The men turned to leave, but the one that spoke last stayed. He just stood there silent. He turned his head to the sleeping Panda cubs."Vous ne méritez pas cela."(You don't deserve this.) He sat down next to them. One of the cubs stood up and walked over to the cage pressing his nose to the cold metal bars. The man smiled and pat him on his little head, and scratched behind his ears. He was only able to slide his finders in to the small cage."Votre pas un si mauvais petit. Peut-être que je peux vous aider, oui?"(Your not so bad little one. Perhaps I can help you, yes?) He turned his head to the door leading up to the deck. Thinking of something to do. He had four days to sell all of the cubs and then sail off to Russia."Je vais vous ramener chez moi. Au moins, vous aurez une maison et ne pas être en manteaux de fourrure."(I will take you home with me. At least you will have a home and not be made into fur coats.) All of the cubs looked at him fully awake somehow sencing his kind words. He heard more men comming down from up deck."Nous devons sortir d'ici. Je ne whant une partie de cela. J'ai un peu les plans."(We need to get out of here. I do not whant any part of this. I have a plan little ones.) He quickly took his place standing strait up looking at the the stairs.

"Prenez les oursons! Nous sommes en Amérique et ils ne veulent pas attendre plus longtemps. Téléchargez-les maintenant!"(Grab the cubs! We are in America and they do not want to wait any longer. Unload them now!)

"Oui monsieur."(Yes sir.)

All kinds of men short and tall came down into the small holding area and started grabbing cubs. In the rush the Panda's friend managed to escape off the boat with the cubs safe in there cage. There was a sheet of material over the cage he was holding, a dark green material. He hastaly made his way to his truck and managed to manuver threw the traffic as best he could. Finally he was on the road heading towards home. That was not the end however. He remembered something. Something that just made him sick as a cold wet dog.

"Tout ce que je dis, tout ce que nous faisons, c'est top secret. Personne ne doit savoir de nos intentions, et personne sur le navire soit autorisé à en parler entre eux. Sur ce voyage happons ce qui reste de ce voyage. Toute personne surprise Ces règles seront freinage pris en charge et pas à la légère que je pourrais ajouter. Steeling la propriété du navire est une lourde amende de $100 américains dollars. Nous allons vous regarde et nous saurons. Si vous faites ces choses que nous les retrouverons et nous allons prendre soin de vous personnellement."(When you bored this ship you will be my property! Everything I say, everything we do is top secret. No one is to know of our intentions, and no one on the ship is allowed to talk about it amongst themselves. What happons on this voyage stays on this voyage. Anyone caught braking these rules will be taken care of and not lightly I might add. Steeling property of the ship is a hefty fine of $100 American dollars. We will be watching you and we will know. If you do these things we will find you and we will take care of you personaly.)

He remembered that day. He rembembered getting sick then, but now he was really sick. He had broken the rules. All of them. He had talked about it to his friend on the ship, and he did steel property. Not only did he still property, but he stole merchandice from them. Suddenly he noticed a car behind him. It had been following him for nerly an hour. He sees a faint glimmer of something inside the small car. "Non!"(No!) He speeded up and the care did the same. The nose almost touching his bumper now. He decided to pull over. Keeping his hand on his gun that was tucked loosely under his seat. He heard several car doors open then slam shut. He listened to them not wanting to look. He roled the window down and tightened his grip on his gun, and just as they came up to his car he threw his gun up and stared the man in the eyes.


Hello again. this is the end of Chapter 2! :3 I'm in GED so I had to make this one shorter than the last one. Who was int he car? Did they really figure him out so quick? Whats going to happon to the Pandas? Keep reading and you will find out. :D God Bless!