Panda Brothers

By: Morgan

Chapter 1

Men came into the forest. They were quick and crule. Shooting adult pandas and grabing up there cubs. There was no stoping them eather. Moumoku was a blind panda and could not see. She cride out for her cubs,"Burū! Ontai! Yuushi! Where are you?!" She could not hear them. Sudenly she felt something hit her tummy.

"Mama! Whats happoning?!"

"Yuushi! Where are your brothers?" She was trying to hurry and found herself speeking out of fear something had happoned to her other cubs. Then there was the beating threw at the back of her head that said,"You know how this works."

"Stay with me Yuushi" she knew she could not see, but he had to follow, he just had too. She was hauf running, using her nose to guide her and her familiarity with the land served her well enuff to lead them into the forest of thick bamboo and trees. She remembered a fallen tree beside a huge rock. She picked Yuushi up by the scruff of his fur and tucked him away insied the opening, turning back to find her other cubs. She quickly ran back into the carnige that she could not believe was real. Her fur would have been shaking with a shine, but the sun was not shining. Instead it was a huge dark cloud she guessed, she could feel the humitity. The rain started to poor, and all of the noises blured in together.

"Mama! Help us!"

She heard them screeming for her help. She followed there voices and roard,"Let go of them!" With one swipe of her paw hitting low caught the potures legs, and he droped both her cubs. He fell on his back in shock as she came down on him biting into his neck and slinging him into a newby tree. "Burū! Ontai! Follow me closely! Hurry!" She led them back to there brother Yuushi, but something was wrong. She stoped and sniffed around the tree. Then she heard a loud BANG!

"Mama!" One of her cubs cride out. It sounded like Yuushi. She felt cold as she hit the ground. There was nothing she could do. The darkness had already come over her, and had never left, but this time she felt pain. Suddenly her world went white and she could see her body below her covered in blood as her cubs where being stuffed into bags.

"Good luck little ones. I will be watching you." She quietly floated off to the heavens.

The cubs are scared. Each of them in individula bags. What are these things?! Yuushi thought to himself as he and two brothers were being taken away. The potures threw them in the back of a huge moving truck with other cubs in cages. There was three pandas per cage. They huddled up to each other. They could here the men talking, but coudn't understand them. "Fermez ces portes! Réussissez un mouvement! Nous devons les vendre rapidement." (Close these gates! Get a move on! We need to sell them quickly.) The cubs shiver in there cold cage. They wondered what they were saying and where they were going.

The road to no where is a long one. They went for a long ways. All ways dark. The cubs went on in the moving truck and finally they were taken onto a boat. The brothers were silent until now."Yuushi?" Burū whispered for his brother, and continued."Are you ok?"

"Im okay." He whispered back."Are you okay?"

"Im fine. Ontai? Are you okay?"

"Yes. How are you guys holdin' up?"

"We are fine." Burū answered for Yuushi. Then the room was silent and nothing but the splashing of waves and creeking from the boat was heard. "We have to get out of here somehow." Burū continued to sit and think. His brothers looking at him with questionful eyes.

"But... How?" Ontai questioned curiously. Burū looked all around. He looked at the stares, the barals and everything elts. He couldn't think of anything. then he looked at the door to the cage.

"Thats it!" He sqeeked, and his brothers turned and looked at him. He started pawing at the black metal cage. to lift the latch on it. His little arms where just lang enuff to reach.

"What are you doing?" Ontai asked him.

"Im trying to open the door!" he kept pawing at it and he felt int slowly move up. Then CLICK! "Yes!" He continued, but was cut short. When he heard footsteps above the deck. "Oh no! Quick act like your asleep!" All of them curled up in one corner of the cage pretening to sleep as five men came down below deck.

-The voices-

"Prenez ces trois femelles."(Take those three females.)

"Nous les vendrons aux Russes. Alors nous allons aux Philippines obtenir les armes à feu."(We will be selling them to the Russians. Then we go to the Phillippines to get the guns.)

Oui monsieur.(Yes sir.)

-Authers notes-

Im so glad I finally found something elts to right about. :D I love this story! I love pandas this story belongs to me and no one elts. This is my original. ;3 I ejoyed typeing the begining of this adventure. The three pandas are on a ship, but they don't know where there going or who has captured them or even why all of it was happoning in the first place. Will they get out? How do they get back home if the only thing they ever knew was the bamboo at home with there now dead mother. see you in the next chaper! :p God bless!3