Who Are You?

While Bruce, Clint, and Steve had been getting acquainted with the Girl From The Sky, Tony had been running every scan that he could on the newcomer and had come up with nothing but a strange organic reading that J.A.R.V.I.S could not compute, which would have worried most people, but it was a generally well known fact that Tony Stark was not 'most people'.

As a matter of fact, he took great pleasure in informing people of that little quirk.

Right now, though, the fact that his databases were throwing up Unknown Entity signs whether he was trying to find out what it was that was coursing through this kid's bloodstream or trying to find out where she came from, Tony was getting slightly frustrated and decided that he was just going to have to bring her into one of the labs to get the answers he wanted.

"While I applaud your sudden hospitality, sir," J.A.R.V.I.S intoned after Tony had invited everyone back inside, slightly disappointed that his sudden announcement hadn't been met with more of a reaction, "It is entirely possible that Mr. Barton's assessment of the female might be accurate. It would perhaps be more prudent for us to inform-"

"If you were going to finish that sentence with 'inform S.H.I.E.L.D. of our visitor', then you're going to be the one that ends up in a community college, J.A.R.V.I.S. I'd hate to see something I spent so much time and effort on being used to teach baby faced idiots the joys of long division..." Pausing on his way out of the lab, Tony snatched up a tablet and the Mark IV bracelets, slipping them on as he made his way to the common area that Steve was no doubt leading everyone else to.

"The situation is perfectly under control; it's one girl against Captain America, an assassin whose already gunning to put an arrow in her butt, a rage monster that needs only the slightest provocation, and we already know that I'm immune to mind control, so let's see what she has to say for herself before we throw her off the Tower."

There might have been a mechanical sigh at that, but the sound was too low for Tony to really hear before J.A.R.V.I.S. responded with a perfunctory, "Very good, sir."

Making his way to the kitchen, Tony saw that the New Girl was sitting at the head of the table that normally was used for breakfast instead of interrogations; Steve and Bruce were sitting to the front and either side of her, with Clint sitting at the far end, a throwing knife spinning idly in his hands. He and the New Girl seemed to be involved in the most epic attempt at staring the other down that Tony had ever seen, the tension in the room dulled a bit by the other pair looking between them like they were spectators in a tennis match.

"Well, at least no one will ever claim that the welcome here is ordinary." Tony drawled, watching with glee as Steve and Bruce's gazes snapped to him as soon as they realized he was in the room, while the only reaction that the staring contestants gave was a twitch of their shoulders. "I hope you don't go around telling people we threaten guests with knifes, considering the fact that the only damage she's done so far has been to my Tower that is-in all honestly-a sneeze compared to the last time the Big Guy got pissed at me."

Bruce ducked his head at that admission, which led to Steve glared at Tony, both of whom the engineer ignored as he willed either Clint or the New Girl to break and look at him, for one of them to concede before they suddenly developed heat vision and fried each other's brains into piles of jelly, leaving him to explain to Natasha how Clint went from being to birdbrained to brain damaged...

Finally, after what seemed like an indeterminable amount of time, the New Girl turned from the table and moved to stand in front of Tony. Her movements were slow and completely choreographed so that they could see exactly what she was doing as she was doing it, and she just stood there for a few minutes before bending at her waist to give Tony a rather extravagant curtsy that nearly had her face planting into his chest.

Surprisingly enough, it was Clint who broke the insuring silence by laughing.

"You told her that she was 'going to meet the King', Tony," Clint snorted at the looks the others were giving him, waving the knife at the Girl's still bent form, "So, I guess that this is her 'greeting' to the so-called 'ruler'... That's just great, like you need your ego stroked any more."

The girl lifted up from her bow/curtsy and gave Tony a questioning look that included a tilt of her head, prompting Tony to hold up the tablet that he had brought with him. "Since you apparently can understand English, and tried to respond in kind, so let's see if you can write down whatever it is you want to say. That way we don't have to guess at what it is you want to tell us..."

Eager hands grabbed at the tablet, fingers drawing at the face of the device as her gaze darted between it and Tony, lips spread in a wide grin that automatically made Tony smile back in response. As soon as she finds what she's looking for, she twirls her pointer finger on the screen a few times before nodding happily.

As soon as that is done, she lifts up the tablet and swings it around the entire kitchen so that everyone could see what was written on it:

Hello, everyone.

"Nice. Much better than Steve on his first time," Tony beamed at the red that flared on Steve's face, tilting the tablet so that he could show the New Girl how to erase the words before he asked, "Now, we know that you don't know where you are, how you got here, or even who you are... Do you remember anything about what was going on before you got here...? Anything at all?"

There was a few minutes of thought as the Girl's gaze fixated on something none of them could see, eerily reminding Tony of the times that Steve got lost in his memories of 'Before', and then her hands were gripping the tablet in a grasp that caused the device to emit a noise that sounded like something between a screech and a hiss, making the screen blanket out into a white fog as she started to shake much worse than she had before.

"Tony?" Steve's voice held some of the worry that must have shown on Tony's face, but his gaze is fixated on the girl in front of him, the girl whose eyes have rolled up into her head and she slumped forward almost too fast for Tony to catch her. "What the hell!?"

Cap cursing-for Steve had definitely changed into his Avengers persona, despite the fact that he wasn't even wearing his suit-was a clear sign of how worried he was, and the fact that the rest of the crew had rushed to the Girl's side, was also a sign that their concern about the Girl being a threat had disappeared under their concern for her well being. Her trembling had caused her to spasm in Tony's arms so badly that he needed the combined efforts of both Bruce and Clint to hold her in place, and even then it was a battle to keep her steady.

"I'm calling S.H.I.E.L.D!" Tony was barely aware of Steve's panicked yelling, his attention was drawn to the body that went suddenly and completely still underneath his hands to slide limply against the floor, almost as if she was a puppet that had her strings viciously cut...


It was cold where she was, cold and dark, every single sense in her body screaming out that this was wrong, wrong WRONG!

She needed to get back to where she was before, with the men that were trying to help her, trying to figure out where she came from... Why was she here now? What had happened to the man that had given her a way to communicate...?

Why was it so damn cold?!

All of a sudden, the lights were suddenly on and she had to shield her eyes from the glare, her arm moving a few seconds behind her brain telling it to... Looking at the appendage, she sees why; her arm has tubes and wiring attached to it, barely a free space of skin left, and every single one is hooked up to a machine that is beeping and pinging like she's just won the lottery.

"Seems like our little experiment is up," The voice that speaks is colder than the chill that has yet to release her from its grip and she is struck by the thought that she has to get away from here, from wherever this place may be and back to the men that were helping her, even if one of them didn't trust her...

She tries to move, but finds that she can not, that she is completely unable to do so. Looking at her arm, she tries again; mentally she screams at it to move, but it stays still despite the fact that it is unfettered. It lays there as the fear builds in her chest, as the fact that she has no control over her own body consumes her until she feels she could drown in it.

"Now, I do believe it is time for us to begin. You're going to be wonderful..." The Voice grows closer and closer, the rustle of clothing telling her that someone is approaching and she wills any part of her body at all to move, to strike out, but all that happens is her head turns toward the man-the voice is too deep to be any way close to female-that has finally made his way into her sight.

"Aren't you, Sarah?"

The scream that rips from her throat echoes around the helicarrier as the New Girl, as Sarah, finally wakens from the memory that had held her hostage. It dissolves into sobbing as she realizes that she has just moved from one laboratory to another and it ends in anger as soon as she sees a lab assistant heading toward her...

What follows after that is one of the most bloody confrontations since the Loki Incident.