I want to go to a place

Where there are fairies

That sparkle

"Boy! Go clean that up!" Vernon yelled.

I want to go to a place

Where there are no more fights

CRASH! "Stupid boy! Why don't you just hide yourself, no one wants to see a worthless thing like you." Petunia sneered.

I want to go to a place

That has magic and lights

No more darkness

No more frights

The cupboard was cold. Even with his glasses, he wouldn't be able to see anything. It was too dark, it was always too dark.

I want to go to a place

That has fun and adventure!

Where I can play all day

With no more lectures

He smiled as he played with his little toy soldiers. They were some of his only toys, but he loved them. But his happiness didn't last long as his cupboard door was ripped open by Dudley.

"Ha, you still play with little toys?" Dudley grabbed the little man from his small hands. He watched with tears brimming as Dudley stomped on them, laughing.

I want to go to a place

That has dancing and laughter

No more hiding

No more crying

Harry washed the dishes furiously. Maybe if he got it done quick enough, he would be able to get something to eat. He felt a tear slide down as he thought of Dudley's last birthday, all the food and presents he had received. And Harry had had to feed him cake while he got nothing. At least it was nice to make someone else happy, right? But how come Harry didn't get anything today? It was his 7th birthday!

I want to go to a place

Where I have friends and family

Where everyone loves me

And they care for me

Thirty-year-old Harry wiped his eyes, trying not to fog his glasses up. The same glasses he had worn when he had written this poem. Harry had found it when he was looking through some old things, he read it but had to stop after each verse. They brought up too many painful memories.

"Well, Harry. You got your wish. You got magic. You got friends." Harry smiled as he heard his son James run around with his cousin. "But most importantly, you got a family. I have a family."