He gives it to me slow and deep to start. All the way out… and then so far back in that I can feel his pubic hair against my taint. My breath comes out in a ragged sob. He knows exactly how to fuck me, how to hit my sensitive spots, and he's going to give me so much pleasure I won't be able to stand it.

He closes his eyes and licks his lips and moans "Mmm," Like I'm some particularly delicious meal… then again look at me, like he's savoring my body as he eases the full length cock into me. My moans are coming louder and louder as he starts to speed up. My ass flexing involuntarily now. I'm twitching and throbbing and…

He hits something inside of me and a hot wave of pleasure slames into me. I feel it all the way to the tip of my fingers, and I scream for more. He wraps his arms around my toigh s and starts to really pount me. "Oh baby! That's it! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!" He usually so quiet when we fuck, so stoic but this time he couldn't stop himself from moaning groaning and shuddering.

I can feel his body tensing up. I'm shaking. Every breath that comes out of me is a scream, oh fuck. I'm going to squirt all over everything.

He's getting so close. He's squirming and shoving and arching his back and he's going to fill me up with his cum…

And then he pulls his cock out.

" You fucker!" I screamed at him.

He grabs me and flips me over onto my stomach. I struggle and try to get up, but he's sinking his cock back into me again. I force my ass to relax and it slides in hot and long and sweeter then anything!

"Aaaah!" I scream.

He grasps my hair and holds my head down and fucks me as hard as he can. It's so much deeper and more intense like this, he's hitting me in some perfect angle, I press my face into the blanket and start to howl. I'm not even yelling words anymore, it's all just one long scream. I start to thrust my hips up and back to meet him. Oh Geez, I'm going to explode.

He reaches around my waist and starts to pump my dripping cock, and I know I can't hold back anymore. Yes, yes, I'm done resisting. I'm all his, I'm his little screaming fuck-toy cock-slut. When he finally came into my I collapsed on the bed as did Lassie on top of me.

" Lassie." I said quietly when I seen his rapid breaths still from how hard he came into me.

" Yes Shawn?" I loved it when he used my first name. It made me feel so loved so alive then I usually felt anymore.

" I love you."

" I love you too."