Title: on butterfly wings

Disclaimer: not my characters

Warnings: spoilers for everything

Pairings: implied Jack/David

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 230

Point of view: third

Prompt: Kings, Jack Benjamin, once and future king

He dreams of being king; of course he does. He dreams of being respected and loved - the most adored king Gilboa will ever have. He dreams of a dynasty that lasts until God returns from the heavens to welcome His people home.

He wakes to a room he cannot leave without permission and guard, a woman he doesn't love and likes less by the day, a father who will not look at him, a mother who refuses to speak to him, and a sister no one talks about.

Jack has never been patient. He learns, slowly and painfully.

Jack has never prayed sincerely. He still doesn't. Not to his father's god, anyway.

When Jack prays, late at night and lying next to the mother of his father's heir (a daughter that Silas names Hope and never lets Jack hold), it's David he sees in his mind, David's name that doesn't pass his lips, and David he hopes returns with an army.

If David comes back, Jack will kneel at his feet, neck bared, and swear fealty for however long David keeps him alive.

But until then… he will be patient. He will survive.

He will never be king, and he's come to terms with that. All he wants now is to tear down his father's throne.

He dreams about fields of blood and butterflies littering the ground.