other place in the world I'd rather be than in Edward's arms.

We talked back and forth for a bit with ideas about floor plans, landscaping, appliances, and such. I felt the excitement of the day – not to mention the strenuous activities we'd engaged in – finally closing in on me and I'd almost drifted off to sleep, lulled by the rhythm of his breathing, when he shifted a little bit, rousing me. I pouted and tried to curl back into him, to find my perfect comfy spot again, but he chuckled and nudged me gently.



"Do you think you could be coherent for just a few more minutes?"

"If you wanted me coherent you shouldn't have fucked me into oblivion. I hardly slept at all when you were gone and it's catching up with me," I mumbled with a yawn against his warm skin. "Can't I be coherent in the morning?"

"I'm very positive I can't wait that long," he replied and something in the husky tone of his voice pierced my slumberous brain, so I raised my head from his chest.

"What is it?" I asked softly.

Instead of answering, he sat up, gently spilling me off his body only to re-situate us so that I was straddling his thighs.

"The house that we build? There's one more thing that I definitely want in it," he told me. He had this utterly adorable smile on his face and I laughed, pleased by how excited he was by all this plan-making. I laid my hand against his cheek.

"And what is this thing you definitely want that you couldn't wait until morning to tell me?" I teased.

"I want a family."

I felt the breath catch in my chest when he held out his hand and showed me the glittering diamond ring laying there in his palm. My eyes widened as I looked from his face to the ring, then back to his face again. His expression was serious, his green eyes heated and bright with emotion. I blinked, unable to say anything, barely able to believe this was actually happening.

"I love you, Isabella. So much it scares me. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and making you happy. I want to build that dream house and fill it with our children. I never imagined that I would ever feel like this, feel so much, and I never want it to end. Please make me the happiest man alive and say you'll marry me. I want forever with you, sweetness."

Tears welled up in my eyes at his words, and I felt the biggest smile ever stretching my lips. I let out a little hiccuping sob when I tried to speak, making him raise one eyebrow.

"Was that a yes?"

"I love you," I murmured, my heart positively aching with adoration for this man.

"Still waiting on that yes, Isabella."

"Yes! Oh my God, Edward! Yes!" I threw my arms around him and kissed every inch of his face I could reach. His lips finally captured mine in a searing kiss that curled my toes.

"Good, now I can give you this," he whispered when we parted and I looked down as he slid the ring on my finger.

"Holy cow,"I breathed as I got a really good look at it. It was a solitaire, the diamond round and sparkling and big. Set in white gold on a thin band embedded with tiny diamonds all the way around, it literally took my breath away.

"Do you like it?" Edward asked.

"It's exquisite, baby, I love it. When did you get this, Mr. Sneaky?"

"In Chicago. I had to call in reinforcements because all the styles and settings were sort of overwhelming," he admitted with a laugh. "Rose came with me and we had Alice on Skype the whole time, too. There was another one I was looking at, the diamond was bigger-"

"Bigger than this?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes, but it was square, and the girls voted against it, saying you'd like this one better. I believe they said it was more 'timeless and romantic'," he said, using air quotes. "I was feeling optimistic, so I also went ahead and bought the matching wedding ring. It's just like the band on this, with the diamonds set all the way around."

"You didn't honestly think I'd say no, Edward?" I laughed.

"Not really," he admitted.

"How did you know my size?"

"Uh, last week while you were sleeping I tied a piece of string around your finger. I knew I'd be looking at rings soon and wanted to be prepared."

"My sneaky, sneaky man," I teased, shaking my head at him.

"Your sneaky, sneaky fiancé," he corrected, and my heart just melted.

"My fiancé," I sighed. "Mrs. Edward Cullen. I do love the sound of that."

"I do love you."

Taking a deep breath, I surveyed my reflection.

I had of course heard lots of stories about panicking brides unable to find "the" dress. Or, worse, finding two that they loved equally and then forever wondering if they made the right choice. With no preconceived notions of what I really wanted, I had been prepared to search tons of different stores in search of "the one". One stop later, I was beyond thrilled that the dress of my dreams turned out to be the second one I tried on. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I knew as soon as I slipped it on that it was perfect, and the faces of my mom, Alice, and Rosalie just confirmed it when I stepped out of the fitting room. Alice had actually cried a tiny bit while Rosalie patted her back consolingly. I loved my crazy friends. The consultant at the salon had called it "strapless with a lace-up back, ruched waist, and an organza and satin tiered ruffled skirt". I called it utterly feminine and romantic.

Alice had done an amazing job on my hair, pinning it up into perfect barrel curls interspersed with crystal-tipped pins. It was classic and elegant, exactly what I wanted. My headpiece was a simple tiara of pearls and crystals in a flower and vine pattern. The attached veil was what Alice termed 'fingertip length'. It was as fine and light as gossamer as it draped up and over my hair, falling in soft layers down my back and ending in a row of delicate lace.

I held out my hand, once more admiring the gorgeous diamond that resided there. I wore it on my right hand at the moment so that during the ceremony Edward could slide my wedding band onto it's rightful place on my left; closest to my heart, or so tradition said.

This was it. Today was my wedding day.

A light knock on the door shook me from my thoughts and I called for whoever it was to come in. My mom stepped into the room, followed by Alice and Rosalie. They had helped me get dressed and beautifed earlier before disappearing, not only to get themselves ready, but to give me a little bit of quiet time.

Ali and Rose were gorgeous in their matching bridesmaids dresses, the pale, buttery yellow contrasting beautifully with their small ribbon-tied bouquets of vibrant pink and orange roses. I was really happy with the style of dresses we had chosen; strapless with a rhinestone belt and soft chiffon skirt that swirled just above their knees. Alice's dress was cinched in tight at the waist, but Rose's had been slightly altered so hers had more of an empire waist, the glittering belt resting beneath her breasts. She and Emmett had announced a few months ago that they were expecting their first baby and the dress softly draped over her gently rounded belly. At first Rose had been worried that I'd be upset about her being pregnant for the wedding -the baby was a 'happy accident'-, but Edward and I were both absolutely thrilled for them.

"Aww, you guys all look beautiful!" I exclaimed.

"Aren't we supposed to be telling you that?" my mom teased and I grinned at her. She was lovely in pale cream with gold accents, with the cutest little pill box hat and veil perched jauntily on her light brown bob.

"Ok, go ahead," I said, laughing.

"You really do, baby girl. You're just a vision." I felt a lump rise up in my throat at her words.

"No crying!" Alice exclaimed, frantically waving her hands in front of my face. "You'll ruin your makeup, Bella, and we do not have time to fix it."

"Okay, okay," I giggled through my tears. "Stop acting like a hummingbird on crack, Maid of Honor. No crying, I promise. Do you have Edward's ring?"

"I have it," Rose spoke up. "Ali's fingers are so tiny, it was too loose and kept slipping off. Mine, on the other hand, are swelled up nice and big today, thanks to baby Cullen here. I'll give it to her just before we go down the aisle. By the way, I really love the inscription, Bella."

I smiled. It was a surprise for Edward, but I'd had his ring - just a simple, gold band - engraved on the inside. I found love, and love was you. B. I thought it was a very fitting quote.

We spent the next couple of minutes just chilling out until it was time to go down to where the ceremony would take place.

When looking at wedding venues, Edward and I had both agreed that the Alderbrook Resort in Union was perfect. We spent a weekend there, exploring the grounds, and I really loved everything we were told about the different options they had for weddings. We chose to have the ceremony waterside, with the Hood Canal and Olympic mountains as our beautiful backdrop. It was going to be a smallish affair, with only fifty of our closest family and friends, and the intimate setting that our appointed coordinator came up was just what we wanted. The reception would take place on a terrace overlooking the shore – thankfully the late summer weather was cooperating beautifully - and the girls and I had already ventured down there once this morning to admire the chairs and tables covered in elegant cream linens with lovely, fresh, autumn-themed floral centerpieces.

"Bells?" My father's voice came through the door, followed by the rap of his knuckles.

"Come in, Dad."

He entered and I smiled at the sight of him in his tuxedo. I knew he was much more comfortable in his cop uniform, or his weekend attire of jeans and flannel, but it meant the world to me that he was taking this all in stride. My parents were giving me the wedding of my dreams and I loved them so much, not just for that, but for welcoming Edward into our family with open arms.

"Almost time, baby girl. But, first, I have to act as delivery boy. I just came from the guys' suite and your groom asked me to give you this," my dad informed me.

He held out a small box tied with a bow. Tucked under the edge of the ribbon was a little envelope with my name across the front in Edward's familiar writing. I set the box down on a side table and opened the envelope.


My love for you is infinite.

I'll be waiting.


P.S. I've been assured by the girls that this will compliment your gown today.

I felt the lump rise up in my throat again when I opened the box and found the most beautiful bracelet inside. It was a single strand of perfect lustrous pearls with a white gold brooch in the shape of the infinity symbol. The sparkling figure eight was inlaid with small diamonds and tiny perfect pearls.

"Oh, it's so lovely, Bella! My, that man has exquisite taste," my mother sighed. "Would you like me to help you put it on?"

"Yes, please." It was gorgeous and would match my grandmother's pearl necklace that was my 'something old'. I'd originally planned for my dress to be my 'something new' but this was much more meaningful. My earrings were 'something borrowed' from Alice and the garter encircling my thigh under the layers of my dress was my 'something blue'.

After my mother clasped the bracelet on my wrist, I picked up my bouquet – a larger version of the girls' vibrant pink and orange roses - and turned to face everyone.

"Okay, let's get this show on the road!"

The girls and my mom went ahead while my father and I slowly made our way behind them.

"You ready for this, Bella?" he asked as he escorted me.

"I am, Dad. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I'm going to be marrying Edward today."

"He's a good guy, baby girl. I know you two are going to be really happy together."

Our coordinator, Carmen, met our group just inside the doors that led out to the ceremony site by the water.

"Bella, you're glowing! And I don't mind telling you that your groom is all kinds of handsome, even if he's driven me crazy today with his pacing."

I laughed at her words, picturing Edward as he impatiently waited for the clock to say four. Following tradition, we had agreed to not see each other today before the ceremony and I missed him fiercely.

"Now," Carmen continued, "everything is in place. The musicians are waiting for my signal. Emmett is at the ready to escort Esme down the aisle, and Jasper is waiting to escort you, Renee. As soon as they do that, the boys will wait at the end of the aisle until Edward takes his place with the minister. I'll give the signal, the music will start, and Rosalie and Alice, you will make your way down. Once they are in place, the music will change to the bridal march and Charlie, that will be your cue. Just like we practiced last night, everyone. Okay?"

We all nodded.

"Perfect." Carmen beamed. "Bella, now is the time to bring your blusher down."

My mother helped me to bring the slightly shorter topmost layer of my veil forward so it was in front of my face, before giving me a tight hug and then stepping through the doors, ready to be escorted by Jasper Whitlock - Edward's longtime friend, newest business partner, and Alice's current boyfriend. Rosalie handed off Edward's ring to Alice, and Carmen gave the cue to the musicians. Palchebel's Canon in D began and the girls disappeared through the doors. I listened intently until the music came to an end. The first chords of the bridal march filled the air, and I slipped one hand through the crook of my father's elbow, the other grasping my bouquet.

"Game on," he said with a smile and a wink, making me laugh. Carmen opened the door and we walked towards my future.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and help me welcome Mr. and Mrs. Cullen to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife!"

There was cheering all around as the DJ announced us, and Edward and I made our way to the middle of the dance floor. My husband took me in his arms as the classic sounds of The Flamingos echoed through the room.

My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I only have eyes for you, dear

The moon may be high
But I can't see a thing in the sky
I only have eyes for you

I don't know if we're in a garden
Or on a crowded avenue

You are here and so am I
Maybe millions of people go by
But they all disappear from view
And I only have eyes for you

"Have I mentioned how gorgeous you look today, Mrs. Cullen?" Edward murmured against my ear as we swayed in time to the music. I smiled up at him.

"Several times, in fact, but not in the last thirty minutes, if I recall correctly."

"When I saw you walking towards me, all angelic in this beautiful gown, my knees went weak. There's never been a bride as stunning as you, Isabella."

I blushed, beyond pleased by his words.

The whole day had been just magical. Exchanging vows in front of all our loved ones, dining on delicious prime rib and seafood, listening to the heartfelt and often-times hilarious words as our friends and families toasted us; all of it was amazing.

My eyes wandered around the room, stopping on different faces. Rosalie and Emmett were seated in chairs close to the dance floor, her swollen feet in his lap as she enjoyed a foot rub from her doting husband. Jasper sat next to them with Alice perched on his lap as they watched us dance. It had definitely been a case of love at first sight for those two. Jasper was now the third partner in Cullen Construction and when he came to Port Angeles to see Edward and check on the warehouse, we'd introduced him to Alice. The rest was history.

My parents stood not far from them, arms around each others waists as they watched us. My mom was teary eyed, and I saw my dad lean down and whisper something in her ear that made her giggle.

Edward's parents were also close by, and once again I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Not only did I have an amazing husband, but his family had welcomed me in from the very beginning. Esme and Carlisle had made several trips to Washington and from our first meeting they had made me feel completely at ease. They got along famously with my parents and the four had already went out on a couple of double dates when they were in town.

"This has been such a perfect day," I declared softly, smiling up at Edward. He dipped his head down and pressed a kiss to my lips.

"Indeed it has. And I have a feeling tonight will be even more perfect."

I shivered, the intense and heated green of his eyes sending a bolt of desire through me. Edward and I would be staying in a suite at the Alderbrook tonight before catching our plane to Hawaii in the morning for a two week honeymoon. I hadn't seen the suite yet - Edward wanted it to be a surprise - but it could be a shack in the middle of the woods for all I cared as long as my devastatingly sexy husband was sharing it with me.

"I forgot to tell you, I got an email from Dennis this morning. He sent us congratulations, of course, and wanted to let us know that he finished up at the house today. It's all done, just waiting on the furniture."

"Oh, I can't wait to see it!" I grinned, thinking of the home we would be going to when we returned from our honeymoon.

A month after we got engaged, I'd sold my house, moved into Edward's, and we had indeed asked for Emmett's help in drawing up plans for our new home. It took a while, but we finally found a piece of land just on the outskirts of Forks that was perfect, and the crew broke ground six months ago. The design was something both Edward and I had helped to create, and Emmett made it work beautifully; I was especially excited about the amazing master bathroom which boasted a giant claw-foot bathtub, separate shower stall, and heated floors. Dennis, our interior designer-slash-decorator-slash-genius, had been working hard to make sure everything would be complete in time. I'd last been there a few days ago when he and his crew were still painting. The furniture would be delivered and set up while we were in Hawaii.

After talking it over, Edward decided to keep his house as an investment after we moved into the new one. My co-worker Angela and her boyfriend Ben had been looking for a place and when I mentioned the house would be available to rent, they asked to see it. It turned out to be perfect for them and the deal was done.

The song ended amidst more applause and then my father guided me around the floor while Edward danced with his mother to John Lennon's cover of "Stand By Me" before the DJ's voice cut through the reception once more.

"And now, ladies and gentleman, Edward and Bella will be heading over to cut the cake, so get those cameras ready!"

Now, Edward and I had already discussed this, the cake cutting. I made him promise not to shove any up my nose or into my hair. Waiters were standing by with hot towels just in case he didn't keep his word. At my groom's request, we had gone non-traditional and chosen a chocolate wedding cake. Four layers of sinfully dark chocolate, embellished with chocolate roses and fresh pink daisies. It was mouth-watering to look at.

After posing for a few pictures, the cake was cut and a decadent slice served to us on a small plate.

"Ready?" Edward asked with a smirk, picking up a piece with his fingers.

"You promised," I reminded him, picking up a piece of my own.

Camera flashes went off as we fed each other and, true to his word, Edward behaved. Well, mostly. He did wrap his lips around my fingertips, the stud in his tongue teasing me as he sucked the frosting off with a low, very sensual moan, his gaze holding mine. My belly tightened at the sound, and a delicious throbbing started between my thighs.

The cake was heavenly, especially combined with the taste of my husband as we kissed afterwards.

"So good," Edward declared as we cleaned our hands with the hot towels. He leaned over and nuzzled my ear, his breath hot as his voice washed over me. "Not as delicious as something else I'm going to be feasting on later, of course. I can't wait to get you alone, my wife."

My knees immediately wobbled and I leaned into him. To anyone else it would probably look like we were just sharing a tender moment, but my naughty man knew exactly what kind of effect he had on me and chose to torture me further by subtly grinding into my hipbone, making sure I felt the hot steeliness of his cock.

"Good things come to those who wait," I breathlessly reminded him, and my mind ran back in time to the night of our first date, to the words he spoke that changed my life forever.

"Thank you for waiting."

"Indeed they do," Edward whispered, and from the emotion in his beautiful jade eyes I knew he was remembering that night as well.

The rest of the evening passed in a happy blur of dancing, talking, and visiting with all of our guests. I was just coming back from a visit to the restroom - not an easy feat in a wedding gown, let me tell ya – when I saw Alice and Rosalie headed towards me, matching mischievous smiles on their faces. Alice's hands were behind her back, like she was hiding something.

"What?" I asked as they reached me. "Why do you guys look like you're up to something, and Alice, what do you have back there?"

"Nothing you need to concern yourself with right now. Your husband is waiting for you," Alice replied.

"You're a very lucky girl," Rose said with a wink before the two carried on their way, Alice sidestepping me when I tried to peek behind her back.

Shaking my head at the two of them, I re-entered the reception and immediately spotted Edward up near the DJ table, talking to Emmett and Jasper. Whatever Jasper said made Emmett throw his head back and laugh while Edward simply rolled his eyes. He caught sight of me and beckoned with his hand for me to join them. As I walked over, I couldn't help but admire the strong line of his jaw, his sexy mussed hair, the breadth of his shoulders no longer covered by his tux jacket. He'd ditched the tie as well and rolled his sleeves up. He looked completely edible, as smirk playing around those sensual lips, and Rose's words echoed in my brain. Yes, indeed, I really was a lucky girl.

"So, Rose and Ali are weird," I announced as Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and leaned down to nuzzle my temple. I'd taken my veil off earlier, so only my tiara remained and his lips traveled unimpeded to press a kiss behind my ear.

"Tell us something we don't know," Emmett quipped with a chuckle. "Especially these days. Rosie's hormones are all over the place, I never know what to expect."

"Yeah, but-"

I was interrupted when Edward tugged on my hand and guided me to where the DJ was waiting with a microphone. With a nod from Edward, he turned it on.

"Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention? Mr. and Mrs. Cullen would like to say a few words."

Everyone turned their attention to us. I had no idea what words I was supposed to be saying, but Edward saved me.

"Isabella and I just wanted to say thank you once more to everyone who came here to be with us today. I'm the happiest man alive right now and it's all due to this gorgeous creature standing beside me." He turned to look at me and I blew him a kiss for his sweet words. "The party will continue until midnight and there will be a cold buffet set out at ten o'clock. However, my lovely wife and I have a very early flight tomorrow so we will be departing the reception shortly. Please drink, dance, and make merry in our absence."

There were a couple of catcalls and some whistling – mostly from Emmett – and I felt a blush heat my cheeks, but any embarrassment was forgotten when my husband turned his gaze on me and I saw the barely-contained need simmering there. I swallowed hard and reached for the microphone he handed me. I had to clear my throat, twice.

"We're so thrilled to be celebrating this amazing day with all of you and I hope everyone's having a great time. As I was reminded just minutes ago by a very dear friend, I'm an extremely lucky girl." There were a chorus of 'awwwwws' from the crowd and Edward winked at me with a smirk. "I also want to add a very special thank you to our parents, for everything they have done to make all of this unforgettable. My mom and dad have given us the most beautiful wedding I could ever imagine, and Edward's parents are sending us on an amazing honeymoon. So, thank you so much to them, and to all of you."

There was more applause as I handed the microphone back to the DJ and then Edward and I were surrounded; we were hugged and kissed and wished bon voyage many times. It was at least twenty minutes later before we escaped and I was giggling as we ran hand in hand down the hallway towards our honeymoon suite, my other hand holding the skirt of my dress up out of the way so I didn't trip.

I was flushed and a bit breathless as Edward pulled me to a stop in front of a pair of double doors, producing a key card from his back pocket. He unlocked it and pushed it open slightly, but before I could step inside I was swept up into his arms.

"Tradition," he informed me with a smile as he carried me over the threshold.

I giggled, but the laughter died in my throat as I took in our surroundings.

"Oh, my gosh!"

He set me on my feet and I slowly spun around, taking in every detail. Only one small lamp burned, but there was at least a dozen candles glowing and the air was suffused with their subtle scent of lemons. A huge bay of windows overlooked the water and the view was breathtaking, the full moon reflecting on the canal and causing it to sparkle like thousands of diamonds. I could see our honeymoon luggage stacked neatly in one corner, but what really drew my attention was the gigantic four poster bed that seemed to dominate the room. The creamy duvet was pulled back invitingly and blood-red rose petals had been arranged in the shape of a perfect heart right in the center. On an end table next to the bed there was an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne chilling and a plate holding the very top layer of our wedding cake, complete with chocolate roses and a single pink daisy.

"Is this what Alice was hiding behind her back?" I asked Edward with a smile, gesturing to the cake.

"Yes. We only had that small taste of this amazing cake and I'm greedy, so I asked them to deliver that and light the candles. I thought we could share some dessert. . . . later."

I walked over to where he was standing in front of the windows. The candlelight threw dancing shadows over his beautiful face and I reached my hands up to frame it.

"This is incredible. All of it. I love you so much, Edward."

"I love you, too, my wife."

He reached for my left hand and rubbed his thumb over my rings – my engagement ring now in it's intended place, nestled up against the wedding band - before kissing the knuckle just above them.

"I never thanked you for the bracelet," I told him apologetically. "It's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you."

"Did you read the inscription on your ring?"

"No, I didn't realize there was one," he replied, one eyebrow raised.

I slipped his wedding band off and held it up to the candlelight so he could see.

"It's perfect," he whispered after a moment of studying the words. "You're perfect, sweetness."

I slid the ring back on his finger and then held his palm against my cheek, the warmth of his skin invading me. Edward dipped his head down, his mouth covering mine. His kiss was warm and thorough, his tongue entering my mouth and languidly twining around mine. I hummed against him, tilting my head to the side to get a better angle, sucking his tongue and toying with the metal stud, making him groan. I pulled back after a minute, pressing a soft kiss to his chin.

"I need you to unlace my dress," I whispered, looking into his eyes.

"With pleasure."

"And then I need you to be patient for just a little bit longer, okay?"

He nodded and I turned around so he could undo the back of my dress. He kissed my bare shoulder and the back of my neck as his hands deftly loosened the laces; shivers raced through me at the slight roughness of his beard stubble against my skin. When he was done, I held the gaping bodice against my chest and looked back at him over my shoulder.

"Why don't you pour us some champagne? I'll be right back."

I entered the bathroom and closed the door, relieved to see my small overnight bag in there as I'd requested. I stripped naked, carefully packing my dress into the garment bag that was hanging on the back of the door and stowing my strapless corset in a side pocket. After a quick but thorough freshening up, I pulled what I needed from my bag.

I'd bought tons of flirty and sexy lingerie for my honeymoon, but Edward loved when I was especially naughty, and tonight I was definitely going to indulge him. Deciding against traditional white – I was far from virginal, after all – I'd found the perfect thing in a little lingerie boutique in Seattle. Sheer and black, held together by little more than thin straps and soft, narrow, ruffles, the teddy barely covered my crotch and nipples and with one flick of the front clasp, it would fall off my body. He was going to love it. I slipped a short black satin robe over the naughty bits of fabric before quickly removing my tiara. I also pulled the pins from my hair, letting it tumble down around my shoulders in loose curls. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror I was more than pleased by what I saw.

I stepped out of the bathroom, my eyes immediately drawn to Edward. He was standing beside the bed, pouring champagne into two tall glasses. There was now instrumental music playing softly.

I was delighted to see that my husband had removed his shoes, socks, and shirt. He stood there in only black tuxedo pants that sat low on his hips, and I feasted my gaze on him; all of the smooth, naked skin, the bright colors of his tattoos, and the lean, chiseled muscles of his arms, shoulders, and torso. My pussy began to steadily throb in anticipation of the long night that stretched before us.

Edward glanced up just then and our eyes met. His gaze roamed from the top of my head to my bare toes, then back to my face before he smiled, a slow, sexy smile, and walked over to me, holding the two glasses.

"I'm dying to see what's under there," he murmured as he handed me one.

"I think you're going to like it," I told him as I sipped the bubbly champagne.

"Oh, I'm very sure of that, Isabella."

Edward's fingertips reached out and rubbed softly against the satin lapel of my robe. In turn, I lifted my hand to scratch my nails lightly across the hard muscles of his chest, teasingly allowing them to wander down the trail of hair that disappeared into his pants before sliding around and gripping one of his deliciously firm butt cheeks. He growled and dipped his head down to kiss me, hard and quick, before raising his glass and draining the champagne. I did the same, my eyes on him the whole time, and then he took both the empty glasses and set them down.

"Show me what's mine, Isabella," he demanded softly, making me shiver as I recalled the words he spoke just before we made love for the first time. Undress for me, Isabella. I want to see what's mine.

I stepped back from him, coming to a stop at the foot of the bed, my hands going to the belt of my robe. A new song began playing as I ever-so-slowly undid the knot, and the sweet words seemed to wrap themselves around the two of us.

I've waited a hundred years, but I'd wait a million more for you,

Nothing prepared me for, what the privilege of being yours would do

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush,

Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough,

I would have known, what I was living for, all along.

What I've been living for.

I slid the belt free and dropped it to the ground, but didn't yet part the two halves. Edward was watching me with dark, hooded eyes; he looked relaxed, but I could see his hands clenched into fists at his side, and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. He took two steps towards me as I shrugged the robe off one shoulder, giving him a glimpse of what was underneath.

And apparently that was all the patience that my husband had, because in an instant his hands were gripping the soft satin of my robe and pushing it completely off. His eyes widened as they traveled over the thin straps and sheer ruffles of the teddy I was wearing, and I giggled softly.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he groaned.

"So you like it, then?" I did a slow spin, showing off the thong bottom, and squeaked in surprise when he pulled me hard against his chest. His hands rose to squeeze my breasts, pinching the nipples, and my head fell back upon his shoulder. I could feel the hot steeliness of his cock as it pressed into my lower back. I couldn't stop myself from slowly grinding against it as Edward's mouth attached itself to the side of my neck, his teeth nipping and tongue licking. I was losing my mind.

"Oh, God," I whispered when one of his hands left my breast and dropped down to cover my pussy, pressing hard with his fingers.

"You're fucking gorgeous, Isabella," he growled in my ear. "Today you looked like a beautiful, innocent angel in that white gown. But now? I've never wanted to fuck you as badly as I do right now. So hard and so deep, over and over." His hand gripped my chin gently and turned my head so our eyes met. "Can you feel it, sweetness?"

"Yes," I answered, breathing hard. "I want you to fuck me, baby. Just like you want, hard and deep and over and over. Show me that I'm yours."

Edward turned me around and my hands immediately dove into his hair as his mouth possessed mine, hot and desperate. He urged me towards the bed as we kissed, and the next thing I knew I was tumbled down amongst the rose petals, their scent surrounding us.

Time ceased to exist for me while Edward expertly explored my body with his hands and his mouth. He pushed the black teddy to the side, baring a breast for his lips to feast on; I squirmed and shuddered while he licked and sucked. His teeth closed upon my nipple, biting firmly, capturing it so he could torment the aching flash with rapid flicks of the metal stud in his tongue. He knew exactly how to drive me crazy. When he was satisfied that my swollen nipple had been thoroughly aroused, he opened the front clasp of the teddy, uncovering my other breast and giving it the same treatment. My legs shifted restlessly and my hands tightly gripped his hair, holding his hot mouth against me.

"Please, baby," I moaned when his lips traveled down to gently bite at my stomach. I was trembling with anticipation, knowing where his mouth was headed. I raised up a little bit, slipping the ruffled straps down my arms. He hooked his fingers under them and tugged the sexy little garment the rest of the way off, tossing it over his shoulder. I was completely naked to him now, practically vibrating from head to toe as I waited to see what he would do next.

Edward lifted himself to kneel between my legs, down at my feet. His eyes ran over my entire body and I felt the weight of his gaze touching on my most sensitive places.

"You're beautiful, my Isabella. All laid out for me like this, with rose petals in your hair. I want you so much."

"Then take me, Edward."

"Patience, sweetness. Spread your legs wide," he ordered as he undid his pants.

I did so without hesitation, eagerly letting him see just how swollen and wet I was. Edward quickly removed his pants and underwear and returned to his kneeling position.

"Wider," he whispered, his hand slowly jacking his cock while he gazed at me. "I want to see that gorgeous pussy open for me."

I whimpered at his words and spread my legs further, feeling gloriously wanton and wicked.

"Fucking beautiful," he whispered before leaning down and sealing his mouth over my pussy. I screamed hoarsely, my back arching up off the bed. Edward kissed my clit over and over, spreading my lips wider with his thumbs and tenderly sucking the swollen flesh into his mouth. I undulated against him, breathless from the waves of pleasure traveling through my body.

Just when I was on the verge of orgasm, he lifted his mouth from me. I didn't have a chance to complain, however, because in the blink of an eye he flipped around and slid his cock down my throat.

Sixty-nine with him on top was, hands down, one of my most favorite positions ever and he knew it. I just loved feeling him on top of me, almost like he was dominating me. The angle was amazing for both of us; I was able to fit more of him down my throat, while his mouth did amazing things to my pussy. It was a naughty and explicit win-win situation and it turned me on like almost nothing else.

I moaned around the hard, hot flesh in my mouth, eagerly accepting him as he began to thrust gently, fucking my mouth at the same time that he slipped two fingers inside me, his lips still sealed around my clit. My legs jerked and trembled from all the sensory overload and I barely lasted a minute before I was coming. Edward pulled his cock from my mouth as I cried out my pleasure, my whole body convulsing.

When I came down from my orgasmic high, I found myself cradled against his chest. My body still twitched with aftershocks and I couldn't help heaving a deep sigh as his hands swept up and down my naked back, soothing me.

"Mmmm. My first orgasm as Mrs. Cullen," I said softly, grinning up at him.

"The first of many tonight, sweetness," he replied, rolling us a little so that I was on top.

He sat up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, our mouths coming together again and again, tasting and licking and generally just devouring each other. I could feel his hot erection pressing into me and I couldn't help but rub myself on it. Despite the massive orgasm I'd just experienced, I couldn't get enough of him.

Edward's fingers thrust into my hair and he pulled my head back, baring my neck for his mouth. Soft, sucking kisses traveled down my throat and across my collarbone, leaving tendrils of fire in their wake. I pushed on his chest so that he reclined back upon the bed and my mouth made its own journey across his body. Shoulder to shoulder, down his chest, across the hard muscles of his stomach, I kissed and nibbled and sucked and licked his delicious skin while he groaned and murmured encouragement; he told me how good I made him feel, that he loved me, how much he wanted me. His words were just as much of an aphrodisiac as anything else he did to me.

I shimmied down until my mouth was even with his cock, wasting no time before taking him between my lips and down my throat.

"Oh, fuck, baby," he moaned, his fingers diving into my hair once more. Our eyes met and held as I continued to suck him, and the intensity in his gaze was enough to make me whimper. I needed him to be inside me.

With a long, final lick up the length of his cock, I rose and climbed back up his body. He claimed my mouth as soon as I was close enough, his kiss full of desperate need.

"Please," I gasped when we parted. "I want you, Edward, please."

He nodded and rolled me over on my back, slipping inside me in one smooth thrust.

"Mmmm," I sighed, circling my hips against him. "You feel so good."

Edward reached down and pulled my leg up over his hip. I moved my other one up too, wrapping them around him waist as he surged into me in hard, deep strokes. My hands fisted in the sheets, crushing the scattered rose petals as he drove my pleasure higher and higher, hitting exactly the right spots inside of me. His mouth hovered above mine and I leaned up to kiss and bite at him, relishing his salty flavor and the rough texture of his stubbled jaw under my tongue.

"Oh fuck, you have no idea what you do to me," he growled. He rose up slightly and hooked his hands beneath my thighs, one at a time, lifting them and placing my calves on his shoulders as he positioned himself on his knees. I moaned as this new angle made me feel so much tighter. Edward's hands slipped under to hold me by the hips, pulling me onto his thrusting cock over and over.

"My wife," he whispered hoarsely, his eyes ablaze with green fire as he fucked me. There was so much emotion in those two words that I could barely stand it. The trembling started in my stomach and I moaned as it spread to my thighs. My eyes locked on his and I knew he could tell I was right on the verge.

"My husband," I murmured breathlessly.

Edward groaned and snapped his hips into mine, forceful and almost painfully deep. I sobbed as the tension coiling inside me suddenly exploded, stealing my breath and filling me with pleasure, white-hot and divine. I throbbed and quivered, chanting "yes, yes, yes" as I heard him growl, felt him shudder and curse as he emptied himself into my body.

Half an hour - and a short catnap - later, I found myself sitting naked in the middle of the bed while my husband fed me decadent chocolate wedding cake. He was very good at "accidentally" dropping blobs of icing that landed on my boobs. Thankfully, he was just as good at cleaning them up with his very talented tongue. I also did my fair share of smearing the sinful concoction on his body as well, not missing any opportunity to attach my mouth to various parts of his gorgeous naked body. We talked and laughed as we fed each other, recalling our favorite moments from the day and generally just reveling in the blissful wedding night cocoon we created. Oh, and we also spent a fair amount of time picking rose petals out of each others hair.

After our fill of cake, we made our way to the shower to wash the sticky residue from our skin. Edward's soapy hands wandered all over my body and that led to my third orgasm as Mrs. Cullen. I repaid the favor by dropping to my knees and sucking him off until his cum splattered my chest.

When we finally blew all the candles out and crawled into bed, it was after one o'clock in the morning. I was deliciously worn out, yet hesitant to go to sleep. Even though I knew we needed to because our wake up call was for seven o'clock, this had been the happiest day of my life and I wasn't ready to let it go yet.

"Penny for your thoughts," Edward murmured.

I lifted my cheek from his chest and smiled up at him.

"I was just thinking that I know we need to go to sleep because we have to get up early, but I don't want this day to end."

"Best day ever," he replied with a sexy smirk.

"It really was," I sighed.

"Worth the wait?"

I busted out laughing and leaned up to press another kiss to my husband's smiling lips.

"Definitely worth the wait."


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