I dare you - author update:

Hey everyone, First off I am so incredibly sorry for going AWOL on all of you after leaving I Dare You at such a cliffhanger for 2 months. I really can't say how sorry I am because I love this story, I love clintasha and I miss talking to fellow dedicated marvel fans like you guys. Thank you so much for reading a story that is nearly 700k words and one I had to put on an unforeseen hiatus so close to the ending that you can taste it.

I have been reading the recent flow of reviews and I know that you all are anxiously waiting for the next chapter and some of you even though I was apparently dead - which this message is clearly meant to assure you that I am not. I know anything I say is going to simply sound like an excuse but I've recently been going through a really tough time with my family and other personal problems that I need to take care of right now. My life might not be full of dubious assassinations and guilt streaks a mile long but it is really crazy right now and got so complicated so fast I don't even know how it happened. :(

The point is that I won't be able to update for another little while. I need to work my life out and fix some things before I can sit down and put some attention into giving this story the ending it deserves. Trust me, whatever I write while in this stressed out situation will not be my best work and will leave not a single one of you satisfied. :(

So I guess what I'm asking for is if everyone can just hold on until I am fully ready to come back - with a strong, badass and killer ending to this massive whirlwind story of the best strike team SHIELD and the world ever saw and will ever see again.

Please bare with me guys! I PROMISE I will finish this story. I really will.

Thank you for reading,

- Shadowsontherun