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darling doesn't have a problem

Every year Scorpius Malfoy throws a New Year's party at the Malfoy Manor, the wildest event of the year. Rose and Lily always go together, it's their tradition. Every year, their night plays out in exactly the same way: Rose spends the night alternating between bickering and making out with Scorpius, while Lily lets boys buy her shots and play with her hair and grab her ass on the dance floor. At midnight Rose kisses Scorpius and Lily always has someone to kiss too, someone different every year.

But this year, things are different. Suddenly, Rebecca Parkinson is hanging off Scorpius's arm everywhere he goes. Rose tries to act like she doesn't care, Lily knows she shouldn't. She knows a thing or two about fear of commitment herself and she knows Scorpius is just trying to prove a point to himself.

"Did you hear about that party ?" Rose asks her. "The one Victoire and Teddy are throwing ? All cousins are going, they never liked Slytherin parties anyway, we were the only ones that went." She suggests this year they join them. Lily almost feels sorry enough for her to agree. Almost. All her sympathy vanishes when Rose opens her mouth next: "Teddy and Victoire look so good together don't they ? The way Teddy looks at her ! He's obviously head over heels in love with her. They are meant to be." She sounds wistful, like she wishes Scorpius would love her like that, and totally oblivious to the way Lily presses her lips together tightly.

Lily goes to Scorpius's party anyway. All male heads turn when she enters and after 11 shots, 2 sloppy kisses and too many hands snaking up her thighs to count, she's finally had enough. She rushes out to the terrace. The cool air burns her lungs, it's snowing lightly and the hot tub looks so inviting, surface glistening. She takes off all her clothes and gets in, piling her hair on top of her head and leaning back, eyes closed.

After what seems like hours of just lying there, soaking in the tub, she hears the terrace door open and the soft hustle of clothes being removed. She opens one eye lazily and sees a smirking Scorpius Malfoy getting in. His chest reminds her of pale marble and she can't deny that he looks good. He scoots closer to her.

"The party got boring without you there to shake things up." He murmurs in her ear, his hand lightly tracing her thigh. She can smell the alcohol in his breath, hear the slight slurring of his words.

"I know you don't like Parkinson." She blurts out abruptly.

He chuckles. "Well, it doesn't take a genius. A bloody octopus, that girl is." He shakes her head, as if he can't believe how clingy Rebecca is.

"You like Rosie. And that scares you." She states, a strand of hair escapes her bun and falls over her eyes. She doesn't push it away.

His eyes darken. "You don't know shit about me, Potter." he growls and crushes his lips agains hers in a bruising kiss.

She remembers Rose crying softly in her sleep when she stayed over at their house. She remembers the flash of hurt in her eyes when she first saw Scorpius with Rebecca. She stays still for a moment, just letting him kiss her.

They look so good together. They belong together. He is head over heels in love.

It's not about revenge, she tells herself. Rosie doesn't even know she… No, it's not revenge. She loves her cousin, she isn't angry. But she is who she is, and that's why she eventually kisses him back.

When he pulls back, breathless, she holds his face between her delicate little hands and whispers: "Do you know what my new year's resolution was ? To forget."

He doesn't ask any questions. He just reaches for his watch near the tub. "It's 20 minutes till midnight. I'd say we could still make it happen." As he leans forward to kiss her again, she stops him.

"What's yours ?" When he looks at her blankly, "Your new year's resolution, I mean." she adds impatiently, her breath coming out in a white cloud of smoke from the cold.

"I need answers. I think I might… I need to know, for sure." He says without missing a beat.

She gives him a weird look, then kisses him.

The sex is good. They are both experienced and they both like it rough. She tries to play with his hair a little afterwards, as an act of intimacy. But his hair is all wrong, so horribly blonde and so stiff. It's nothing like turquoise and it sure as hell doesn't change color.

She stands up, gathering the sheets around herself and looking out to the breathtaking view from his bedroom window. She was never good with intimacy anyway. She glances at him, he is smoking muggle cigarettes (she knows it's sort of a "fuck you" to his father's past). He looks like a cliche straight out of those old muggle movies Rose likes so much and forces her to watch every single sleepover they have. He is almost glaring at her and she thinks she knows why: There she is standing, with her wild fiery hair tumbling down her back and lips swollen from kissing, her lithe form draped in sheets; looking absolutely nothing like a certain curvy brunette.

She snatches his cigarette from between his lips, taking a drag and passing it back.

"Did you get your answer ?" she asks, already knowing what he'll say.

"Yes." he says bitterly. It wasn't the one I'd hoped for, she knows he wants to add, but he doesn't. "And you ? Did you manage to forget ?"

She decides to extend the same curtesy to him and not say what she's really thinking.

"Yes. For a while". She lies. "Wanna do it again ?"

She pauses as she leaves, her hand on the doorknob. She turns around and tosses the pale purple bra that had been dangling from her fingers towards him. "Keep it." She smirks, winking. She knows about Scorpius's little twisted habit, collecting all those trophies from all his conquests. He lets out a surprised laugh, a genuine one.

"Whoever he is, he's an idiot, Potter ! Just never forget that !" He calls after her as she slips out. A slight smile plays at her lips. She is always fun to be around, the life of the party, like she doesn't have a single problem. But when she is with Scorpius, it almost feels true. She realizes, with surprise, that she actually considers him a friend.

Rose and Scorpius get back together a month later. Scorpius still hasn't manned up and admitted he is falling in love with Rose. He still fucks Lily whenever he feels like he can't breathe, desperately searching for "his answer". And Lily lets him, desperately trying to forget, knowing she never will. She also knows what his answer is, even though she doesn't say anything: No. He cannot be with anyone else - not even one as gorgeous and skilled in bed as Lily - without thinking of Rose.

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