"Oh sweetie, you need a shower," Mom tells me as soon as we're in the car and on our way.

"I've been on the bus for the past three days, give me a break." In my defence, I've been bathing. Bella and I would take turns watching out for each other so we didn't miss the bus when we stopped at a longer layover.

Thinking back, this trip would have been horrible had it not been for her.

"I know, sweetie. We'll be in Port Angeles in a few hours so you can shower properly," Mom says idly as she starts up the car and exits the bus depot parking lot. It's late and dark, I'm tired and maybe a little cranky, but I'm happy to see her.

"A few hours? I thought they were getting married in Seattle." I frown, taking in my surroundings.

"Oh, they booked a whole cabin in the middle of the forest right outside of town. It's beautiful there. Rose said she and Emmett had a surprise for us too, but she was waiting for you. She misses you, you know?" Mom's driving skills haven't improved much in the last week as she weaves in and out of traffic.

"I know. I'm going to take the plane on the way back, I think." Looking outside the window, I notice we're now a little bit outside the city limits and fuzzy green trees whip by. The scenery is breathtaking even in the dark with just the headlights shining ahead.

"I'm glad you changed your mind, son," Mom says smiling. "You must have been bored out of your mind," she snickers. I think Mom is probably hinting about Bella. I know she must have seen me hugging her, but thankfully she leaves it alone for now.

Laying my head back against the headrest; I close my eyes and think of Bella. "Not really, Mom. It was actually a lot of fun."

Bella's face makes an appearance behind my eyelids. Her eyes lighting up when we approached another state border. The way she'd crinkle her face and the flush of her cheeks whenever she told a dirty joke. Fuck, I miss her.

I eventually nod off, exhaustion taking over as Mom pats my thigh knowingly. "Sleep it off, Edward. You'll know better next time," she snickers, and thankfully doesn't say any more about my trip.

When I wake up, it's still dark outside. We're surrounded by trees and foliage. Mom wasn't kidding when she said it was a lodge in the middle of nowhere.

"Oh, you're awake," Dad says as he takes my bag from the backseat.

"Erm, yeah." I nod and fold myself out of the car. Stretching, I can feel every bone in my back crack and give. "That feels good."

"I bet. What were you thinking, son? Have a drink and sit on the plane with us next time, will ya?" Dad claps a hand over my shoulder and chuckles as he walks past me and up the path to the front door of the cabin.

Rolling my eyes, I follow him blindly. "Yeah, yeah. It wasn't that bad though," I mumble as I walk into the cabin.

It's a lobby and looking around I notice how it's all decorated for the wedding with ribbons, flowers and wreaths spread around the rather large space. Off to one side of the room is a small alcove with a sofa and a television and on the other side is a large staircase leading to a second floor.

"This place is nice," I compliment, taking my bag from my father.

"We rented the entire cabin and the three cottages," Rose says, coming out of the small TV room. "How are you doing, bro?" She smiles and wraps her arms around my neck.

I hug her tightly, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her into my chest. She's almost as tall as I am, but she's a tiny thing. "I'm great. This place is pretty nice, sis."

She pulls back and pushes the hair off of my forehead. "It is. We love it out here." She grins and takes a step back.

Emmett, her soon-to-be husband, joins us in the lobby. "Hey little bro, good to have you here." We do the odd one sided man hug thing, and then he goes and wraps his arms around Rose. "So, now that you're finally here, we can tell you guys the good news." He grins and motions for us to follow him into the TV room and have a seat.

"What's this all about, Emmett?" Dad asks, as the five of us take a seat.

I'm tired and want a horizontal surface to lie on so I pray they make this quick. It's the middle of the night for Christ's sake, don't these people sleep?

"Well, sir, as you know we'd been looking into moving away from the city." Mom nods and Emmett continues. "Well, we bought a house."

"Oh, that's wonderful, honey. Why didn't you guys say so earlier?" Mom claps excitedly and pulls Rose into a hug.

"Well, Esme, that's not all. I got transferred to the Forks police department and that's where we're going to live." Emmett takes Rose's hand in his and they beam.

My ears perk up when I hear that he's moving to Forks. Didn't Bella say she was going to Forks? Shit, it was Forks, right? There can't be that many small towns around here named Forks? Right?

I want to kick my own ass for not listening more closely, but then as I close my eyes momentarily, all I see are her soft pouty lips moving, but no words come out. Jesus, I'm pathetic.

If I'm lucky, maybe I'll run into her one of these days. But then, what would be the odds? I'm here for only a few days.

"So, Edward, your room is upstairs, Mom and Dad have one of the cabins out back, and we have the honeymoon cabin," Rose says and Emmett wags his eyebrows.

"What happened to not seeing the bride before the wedding?" I ask, chuckling.

"That's an old tradition," Emmett says. "I can't sleep without my Rosie."

I roll my eyes. "Well, if you guys don't mind, I'm going to go to bed." I stand a yawn.

"I think that's a great idea, sweetie," Mom says. "Tomorrow, we can talk about that girl I saw you with at the bus," she continues, walking past me and heading out the door with Dad hot on her heals. He turns to me and smiles, wiggling his eyebrows before he closes the door.

"Shit." I shake my head and head toward the stairs.

"I'd love to sit and chat more, Edward, but we still have tomorrow to catch up before the big day." Rose comes up to me and kisses my cheek.

"I'm not kissing your cheek," Emmett says laughing as he heads out the front door, followed by Rose.

I'm amazed there doesn't seem to be anyone working here, but since it's the middle of the night, it's completely understandable.

Making sure I keep the noise down, I shower quickly, letting the soapy water run down my body. Unfortunately for me and my tired state, my cock decides it's time to get the party started and springs to life.

Sighing, I close my eyes and will it to go away, but instead, I'm assaulted by images of Bella. Her lean legs and perky ass, leading up to her perfectly proportioned tits, make an appearance behind my eyelids, and before I realize what I'm doing, I'm stroking myself to images of Bella.

Her face and smile.

Those lips.

That dip between her waist and hips.

Those big brown eyes.

Those lips wrapped around my cock.

Her ass perched in the air as I push myself in and out of her tight little pussy.

"Jesus...fuck, that's it," I groan and come all over the shower stall. Bracing myself against the shower wall, I take a deep breath and rinse myself off, making sure to wash away all the evidence of my release.

Momentary guilt consumes me, but it doesn't last very long once I'm settled into bed.

Tomorrow is a new day. Rose and Emmett are getting married in a couple of days and all I have to do is be there and support them.

Thank God, because right now, I'm dead tired.

Yup...that happened...