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At ten years old, Lambo still wasn't too sure on the whole "sharing" concept.

He didn't like sharing his toys.

He didn't like sharing his candy.

And he most certainly did not like sharing his big brother.

Especially with two loud, snotty, crying babies.

Sharing with Fuuta and I-Pin was bad enough.

But at least they knew how to give Dame-Tsuna back.

At least they didn't steal all his attention and his laughter and his love.

Unlike stupid Skull and stupid Reborn.

Lambo had tried to be a good boy at first.

Honestly he had.

He knew how much stress his big brother was under, so he had decided to be a good boy, which was something he didn't do all that often.

But it had already been one full week and Tsuna still spent all his time with the babies and Lambo was really mad at him so he had decided that he would hide in his secret fort and never ever ever come out again!

Lambo was really proud of his secret fort.

Back when they had first moved into the Vongola HQ, he had gone exploring, and had somehow stumbled upon a small alcove in the attic that was almost impossible to see unless you knew what to look for.

So Lambo had dragged some pillows and blankets up to the attic to make it more comfortable, and had even brought a flashlight, and had hidden some candies and had turned it into his own personal hideaway, for when everyone else was being too loud and noisy and he wanted to be completely alone.

Or for when he wanted to hide where no one could see him and make his stupid big brother worry about him and stop paying attention to the stupid babies.

So as Lambo curled into the soft, poofy comforter he had dragged all the way up to his fort in the attic, his eyelids drooping downwards as he tried to fight off sleep, he imagined the relieved expression that would cross Tsuna's face when he reappeared after having gone missing for several hours.

Tsuna was absolutely, utterly exhausted.

The past week had been hectic, and difficult for all the guardians as they helped the young arcobaleno adjust to their new lives in the Vongola mansion.

But finally, he and his two little ones had somehow set up a routine.

Which meant that now, as the two of them took their afternoon nap, he could finally deal with a situation that had been bothering him for a while.

Lambo had disappeared to his "secret" hideout in the attic a few hours ago, probably sulking, which meant that when he finally came back out, Tsuna would have to run some damage control.

The young Don had been feeling guilty this entire week about not being able to give his little brother as much attention as he should have, and he could only hope that Lambo hadn't been too hurt by the whole ordeal.

Tsuna would go confront him now, but he knew how important it was to Lambo to have somewhere he could go to be completely alone (other than his room).

Which was why he had decided to pretend that he had no idea about the secret fort his little brother had set up for himself.

Suddenly, Tsuna felt his hyper intuition flare, and he stopped what he was doing.

Lambo must have woken up.

Adopting a worried expression and ruffling his meticulous clothes a bit, as if he had been running around for a while now, Tsuna hurried to meet his little brother, who had been "missing" for hours now.

It didn't hurt to play along with his schemes sometimes.

Every child deserved to be spoiled every once in a while.

Lambo met his big brother on the staircase between the first and second floor.

And the older male was sporting exactly the expression Lambo had expected to see on him.

"There you are, Lambo!" exclaimed the young Don, rushing up to gather his young lightning guardian into his arms. "Oh, I was so worried! Where on Earth did you go?"

Leaning into the warm embrace, Lambo bit back the words he had planned on saying.

Standing here, seeing the worry evident in Tsuna's face and the way he hugged him so tightly, Lambo felt a bit guilty for what he had done.

"I, uh...I fell asleep somewhere," he answered lamely, his tiny hands clutching at his brother's suit.

He had missed this. Really he had.

Pulling back slightly, Tsuna took Lambo's face into both of his hands, and looked him straight in the eyes.

"You need to be more responsible, young man," he chastised lightly. "You had me worried sick!"

And there was the pang of guilt again.

But with it was another feeling as well.

Something warm and soft and lovely.

It was kind of nice to see his big brother worried for him.

"I'm sorry, Tsuna-nii," replied Lambo, looking down as he raised his hands to lay them on top of Tsuna's.

"As long as you understand," replied Tsuna, pulling him back into a hug.

"Now. How about we go out for some gelato? Just you and me."

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