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The first time I saw the woman who is now my wife, I thought she was fucking hot.

Yes, that's what I said. Fucking hot.

Freshly showered, her wet, chocolate-hued hair up in a bun, she was wearing tiny little shorts and a tank top that displayed those oh so perfect breasts spectacularly.

Her brown eyes were wide with surprise to find me standing on the other side of her door, but within moments I saw definite interest in their depths. I borrowed her flashlight, she invited me for lunch, and we talked and talked.

The rest is history. I fell for her hard and fast, and was amazed and humbled and fucking overjoyed when she confessed she felt the same. The first time I slid inside her body, the first time I felt that hot, smooth flesh close around me, all snug and slick? It was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I was done. I knew she would be mine, in all ways. We would belong to each other. I was immensely aware of how rare and precious such a gift was, and vowed to do everything in my power to be worthy of her.

Now, all of that being said, nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming emotions coursing through my exhausted/jubilant/proud/amazed mind and body at the moment.

No one ever tells you. They never explain how you'll completely fall in love with your wife all over again when she gives you something so perfect it defies any words. With that gift, Isabella made me someone else, someone I'd never been before, but will always be, from now until the day I die.


Christmas Eve

"Baby, relax. Everything will be wonderful."

Isabella chewed on the end of her pen as she perused the list in front of her.

"Do you think five side dishes will be enough? I can always do two kinds of potatoes or-"

I kissed her just to shut her up. It was our first Christmas as husband and wife and we were hosting dinner tomorrow at our house. Her parents would be joining us as well as mine, plus Emmett and Rose and little EJ. My mom and dad actually bought a house in Port Angeles just after our wedding, big enough for them all to stay there during visits. Alice and Jasper were having dinner with her folks but promised to stop by afterward. Isabella had been obsessing for weeks now, planning menus and trying new recipes and generally running around like a little tornado.

"Nice distraction technique," she whispered when our lips parted.

"I try," I said with a shrug, which caused her to giggle. "Now, you need to chill. You've prepped as much as you can, there's nothing left to do tonight. So if you don't mind, I'd like to spend a nice, relaxing, Christmas Eve with my wife."

She smiled, that special smile that I only got when I called her my wife, and leaned in to kiss me again. She tasted like candy canes.

"There's something for you upstairs," I murmured against the soft skin of her neck.

"Hmmm, an early present?"

"Something like that. Come on." I laced her fingers with mine and led her up the stairs and into our bedroom, continuing through to the master bathroom. Soft jazz music greeted us.


She let out a little squeal of delight as she took in the scene before her. I'd drawn her a bath, complete with candles, bubbles, and a glass of wine.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, my hands going to the button of her jeans.

"You've hardly sat still for more than five minutes the last couple of days. So I want you to relax. Soak for as long as you want and don't worry about anything else, okay?"

"You treat me like a queen," she whispered, her head falling back as I pushed her jeans and underwear down. She stepped out of them and I grasped the bottom of her t shirt, pulling it over her head and dropping it to the floor.

"You are my queen," I told her, my tongue laving the side of her neck while my fingers unclasped her bra. Her gorgeous tits were immediately in my hands and I squeezed and kneaded them, pinching her nipples roughly, the way she loved. God, I fucking adored those nipples, so tender and pink and sexy.

My wife's breathing became slightly labored as I traced my hands down her rib cage, over her tiny waist, to the apex of her soft thighs. I cupped her possessively with one hand, the heat of her flesh searing my palm, while my other hand tugged on her hair to pull her head to the side. My mouth latched onto the delicious junction where her neck met her shoulder and I bit her there.

"Baby," she gasped sweetly. "Are you planning on joining me in that bathtub?"

"No," I breathed, my tongue soothing the sting left by my teeth. I flicked my piercing over her flesh. There would be a slight bruise there, I knew. I also knew how much my wife fucking loved it. Countless times she begged me to mark her in some way, to leave proof of my possession, and I always obliged because it was the same for me. The animalistic instinct that lived inside me always felt immense satisfaction and pride when she would urge me to claim her, to mar her flawless skin with my mouth. Sometimes it was where only the two of us could see, and sometimes not.

"Then stop teasing me," she pleaded.

With one last kiss to the curve of her shoulder, I stepped back. Isabella quickly pulled her long hair up into a haphazard bun, and smiled as I assisted her into the water. She sank into the bubbles with a contented sigh, closing her eyes and resting her head against the high back of the claw foot tub. She was madly in love with that bathtub.

"I'll be back," I said, pressing a kiss to her forehead. She murmured in reply, and reached for the glass of red wine I'd poured her.

After checking all the doors downstairs and engaging the alarm system, I entered the living room to switch off the lights on the Christmas tree. I smiled as looked at the brightly wrapped presents beneath it and remembered the day two weeks ago when we had driven to one of those cut-your-own tree farms. Isabella had been adamant that our first official tree as husband and wife had to be perfect. She'd picked a beauty, I had to admit, an eight foot spruce. We decorated it that evening with the new red, green, and gold ornaments that had been sitting in boxes and bags since the week before. Then we'd made love right there on the carpet in front of the tree, lit only by the glow of the twinkling lights.

I made my way back upstairs to the spacious walk-in closet we shared - her things on the left, mine on the right - and reached up to retrieve a box from the top shelf.

When I had purchased the infinity bracelet to give to Isabella on our wedding day, I'd had an at-length discussion with the jeweler about doing a custom designed order. He'd eagerly listened to my idea and assured me he could bring it to fruition. My wife didn't wear a lot of flashy jewelry, but she adored the bracelet and I wanted to give her something to match, but something she could also wear every day, not just special occasions.

I opened the lid of the box and stared at the contents. Suspended between two ends of a delicate, platinum chain was a pendant. A horizontal infinity symbol, inlaid with tiny, gleaming diamonds; it was simple yet very feminine. Nestled at the narrowest point in the middle, where the unending loop crossed over itself, was a perfect little heart shaped diamond. It sparkled in the overhead lighting, and I couldn't wait to see it against my wife's creamy skin.

I hadn't bothered wrapping the necklace, because I planned to give it to her tonight. Right now, as a matter of fact. I removed it from the box and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans.

I re-entered the bathroom and smiled at the sight before me. Isabella was humming along to the music and she had her feet propped up on the end of the tub, cherry red polish peeking out from the bubbles on her toes. As I watched, she raised one shapely leg and washed it with a sudsy mesh sponge before dunking it back down and raising the other to give it the same treatment. The sponge then traveled over her shoulders, lazily down each arm, and across her breasts.

I felt my cock grow thick and hard in the confines of my jeans as I spied on my wife bathing.

"Would you like me to scrub your back?" I finally asked, pushing away from the door frame I'd been leaning on. She glanced at me over her shoulder and smiled.

"Yes, please."

I dropped to my knees beside the tub and picked up the sponge. She obligingly leaned forward, presenting me with the smooth, graceful curve of her back. She moaned appreciatively as I moved the mesh across her shoulder blades and down her spine. Her head fell forward and I couldn't resist the tender and sensitive skin at the nape of her neck. I kissed her there before scraping lightly with my teeth. Isabella's breath caught and I smiled, continuing to move the sponge against her. She sighed, rolling her head to one side, inviting my mouth to explore further. So I did. My lips traveled from the nape of her neck to that sensitive spot beneath her ear, and I placed a soft, sucking kiss there, absorbing the taste of her sweet, damp skin and rubbing the steel in my tongue against her. My unoccupied hand slipped into my pocket and slid the necklace free as my teeth latched gently onto her earlobe and gave a slight tug. I felt a tremble run through her and dropped the sponge into the water.

"Mmmm, Edward. . ."

"Yes, Isabella?"

I nuzzled the side of her neck with my nose, inhaling the scent of her skin; sweet citrus from the pink grapefruit products she loved. I cupped warm water in my hand to rinse the lather from her back.

"Ahhh, I think I'm done with my bath," she whispered.

"Hmmm, no, I don't think so. You don't look done yet." Another tug on her earlobe.

"W-why not?" Another tremble.

"Because you aren't wearing this yet."

Before she could question me, I lifted the necklace up and over her head, swiftly fastening the clasp. I both felt and heard her gasp and I grinned, grazing my stubble-roughened chin across her shoulder.

"Oh, baby, I love it!" she whispered, holding the pedant up to see it better.

She stood quickly and turned to me. I looked up at her from my kneeling position and my mouth went dry at the sight of the bubbles cascading down her hot little body, naked except for the pendant and her wedding rings.

"I adore you, my husband. Thank you for my beautiful gift."

"You're quite welcome, my love." I pressed a kiss to the soft skin of her belly, the only part of her I could reach at the moment. "I know you love your bracelet, but it's too fancy for every day. I wanted you to have a tangible reminder that my love for you will always be infinite," I said, echoing the words I'd written to her on our wedding day when I'd given her the bracelet.

Isabella's hands reached to frame my face and she gave me a tender smile, her eyes shining with a fine mist of tears.

"I don't need a reminder, you silly man. I feel it every time you look at me. But, I will gladly wear this gorgeous necklace because my utterly romantic husband gave it to me."

I stood.

"You're done with your bath now," I told her, an instant before my mouth claimed hers in a kiss deep with longing. She made that sexy little moaning noise I loved and wrapped her arms around me as I lifted her from the bathtub and carried her to the bedroom, uncaring of the water and bubbles that seeped into my clothes and dripped on the floor. I placed her on her feet beside the bed and tugged my shirt over my head. Her hands reached for the button-fly on my jeans, swiftly tugging it open. She knelt and had my cock engulfed in her hot mouth in record time.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned, thrusting my hips as she bobbed her head. I threaded my fingers into her hair, pulling out the pins that had secured it for her bath. The long, soft waves fell and I tunneled through them, my fingertips flexing against her scalp as I watched my cock slide in and out between her soft, wet lips.

Isabella looked up at me with eyes so filled with desire that my knees shook. She slowed her movements, using more tongue to tease me and bringing her hand up to twist and tug in conjunction with her mouth, deliberately holding my gaze all the while. She made sure to lick and suck her fingers, too, as they slid up and around my aching dick. She knew I loved that; it looked so fucking hot and made everything even more slippery.

I withstood the most amazing kind of torture a few minutes more before pulling my hips back. My cock fell from her mouth, and she was just the most gorgeous creature ever created; flushed cheeks and swollen lips, her chocolate eyes heavy-lidded and filled with lust. She licked her lips and I groaned.

"Get on the fucking bed, Isabella," I urged her in a low voice. "On your back. Open your legs and show me how wet you are. Show me how much you want it."

She moved swiftly to her feet and crawled across the bed, giving me a spectacular view of her slick, pink, pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at me, dipping her shoulders lower and pushing her ass out.

"On your back, Isabella," I repeated in a growl, stepping out of my jeans and underwear.

She quickly complied, leaning back against the pillows near the headboard, and my mouth watered at the delectable picture she presented. Dark hair tumbled across the sheets, legs spread wantonly to make sure I saw what I wanted to.

"You must want it very badly, sweetness," I said huskily as I knelt on the bed between her feet. "You're so fucking wet."

"Sucking your cock always makes me wet, you know that," she told me softly, sliding one hand down to circle around her naval before moving lower. She slipped her two middle fingers between the swollen lips and spread herself for me. "Can you see how much, Edward?"

I dove at her, latching onto that sweet flesh between her thighs like a man starved. So fucking delicious. She shuddered and writhed as I pulled her clit into my mouth and teased it with my piercing, which always drove her crazy. I was addicted to watching - fucking feeling her - fall apart under my tongue. I suckled that sweet little bud more firmly and in no time she was exploding against me, whimpering my name as her back arched again and again in the wake of the tremors that raced through her body.

Finally, she was spent. I pressed one more tender kiss to her deliciously swollen clit and then crawled my way up her body. Her eyes opened and she welcomed me with a purr, letting out a deep sigh as I slid inside her body.

"Mmmm, baby. . . You feel so good filling me up," she whispered, biting her lip. Her eyes were half-closed and her hips rotated in a sensual circle as I fucked her slowly, but oh so deep. I couldn't get close enough. I slid my hands beneath her shoulder blades, my fingers pressing deep into her flesh to hold her still for each thrust of my cock.

"God, you're so fucking beautiful," I muttered into the skin of her neck, groaning when she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me harder against her. Her hands wandered over my shoulders and back in a restless pattern. Shit, she was so slick, so hot.

"Faster, Edward," she said softly. "I'm gonna come again. . . please. . . ."

I pumped my hips against hers, staying deep and angling to find that perfect spot that would send her over the edge. Her back arched and she moaned loudly, digging her nails into my lower back. Bingo.

"Oh God, right there. . . Oh. . . fuck, yes. . . yes!" She came with a scream, her teeth sinking into my bicep, and I let out a groan. Lightning sizzled through my body, and with a final plunge I erupted hotly inside her.

I dropped my forehead to the sweat-slickened skin between her breasts and her fingers dragged through my damp hair. We were both panting and trembling and weak. It was the best fucking feeling in the world as far as I was concerned.

"Wow," Isabella murmured softly. I grinned and pressed a kiss to the soft curve of her breast before raising my head to meet her gaze.

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. Cullen."

~Valentines Day~

I sighed wearily as I made my way off the plane and through the crowd of passengers who had shared my flight from Chicago to Seattle. Stupid fucking last minute business trip had wreaked havoc with the Valentines Day plans I'd made. We were supposed to have arrived yesterday at a luxurious lodge in the mountains that I'd made reservations for a month ago. My plan had been to stay cocooned with Isabella for three glorious days in our private cabin, only venturing forth to perhaps play in the snow or walk around the beautiful grounds. It was going to be a surprise, but then this last minute clusterfuck had happened and I'd been forced to confess and profusely apologize. The love of my life had barely batted an eye, assuring me that she wasn't upset and that we could always take the trip another time. She was so fucking amazing.

I would have loved for her to come with me but, besides the fact that she was working, she'd also been knee-deep in wedding plans with Alice. Jasper had proposed on New Years Eve and they didn't want a long, drawn out engagement, so they were getting married the first week of March. Which meant a lot of planning had to be done in a short amount of time. Being the loving friend that she was, Isabella had been helping in any way she could. Alice had known of my Valentines plans and had assured me she wouldn't need my wife for the three days we were supposed to be gone. Of course, those plans had been ruined by this last minute trip, but I knew that in the four days I'd been gone there had been lots of meetings with the florist and bakery and God only knows what else.

I was tired and grouchy, and fuck, I missed Isabella. I sent her a quick text to let her know I landed and headed for the parking garage where I'd left my car. As I walked, my mind conjured up a little daydream of sliding into bed with my sleeping wife – it would be close to eleven by the time I made it back home to Forks, and I knew she had to be tired from working and helping Alice last few days - and showing her just how much she'd been missed. I couldn't wait to feel all that soft skin, and be enveloped in her sweet citrus scent. I'd missed the taste of her mouth and those fucking breathy little sounds she made when she-


My head snapped up, searching the crowd. And then there she was, like a mirage in the desert, the sweetest angel to ever call my name. I felt my fatigue evaporate and a grin stretched my lips as I opened my arms and she threw herself into them. Home. I was finally home.

Isabella stood on tiptoe to kiss me and I moaned gratefully, tightening my arms around her and eagerly accepting the thrust of her soft tongue against mine. Fuck, I was as hard as stone in five seconds flat. The taste of her, the feel of her; my mate, my wife.

"What are you doing here?" I asked when we finally separated. I brushed her hair back and smiled down at her. She was so beautiful, somehow even more so than when I'd kissed her good-bye four days earlier. Her brown eyes were so happy and sparkling.

"Surprise," she said with a grin. "My mom and dad were coming to Seattle for the weekend to meet up with Aunt Jane and Uncle Alec and I hitched a ride. I missed you so much, baby."

"God, I missed you, too," I said, pressing another firm kiss to her lips. "Well, this will make the drive back home much more enjoyable."

"Oh, but we aren't going home. I know your Valentines Day plans were ruined, but I have plans of my own for you," she said with a mysterious smile. My already-hard dick thumped at the sight of that smile.

"Oh really?"

"Yes, indeed. Now, let's go get the car."

I drove as Isabella navigated and pretty soon we were pulling up in front of the Alexis, a trendy boutique hotel in downtown Seattle.

"You got us a room here for tonight?" I asked my clever wife, lifting her hand and kissing her knuckles.

"Yes, I did. You're not the only one that can be all sneaky, you know," she said with a wink and God, I loved her. "I've already checked us in. You can leave your carry-on here because I packed everything you're going to need."

The valet approached and Isabella led me through the lobby to the elevators. We made out like horny teenagers in the thankfully empty car, and by the time it arrived at our floor I was ready to push her up against the wall and just fuck her until we both found relief. Four days was just too long. Thankfully, she produced a key card from her back pocket and let us to a door at the end of the hall.

It was a great room with an outstanding view of the city all lit up, plus an inviting king size bed, a fireplace, and through a doorway I could see a bathroom with a big glass walled shower. All of it was wonderful and I loved that she had surprised me with this, but at the moment all I wanted was to be balls deep inside my wife. My mouth found its way down to her collarbone and I began unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing while I toed off my shoes.

Isabella moaned and her fingers tunneled through my hair when I finally got her shirt off and attacked her nipples through the sheer lace bra she wore. She hissed and I immediately drew back.

"Sorry," I said with a sheepish smile. "I didn't mean to be so rough, but I honestly can't help myself, it's been too long, sweetness."

She grinned at me.

"I've missed you just as much, baby, I promise."

To prove her point she gave me a long, wet, and thoroughly arousing kiss.

"But," she said as she pulled back, "I thought maybe after your flight you'd like a nice hot shower? That bathroom is amazing and there's plenty of room for two. . ." Her words trailed off as she removed her bra before pushing her pants and underwear down. Completely naked, she looked at me over her shoulder as she headed towards the bathroom. "You're wearing too many clothes, Mr. Cullen."

I heard her start the shower and undressed in record time. When I made my way into the bathroom it was to find her just stepping into the steamy enclosure. She crooked a finger at me.

We kissed and groped and washed and played, re-acquainting ourselves with every inch of each others bodies. Slick skin, hot water, slippery bubbles; that's what our world shrank to. The desperation inside me finally eased somewhat, and my hands traveled languidly over all the curves that I had missed so much; touching, prodding, plunging. Isabella came on my seeking fingers with a loud groan while I sucked the pulse point in her throat. Seconds later I was slowly sliding into her utterly perfect heat as she bent over in front of me, steam swirling around us. I knew I couldn't maintain control for very long; my need for her was just too big. She encouraged me to fuck her, telling me how much she loved me, how much she'd missed me, missed my cock filling her up. My slow, deep strokes into the scorching liquid grip of her welcoming pussy became faster, erratic, and I just could not hold back any more.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I chanted as I erupted forcefully, my fingers tightening on her luscious hips.

After catching our breath, we lazily finished washing up and by the time I was reaching for the fluffy white towels, all was right in my world once more.

"I have a surprise for you," Isabella whispered against my lips once we were dry.

"Another surprise?"

"I think you're going to like it."

"I'm sure I will if it's from you."

That made her giggle for some reason.

"Oh, it's definitely from me."

She led me over to the bed and urged me to sit. Then she crossed the room and retrieved something from her suitcase and returned to the bed. We sat across from each other, completely naked, and she handed me a box. It was a plain white gift box, tied with a red ribbon, fairly small like the size of an old VHS tape, but it weighed hardly anything.

"Happy Valentine's Day," my wife said and smiled. Because I knew her so well, I could tell that the smile held an element of nervousness, which was odd. I raised my eyebrow at her, but she simply rolled her eyes.

"Just open it, Edward."

I untied the ribbon and lifted the lid off the box. Inside there was some tissue paper and I pushed it aside, wondering what the fuck could be in there that would make her nervous.

I lifted the item out of the box. It was soft white cotton with words on it.

"All because two people fell in love," I read aloud. I unfolded the cotton and realized that what I was holding in my hands was one of those little tiny shirt things that babies wore. A onesie.

My eyes snapped up to meet my wife's. She smiled and reached into the box to hand me something that had been underneath. It was a handwritten note.


The only thing on Earth

that makes me happier than

calling you my husband is

being able to call you the

father of our baby.


Your wife

(and baby mama)

My hand started to shake as I read it and then read it again. The words blurred in front of me and I looked up at her again.

"A baby?" I whispered.

"Our baby," she replied with a tremulous smile.

"Our baby," I echoed faintly. I set the onesie and the note carefully off to the side and reached over to pull Isabella across my lap. My hand sought out her flat stomach and her fingers covered mine.

"When?" I asked, still trying to absorb the fact that I was going to be a father. The father of Isabella's baby. Our baby, mine and hers.

"I actually don't know," she replied with a laugh. "Sometime in autumn. I haven't been to the doctor yet, I only took the test two days ago and then I took another one and another one and I was bursting to tell you but I wanted to wait until I could see you and I planned on telling you as soon as we got here but then I missed you so much and-"

I kissed her to stop her nervous rambling.

"We're going to have a baby," I said when I pulled back. Her eyes filled with tears and she nodded. I grinned and urged her to lay back on the bed. I kissed the soft skin of her belly, and a tenderness I'd never known before flowed through me when I realized that there was actually a teeny, tiny little human, half me and half her, growing inside there. I kissed her belly over and over before looking up at my wife.

"Thank you, sweetness. You've made me so very happy."

Tears pooled in her eyes and spilled over her cheeks as she looked down at me. I turned my attention back to her stomach.

"Baby Cullen," I whispered.

~Two weeks later~

Two weeks later we were in the waiting room of Isabella's obstetrician/gynecologist, Dr. Thomas, waiting for our scheduled sonogram. A blood test the week before had confirmed the pregnancy and now we were going to find out when the baby was due. When we returned from our honeymoon, Isabella had her IUD removed and her cycles had been pretty out of whack since then. Dr. Thomas had assured her that it was normal after quitting birth control and to give it at least six months to straighten out before worrying about anything. Because of her irregularity, Isabella didn't have a clue she was pregnant until she'd started feeling twinges of nausea while I'd been in Chicago. That, coupled with her suddenly very tender breasts, had prompted her to take the first test.

I was so excited I could barely sit still. My hand kept creeping to Isabella's stomach and all she did was laugh at me every time it happened. This morning as we were getting dressed, I'd mentioned that there was definitely a gentle roundness that hadn't been present even when she surprised me at the airport. She'd stared at her naked abdomen in the mirror for a good ten minutes after that, agreeing with me and rubbing that little swell with a grin on her lips.

We hadn't told anyone our news yet; my wife wanted to wait until after the sonogram, and I was practically bursting. It was common knowledge amongst our friends and family that we were 'trying' but we were both actually shocked it had happened so quickly.

"Isabella Cullen?"

After being weighed - Isabella had laughed with glee when she found out she had gained two pounds since the last time she'd been there - we were soon settled in the exam room, waiting for Dr. Thomas to arrive.

"I think we're having a boy," my wife announced, once she was comfortable on the slightly upraised exam table. I stopped my pacing around the room and looked at her.

"Oh yeah? What makes you think that?"

"I don't know." She shrugged. "Just, when I try to picture holding our baby for the first time, I see blue, ya know? I mean, I'll be thrilled with either a boy or girl, but at the moment I think it will be a boy."

"When can we find that out?" I asked, completely clueless. The only baby I'd been around was Emmett Junior, but Rose and Em didn't find the sex out before hand.

"Um, at around the eighteen week mark, I think. So do you want to find out? You don't want a surprise like Emmett and Rose with EJ?"

"Well, if we found out beforehand we could be better prepared," I said, my brain galloping ahead. I was thinking about little blue rocking horses, but then in the next instant I pictured pink ruffled dolls.

"True," Isabella agreed. "It would be nice to have the nursery all set up, instead of just doing neutral colors. I guess we have time to think about it." Then she started laughing. "I just realized I'm going to be knocked up for Alice and Jasper's wedding just like Rose was for ours."

I laughed along with her. Just then the door opened and Dr. Thomas entered.

"Hey guys, ready to get this show on the road?"

We both nodded eagerly and she smiled at us.

"Okay, just give me a second to get the machine ready."

I stood next to Isabella, grasping her hand with mine. She turned her head towards me and smiled.

"Are you excited?"

"Unbelievably so." I leaned over and kissed her lips gently.

"Okay, Bella, I need you to lift your shirt up and push your waistband down just a little. Sorry if this is a bit cold."

Isabella squealed when clear jelly was squirted on her stomach. Then the doctor took a microphone looking thing and began spreading the goo around, pressing and prodding. I looked at the screen, eager for our first glimpse of Baby Cullen.

Dr. Thomas fiddled with some buttons on the sonogram machine while still moving the microphone around. I had no clue what I was looking at. There was lots of gray blobs and black blobs that were continuously shifting and I was just about to ask for some clarification when the doctor halted her movements, seeming to find what she wanted as she peered at the screen. I looked as well and the only thing I could see were two black bubbles with dots inside.

My wife let out a gasp and her hand tightened in mine. I looked at the doctor, alarmed that something was wrong, but she had a huge grin on her face.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. You're having twins."

My mouth fell open and I stared first at the doctor, then at my wife -who looked just as shocked as I felt - then back at the screen.

"Twins?" I echoed weakly. "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes, sir," Dr. Thomas said with a laugh. "Here let me zoom in."

She showed us the two separate amniotic sacs and our little lima bean-shaped babies nestled inside them. We could see their tiny heartbeats fluttering and she turned the sound up so we could hear them, too. The loud whoosh-whoosh, whoosh-whoosh, whoosh-whoosh filled the room and Isabella and I stared at each other in wonder. Two heartbeats, two babies.

"How far along am I? When are they coming?" Isabella asked eagerly, squeezing my hand and practically bouncing in excitement.

"Judging from these measurements, I'd say you are about nine weeks. Which puts your due date right in the middle of September. As you get further along we'll be able to tell more exactly. But it looks like you guys had a very merry Christmas, if I had to guess."

Isabella let out a snort of laughter and turned to me, fingering her infinity necklace.

"Yes, we really did," I agreed, kissing her firmly.


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. . ."

I awoke to my wife's voice singing softly as her lips made their way across my chest and down my stomach. I groaned when she bit my hip bone before laving it with her hot little tongue.

"Mmmm," I sighed. I could feel her warm breath wash over my groin and an instant later, my cock was engulfed in the wet heat of her mouth. My eyes rolled back and I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting against the tantalizing suction. "Ahhh. . . God, that feels amazing," I whispered, finally opening my eyes.

She was so fucking beautiful. Her hair was loose and wild, tumbling over her shoulders and brushing my thighs as she worked my cock over with her tongue and lips and teeth, sucking and moaning. Her eyes met mine and I wound my fingers through her hair, gently tugging, which I knew she loved. Finally, when I couldn't take any more, I nudged her under her chin, detaching her mouth from the swollen head of my dick. She pouted as she straightened up, completely naked and utterly delectable.

"I wasn't finished," she whispered, licking her lips. I sat up and kissed her hungrily.

"I know," I whispered against her mouth when we parted. "But it's my birthday and, as fucking good as that felt, there are other things that I want."

"Is that right?" she teased with a raised eyebrow.

I nodded and gently eased her back on the bed, leaning over her on one elbow.

"And which things are those?" she asked.

"First thing," I said, "I want to say a proper good morning to my boys."

She smiled when my hand rubbed over her swollen stomach. Six months pregnant with our twin boys - yes, she has been absolutely right about the gender - and my wife had never been more beautiful to me. She complained of being fat, of swollen ankles and stretch marks, but I saw none of that. She was utterly gorgeous, sexy and ripe and everything feminine.

"Hello in there." I pressed my lips against her stomach and was rewarded by much jostling from within. Our boys were very active in the mornings. At our appointment last week Dr. Thomas said they were about three pounds each right now and it was amazing to actually see the skin on Isabella's stomach ripple as they moved around. "Now boys, go back to sleep and pay absolutely no attention to what Mommy and Daddy are going to be doing for the next little while, hmm?"

Isabella laughed and I winked at her.

"Second thing," I murmured, "I want to say a proper good morning to these."

I cupped her tits and squeezed both of them, licking her stiff nipples and sucking them deep into my mouth. She whimpered and dug her fingers into my scalp, holding me close. My wife had always had fantastic breasts, but pregnancy enhanced their perfection. They were bigger, rounder, the nipples a darker pink and more sensitive. I licked and nibbled and bit them until she was squirming and panting.

"Baby, please," she whispered. I gave each of her nipples one more kiss before moving down her body.

"The next thing I want for my birthday," I said slowly as I repositioned myself so that my head and shoulders were between her legs, "is to give you a good morning kiss. Right here."

I gently pulled the flushed lips of her sex open with my thumbs and placed a soft, sucking kiss directly on her clit. She moaned and trembled while I slowly ran my tongue in a circle around her opening, briefly dipping inside her.

"Mmmm, you taste so fucking good. I'd much rather eat this gorgeous cunt than a slice of birthday cake."

It was nothing but the truth. My wife's arousal was the most intoxicating flavor on the planet. I returned my attentions to her clit and Isabella panted and shuddered as my mouth worshiped that swollen pink bead of slick, feminine flesh. The stud in my tongue aided my efforts, drawing forth both curses and praises from her. She hooked her legs over my shoulders, using them to pull me in closer.

"E-E-Edward," she stuttered breathlessly, shamelessly thrusting herself against my face.

"Let me hear it, sweetness. Let me feel it," I urged huskily, slipping my longest finger inside her and fucking her with it. She rode it eagerly, grinding and swiveling. I lapped at her clit with my tongue, stroking rapidly before closing my lips and sucking hard. She shattered immediately, my name repeated over and over. I moved up her body until our faces were close together.

"There's one more thing I want for my birthday, Isabella," I whispered in her ear, before softly biting the sensitive skin of her neck. She shuddered and opened her eyes to meet my gaze. A smile curled her lips.

"Anything for the birthday boy."

I rolled over onto my back and stroked my cock while she watched me. I crooked a finger at her.

There was just no feeling on earth like that of my wife sliding her drenched pussy down the length of my cock. When I was as deep as I could get and she was fully seated against my groin, she began to move in a sensual circle, not letting me slide out very far before pulling me back in again. It was heaven. Her ripe breasts swayed and jiggled and I cupped them, brushing my thumbs over her hard nipples and pinching them. She hummed in pleasure and her head fell back. She was utterly gorgeous, lost in her passion. I knew, from time to time, she was self conscious about the new curves of her body, but I loved every single one of them, and told her so repeatedly. She was a goddess to me; my goddess, carrying my children, and there were not words enough to describe how much I loved her.

"Ahh, just like that," I sighed as my hands reached around and cupped her ass, squeezing and kneading. "Keep fucking me just like that, Isabella. God, you're amazing. I want you to come again, I want you to come all over my cock."

She whimpered and sped her movements slightly, still taking me so deep but now grinding down more and I knew it was to feel the friction of my pubic bone against her clit. I rubbed her with my thumb, eager to feel her tighten around me, desperate to explode inside her while her sweet little cunt milked me. I didn't have to wait long. She was panting and cursing and I felt the tremors in her thighs right before she threw her head back and let out a hoarse scream. Her body clamped down on me and I saw stars as I came with a loud groan.

Some time later, I was spooning against her back, my hand absentmindedly rubbing circles on her stomach as I drifted in that place halfway between sleep and wakefulness. Isabella suddenly stiffened and groaned, bring me to full alertness.

"What's the matter?"

"It's soccer practice, apparently," she said, rolling onto her back. "One of these little buggers just kicked me right in the bladder and now I have to pee."

She slid to the edge of the bed and stood before making her way to the bathroom.

"You know, we still need to narrow down the names. They'll be here before we know it," she said upon returning. I spooned against her back once more.

"I know," I told her.

After finding out we were having boys, my wife had immersed herself into preparing for their arrival. There'd been a baby shower last week - jointly thrown by Alice, Rose, and both our mothers - and we'd received tons of clothes, toys, diapers, blankets, and anything else you could think of that a baby might need. The train-themed nursery, with it's matching cribs, was completed and just waiting for the occupants to arrive. We had the double stroller, car seats, baby swings, you name it. Dr. Thomas had told us that twins rarely held out until their due date and said that they could be born anytime after thirty-four weeks and still be completely healthy. We had about eight weeks until their due date and still had not firmly decided on names.

"You know the ones I like," I told Isabella.

"Yes, and I like them too, but I also like the others we talked about."

"How about this," I said. "We each pick the names we like the best, and when they are born you get to name one and I get to name one. We already know the middle names. I think, when we see them, we'll know exactly what their names should be."

"Okay. I hope you're right," my wife said with a yawn. "Can we take a nap?"

And she was out. I had to smile; Isabella could fall asleep at a moment's notice these days. Apparently the two orgasms had done her in this morning. I cuddled her closer and closed my eyes as well.


"Yes, I definitely got you extra sour cream," I said into the phone, grabbing the bag that contained my wife's food and making my way to the car. Beef stroganoff at nine pm. I shook my head at Isabella's latest craving. She'd been eating it at least every other day for the last month and I just thanked my lucky stars that the diner offered it. The staff laughed at me every time I showed up.

"Ok I'll see you soon, baby," Isabella said, and we hung up as I got behind the wheel.

First it had been candied yams. She had eaten so much of them her nose had turned orange. Then came the chicken fried rice phase. The Chinese delivery guy knew us by name by the time she'd gotten over that one. Broccoli was next - prepared every which way you could think of – and I swear our house smelled like a fart for a solid three weeks while she ate her way through that craving. And now we had moved on to beef stroganoff with extra sour cream.

I opened the front door, surprised she wasn't meeting me there to take the bag of food.

"Isabella? I've got your stroganoff," I called to her.

"Edward. . ."

Her somewhat muffled voice trailed off and I frowned.

"Where are you, sweetness?"

"The dining room."

I rounded the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. My wife was leaned over with her hands braced flat on the table, her head hanging down between her shoulders. When she raised her face to me I saw that she was breathing hard, her cheeks flushed.

"My water broke," she whispered.

My shocked gaze traveled down and landed on the puddle forming on the hardwood floor between her feet. She suddenly hissed and grabbed at her swollen stomach. She'd been experiencing what the doctor called Braxton Hicks contractions for about a week now, but the look on her face told me these were different. This was actually happening. Three weeks remained until our due date, but it was happening nonetheless.

"Do you think I have time to eat?" She looked longingly at the bag in my hand.

I had to laugh.

"Uh, no, I don't think so, sweetness."

The next few minutes were a whirlwind. I stuffed the food in the fridge, grabbed towels to soak up the puddle, then ran upstairs and got clean clothes for Isabella, helping her change right there in the dining room. It amazed me how calm she was when I was ready to jump out of my own fucking skin. This was really happening! I got the hospital bags from the foyer closet and then we were on our way, my one track-minded wife still bemoaning the loss of her beloved beef stroganoff.

I made calls to Charlie and Renee and my folks, letting them know what was happening and they said they'd get in touch with everyone else. I also called Dr. Thomas and she confirmed she'd meet us at the hospital. When we arrived, Isabella was taken back to a private room while I got us checked in and dealt with paperwork. When I finally found her again, she was changed into a hospital gown and there was a big band across her belly, like a wide elastic bandage. I looked at it questioningly as I took her hand in mine.

"It's to monitor the boys' heartbeats," she explained, gesturing to a machine that was printing out lines and squiggles. There was another printout happening next to it, which my wife informed me was showing her contractions. Speaking of which. . .

"Oh, holy motherfucker," Isabella groaned and squeezed my hand hard enough to make my knuckles crack, but I took it like a man. She panted for a few seconds with her eyes screwed shut and then suddenly relaxed. I brushed her hair back from her damp forehead, placing a kiss there.

"Hello, Cullens!" Dr. Thomas breezed through the door with a smile on her face. "So these little guys decided tonight was a good time, huh?"

"I didn't even get to eat my stroganoff," my wife said grumpily. Dr. Thomas laughed, very familiar with the various cravings. She checked to see how far Isabella was dilated and it was while she was doing this that a strange look crossed her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked immediately.

"Wrong? Not a thing. However, I think a change of plans is in order here. I know you really wanted to try for a vaginal delivery, Isabella, but it seems like twin B has chosen to do a somersault since our last visit. He's not head down anymore. I can feel the little bugger's toes."

"Oh my gosh, Edward!" my wife said. "Remember a few days ago when I said it felt like one of them was squeezing the breath out of me and it was really sore, but then it went away? I bet that's when he flipped."

"So what does this mean, Dr. Thomas?" I asked.

"Well, I'm going to bring a sono machine in here just to make sure, but if he has flipped then that means he can't be delivered vaginally. We'll need to perform a Cesarean section. I'll be right back with the machine, hang tight, guys."

Isabella looked up at me and I saw a touch of fear in her eyes. We knew from the moment we were told it was twins that this could happen, but it killed me to see her looking scared.

"Everything will be fine, sweetness," I told her, my voice only shaking a little bit. I pressed kisses to her forehead and cheeks. "We will have them in our arms quickly, without you having to endure hours and hours of labor. I'll be right there with you."

"I know," she murmured. "And of course I'm fine with it. It's just fear of the unknown, I guess? But you're right. Edward, we're getting our boys tonight!"

Her bright smile helped to ease the knot in my stomach.

Dr. Thomas returned, wheeling in the sonogram machine, and it was just as she suspected. Twin A was still in the head down position, but his adventurous brother had indeed been practicing gymnastics in there.

"Ok guys, I know we've talked about this, but I just want to go over it once more. Since your water has broken, Isabella, we will be moving quickly. Remember we discussed the anesthesia, should the need for a c-section arise?"

We both nodded. Dr. Thomas had told us that the preferred method was called a 'spinal block' which would numb Isabella from the armpits down.

"We're also going to administer a shot of morphine via the block, to take care of the pain once the numbness wears off. The morphine will last about 8 hours, so you will be comfortable, okay?"

My wife nodded, gripping my hand tightly.

"The babies will be here very quickly once we start, guys. Probably within ten to twelve minutes. I know this wasn't part of the plan, but it absolutely is best for both the babies and you, Isabella. I've delivered eighty-six babies via c-section, including nineteen sets of twins, and I'm very much looking forward to delivering these little boys. Now, Edward, once Isabella is taken back to the OR, you're going to be escorted to to get outfitted in scrubs and as soon as we're ready, someone will come and get you okay?"

With an encouraging smile, Dr. Thomas left and a couple of nurses bustled in. I pressed a firm kiss to my wife's lips and she whispered she loved me before she was pulled one way and I was taken another.

The next little while was a blur of activity. After a quick stop in the waiting room to update our family and friends, I was shown to a room where a nurse pointed out the disposable scrub pants and shirt that would go over my clothes, as well as shoe covers, hair cover, and face mask. I was told to wait in the adjacent room until they came to get me. The clock told me I only waited there thirteen minutes, but it felt like so much longer. I was ready to jump out of my fucking skin by the time I was escorted to the operating room.

Everything was very bright and cold in there. Several nurses were setting things up, but my eyes immediately went to the table where my wife was laying and I rushed to her side.

"Are you okay?" I asked, lacing my fingers through hers. I wished I could kiss her, but the face mask prevented that.

"I'm fine, baby," she answered with a reassuring smile. "The anesthesiologist was very nice, but the spinal block hurt like a bitch. However, I'm totally numb now. It's very strange."

"This is it," I whispered. "This is the last time it's going to be just the two of us. Are you ready?"

"I can't wait," my wife answered with a teary smile, squeezing my fingers.

I looked down to where a sheet was pulled up, making a barrier between Isabella's upper and lower body.

"I advise you not to peek over the sheet, Edward," Dr. Thomas said with a laugh as she joined us. "We've had quite a few daddies end up passed out on the floor. And just so you know, if that happens, you stay there. Our priorities are Isabella and the babies, we'll step over you if we need to."

My wife giggled at that, while I just rolled my eyes. I had no intention of looking over that sheet.

"Okay, team, let's get this show on the road!"

Dr. Thomas began, her calm and soothing voice explaining each step as she went. She was going to deliver Twin B first, since he was pretty much easier to get to. Isabella squeezed my hand very tightly the whole time as we gazed steadily at each other. My heart was threatening to beat out of my chest as the minutes ticked past.

"Okay Isabella, you're going to feel a lot of pressure here for a second, okay? Just breathe steady."

My wife's eyes widened as she looked up at me, letting out a grunt and a gasp. My eyes darted between her face and the curtain, back and forth frantically, and then-

"It's a boy! Oh, he's a sweetheart, guys." Dr. Thomas' voice floated over the curtain just a few seconds before she stood and showed us our son. Our red-faced, dark haired, squirming son who was letting out loud screeches in protest of being taken from his warm and cozy home. Tears ran unchecked down my face as I looked at him and when I glanced at my wife I could see she was crying as well.

"Oh, he's so beautiful, Edward," she whispered, awe clearly evident in her tone.

"He must get that from his mama," I teased her, my voice hoarse with emotion.

A nurse came to take him to a warming table and get him cleaned up while Dr. Thomas worked to deliver his brother.

"Just like the first time, deep breath here, okay?"

Again, Isabella's eyes locked on mine and she squeezed my hand tightly with a groan.

"Almost, almost, almost," I chanted quietly, my masked face close to hers.

"Another healthy boy!" Dr. Thomas announced, and then she laughed. "Oh, wait until you see this."

Seconds later she stood and presented our second son for inspection, and both Isabella and I laughed out loud. Just as red-faced and belligerent as his brother, but this little guy had a shocking amount of coppery hair.

"Well, he definitely gets that from his daddy," my wife giggled through her tears, and I had to agree. All my baby pictures showed the same bright curls.

He was whisked away to be warmed and cleaned, just like his brother, while Dr. Thomas concentrated on putting Isabella back together again. At my wife's urging, I stood on shaky legs and made my way to the station where my sons were being diapered and swaddled. I snapped at least a dozen photos with my phone, just completely overwhelmed with the fact that they were finally, actually, here.

A nurse called out the weights on both of them. Twin B was six pounds and two ounces. Twin A just barely beat out his brother at six pounds and four ounces.

"Well, Daddy, are you ready to get your hands on these guys?" a nurse asked me and I nodded with a grin. Which I realized she couldn't see because I still had the damn face mask on.

"Can I take this off?" I asked her, relieved when she nodded.

First she placed my dark-haired boy in the crook of one elbow, followed by his copper-headed brother in the other. They had both settled down now that they were warm and comfy again, and as I gazed down at the tiny faces of my sons, my eyes going back and forth between them, I felt my knees go fucking weak. I was now a father.

"Someone better take a picture of that!" My wife called out from the other side of the room and I looked up to see that she had her face turned in our direction, a wide grin stretching her lips. One of the nurses smiled and took my phone from where I still had it grasped in my right hand. She snapped a couple pictures before tucking it into my scrub shirt pocket and I walked slowly over to Isabella.

"Hello, my sweet boys," she crooned as I carefully sat down beside her. "Oh Edward, this one has your chin! And look, the shape of your lips, too! I bet his eyes will turn green." She stroked the soft cheek of our little redhead.

"Well, his brother sure does have your nose, sweetness. And your eyebrows, and look, your long fingers, too."

We marveled back and forth over each tiny feature, and I took pictures of our sons with their mama until Dr. Thomas interrupted us.

"And do these handsome guys have names?"

"Oh, yes they do," Isabella replied, looking at me.

"Indeed." And it really was that simple. We knew their names, just like we hoped we would.

"Dr. Thomas, you have just delivered Noah Charles," I said, pressing a soft kiss to the forehead of my little mini-me.

"And Nathan Carlisle," my wife finished, her finger gently tracing the dark eyebrow of our firstborn.

"Congratulations, you two. They look perfect. There's some standard tests we'll still run, of course, but I'd say they're healthy as can be."

It was a relief to both of us to hear that, considering they had been a few weeks premature.

Dr. Thomas finished stitching up Isabella and told us she would spend some time in recovery until most of the numbness was worn off, which should only take about an hour. The babies would be taken to the nursery, where they would run the mentioned tests. If all was well, they would then be brought to our private room.

"I love you, sweetness. I can't ever thank you enough for my sons." I pressed a lingering kiss to her lips as we just huddled there with our arms around our boys.

"Well, you had a little something to do with their creation," she said with a giggle, nuzzling her face against mine. "We did it, Edward. The night you proposed you said you wanted a family and now here we are. I can't wait to bring them home."

I couldn't speak past the lump in my throat as I gazed at my beautiful wife and our healthy sons.

The moment was broken when Dr. Thomas announced that Isabella was ready to head to recovery, while Nathan and Noah would be taken to the nursery.

I felt a little bit lost as my wife was wheeled one way and my sons another, and then I smacked myself in the forehead as I remembered everyone in the waiting room, anxious for news. Shit! I got rid of the scrubs and made my way to our family and friends. I smiled as I stood in the doorway, my presence not noticed yet. My dad was pacing, and my mom was leafing somewhat frantically through a magazine. Emmett was trying to keep little EJ occupied with something on his phone, while Rose fought with a vending machine that had apparently stolen her money. Isabella's parents were standing by the window and Charlie had his armed wrapped around Renee, talking quietly to her since it looked like she was about five seconds away from blind fucking panic. Alice was perched on Jasper's lap as they watched something on an iPad.

I cleared my throat loudly. Eight pairs of eyes snapped to me and I grinned proudly.

"They're here!"

A loud cheer went up from all of them, so loud in fact that it startled little EJ, who began to cry and reach for Rose.

Everyone gathered around me as I showed off the pictures on my phone, immensely proud of my handsome boys. There was lots of hugging and back slapping and they all laughed at how Nathan looked so much like Isabella, while Noah was my complete double. My dad and Charlie were very touched that the middle names were in honor of them, as we hadn't told them beforehand. When I mentioned the boys had been taken to the nursery, the waiting room emptied in ten seconds flat.

A few minutes later we were all gathered around the nursery widows, watching as the nurses gave the boys a sponge bath and checked them out from head to toe. When they were finished, I was allowed to enter the nursery and bring them closer to the window so everyone could see them up close.

My hear swelled with love, both for my boys and for all of the people so happy to finally meet them.

Dr. Thomas came into the nursery just then and told me Isabella was leaving recovery and on her way to her private room. A nurse helped me to lay my little guys down in a bassinet together and told me they would be coming to the room shortly, as soon as my wife was all settled in.

Since it was the middle of the night – the boys were born at ten and twelve minutes past eleven - and visiting hours didn't start until nine in the morning, our family and friends assured us they would be back. I knew Renee and Charlie wouldn't rest easy without at least talking to Isabella and seeing for themselves that she was indeed okay, so I sweet-talked a nurse into letting them go to my wife's room for just a few minutes. It was a quick, but loving reunion, and I also hugged them both and told then I'd see them in the morning.

Finally, it was just me, my wife, and our sons. Isabella held Noah as she sat up in bed, while I cuddled Nathan from my chair. The both of us kept marveling over their perfect little features, over every noise they made. I even changed my first diaper and felt like I was pretty successful. Isabella assured me I'd be a pro in no time. She had breast fed them each once already, and words cannot even describe the feelings that rose up in me at the sight. My wife, using her body to feed our children. It was beautiful, to say the least. She fucking glowed, completely at ease. She was born to be a mother.

"You look tired," I commented to her as I laid a drowsy Nathan in the bassinet next to his sleeping brother.

"Well," she said, looking at the clock, "it is almost two in the morning. Quite an eventful day, huh?"

And then she smiled, looking so beautiful that I couldn't help but sit next to her on the side of the bed and press a kiss to her gorgeous lips.

"Do you want me to have a nurse take them to the nursery so you can get some sleep?" I asked her.

"In a little bit," she replied, leaning her cheek into my shoulder. "I am tired, but I don't want them to go yet."

I stood and stretched, pretty fucking exhausted myself. There was a couch in Isabella's room and a nurse had brought in a pillow and blanket for me, which I had every intention of using soon. My mom told me she'd bring clean stuff for me in the morning so I could shower here in the attached bathroom. I walked over to the bassinet to find that Nathan was out cold now as well. They were so fucking cute, with their little blue hats and chubby cheeks. I still couldn't believe I had a hand in creating these perfect creatures. I glanced over at my wife and grinned when I saw that she had also succumbed to sleep, a peaceful little smile on her lips.

My whole world was right here in this hospital room.


And so, that's how I fell in love with my wife all over again. She made me a father, twice over, and it's a role I will cherish until there's no breath left in my body. Life is sure to be an adventure from here on out, but there's one thing I know for sure.

Anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting for.

The End.

A/N: And there we have it! Thank you so very much to everyone who has read and rec'd this little story, I appreciate it more than you can know. I never intended for it to be more than a dirty little one shot, but. . . there was just more of their story to tell. :)

I'm no doctor by any means, but some of this does come from real life experience. My first-born was head down in position at my 39 week appt. and then the little bugger did a somersault and they told me at my 40 week appt. that I'd be having a c-section the next day. My water did not break like Isabella's though. LOL Also, I know a lot of people think that instant attraction and love at first sight is just hogwash, but it really isn't. My husband and I met, got engaged 3 months later and married one month after that. That was over 15 wonderful years ago and he really is my knight in shining armor.

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