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all i ever needed is here in my arms

"Scorpius asked me to marry him. We are getting engaged." Lily looks deep into the eyes of her cousin, searching for signs of discomfort. It has been exactly a year since that night something between them broke. But they have put it back together. It isn't perfect, you can still see the cracks, but they are whole again. They are family. But still, Lily isn't sure if she will be okay with them getting engaged, and she waits for a reaction, anxious.

Rose sighs. "I know. He told me before he asked you. Seriously guys, what is it with you asking my permission ?"

Lily doesn't reply, she just keeps staring at her, waiting.

Rose rolls her eyes. "God, you look like a fucking child, with your eyes all big and shit. Fine, I give you my blessing."

"Rose." Lilu scolds. "I mean it, are you okay with it ? Coz if you are not -"

"Lil, listen. You guys are good together. He is good for you, you are the best version of yourself with him. And Scorpius and I… We never would have worked, I see it now. Not that my relationships usually end up that great anyway." She adds, referring to her little fling with Lysander Scamander.

Lily can't help but laugh - they were so wrong together, Lysander and Rose, it's kind of funny in a morbid way. "Maybe you should start dating girls or something, Rosie." She jokes, relaxing a little now that she knows her cousin is fine with everything that is going on.

But Rose doesn't laugh like Lily expects her to. "Maybe I should." She mumbles vaguely, and when Lily follows her gaze, she sees that Rose is staring at Alice Longbottom who is splashing in the Lake with her friends, laughing, looking like she is having the time of her life.

Lily smiles. Now, Alice would be perfect for her Rosie. She would know, she has sampled a taste of what being with sweet little Alice would be like, herself.


That night, Teddy comes to her house. He reeks of alcohol and there is a pained expression on his face. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away.

She is done sleeping around. She is done with him.

When seducing her doesn't work, he starts begging.

"Don't marry him, Lil. Please."

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't ?" She asks calmly. Nothing he will say can change her mind, she knows it, but she is still curious to his answer.

"I- I need you." he says softly, and he looks so heart breakingly handsome and innocent.

But Lily does not feel anything, she realizes, surprised. She expected as soon as she set eyes on him, she would go crashing down in his arms again. But she doesn't even feel pity. She remembers how horribly, twistedly wrong he made her feel. She deserves better, someone that makes her feel okay. And Scorpius makes her feel better than okay - he makes her feel good. Beautiful. Special. Safe. She always comes first with him. Never second best. Never the plan B. Never the back up.

"You and I would never work, Teddy boy." She says coldly, enjoying every cutting worth she utters."You can't stand up for what you feel, you can't own up to your mistakes. You want to have your cake and eat it, too. You are selfish and weak, pathetic, even."

She sees his face turn ugly with anger. His turquoise hair turns flaming red, matching her own.

"You bitch !" He screams, spluttering. "You - you came to me, you seduced me. You begged me to stay every time I tried to get out ! And now you have the nerve to tell me we wouldn't work ? You call me pathetic ? Your fiancé, he is your cousin's ex ! It's what you do, you always want what you can't have !"

Lily smiles. "Oh, but I can have him. Rose is actually happy for us. And I still want him, unlike you. I get why you are so angry Teddy boy, I really do. But you shouldn't take it personally. It's just… Survival of the fittest. I need someone strong, for some balance, you know. Like you mentioned, I'm not exactly the poster child of strength myself." She laughs a little. "So… Good night, Teddy. Have a nice life. I know I will".

And with that, she slams the door in his rage filled, incredulous face.

For the first time in her life, Lily Luna Potter feels content.

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