I. Prelude/The Cruel Gods and Possible Wizards That Won't Stop.

The world is cruel.

And I say this with great feeling and ferocious anger, that this cruel world is unfair and that when clear and opportune situations arise, they quickly fade out and vanish almost as fast as they appear.

This is my bitterness showing and I have every right to be, because the girl of my dreams absolutely cannot be the girl of my dreams.

It's not right. It's illegal. It's all those things taboo and shouldn't be talked about and definitely shouldn't be written about but then again here I am.

The first of many letters of which no one will ever see. My way of venting out toward the cruel gods and possible wizards that won't stop this feeling.

The feeling that won't go away. The hopelessness of a brother in love with his sister. And I really have to find a way to stop this now or I'll never stop.

Because not stopping is not an option.