From lots of persuasion from my dear friend, Writergirl64, I am start a SYOT! I am mega excited. This is the prequel, and the instructions are down at the bottom.

President Snow paced the hallways. He was anxiously awaiting the news of the arena. The doors suddenly flung open and Rosalynn Monroe, the head gamemaker, ran down the hallway, panting.

"Finally! Where were you? I've been waiting for ages!" Sighed the president, dabbing himself with a pocket hankie.

"Sorry sir, we were just checking the arena over again."

Coriolanus nodded and smirked. "Is it all perfect?"

Rosalynn replied. "It is indeed!"

The president laughs. "Show me what it is this year then."

Rosalynn released a deep breath and opened a map she was holding. She placed it on a nearby table and signalled the president to look.

"It is a-"she began, but was cut off by her deputy gamemaker, Seneca Crane. He ran down the hallway and stopped in front of Rosalynn

"Stop!" he cried. Rosalynn raised her eyebrows.

"What?" She hissed quietly.

"We can't do that arena!" he whispered, ignoring the president peeking over Rosalynn's shoulders.

"Why not?" she spat, steering his shoulders to the entrance.

"We tried out the mutations, and they die straight away when they touch the ground!"

Rosalynn stood gobsmacked before she spoke up. "Can you not just alter the ground? Or protect the mutts?"

Seneca shook his head slowly.

"Rosalynn? I do believe you have an area to show me?" The president smirked, hearing the conversation. Rosalynn glared daggers at Seneca and slowly headed back over to Coriolanus.

"Uh, well, we have discovered some technical difficulties with the, uh, arena." She mumbles.

"Oh dear Rosalynn, you said it was perfect!" The president's eyes narrowed.

"I did, but-"

"You promised me it would be on time!" he raised his voice.

Rosalynn looked to Seneca, panicking. Seneca slowly backed out of the room, until the president stopped him.

"You! Come here."

Seneca turned around, wondering if it was him he was talking to, and then pointed to himself.

The president rolled his eyes. "Yes you."

Rosalynn stepped out of the way as Seneca stepped forward.

"Next year, I want you to be the head gamemaker."

The news had just began to sink in when Rosalynn stumbled forwards, desperate to change his mind.

"Wait! No, I can sort this!" she begged, jumping in front of Seneca.

"My decision is final." He nodded.

"You…You... You jerk!" she screamed, but instantly rejected it, as his eyes flashed with anger.

"In fact, Seneca, be the head gamemaker this year as well! If you impress me this year, you can be it next year for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Agreed?"

Rosalynn gawped, and ran away.

Seneca slowly nodded, and shot a quick glance at Rosalynn who was gripping the table, looking down at her hands and turning red.

"And for her, I'll decide later." He added.

Rosalynn growled in frustration and she headed down the hallway, and stormed out into the gamemakers room.

Seneca looked for President Snow, who had seemed to disappeared.

"I gotta do good, I gotta do good." He recited, picking up the discarded map left on the table and scanned it over.

"Well maybe I can change the mutts, I definitely don't want it like that! Maybe the surroundings, so then it matches." he mumbled to himself. Secretly, the president watched from behind a wall.

"I like him Desiree, don't you agree." He whispered to his 7 year old granddaughter

She nodded silently, peering out from behind her grandfather.

Seneca headed back to the gamemakers room, where he found Rosalynn sulking in the corner, ignoring all of the other gamemakers. As soon as he entered, he was bombarded with comments.

"What's happened?"

"Why won't she talk to us?"

"Why is she shuddering at the mention of the president?"

"Why has she thrown her 'Head Gamemaker' badge across the room?"

Seneca lifted his head. "Where is the badge?"

Poppy Washington, a member of the gamemakers, pointed to the opposite corner where a tiny badge lay upside down. Seneca pushed through the crowd and went over to pick it up. Rosalynn slowly turned her head to see what he was going to do. Gradually, Seneca picks it up and rolls it in his hand, and then pins it to his shirt. Gasps are heard from the crowd, and Poppy steps forward and says;

"You can't wear that! You're not the head gamemaker!"

"He is actually." Rosalynn said, her voice quavering.

"Why?" Poppy asks confused.

"The President said so." She mumbled. "Listen to him."

Seneca smiles at her and she replies weakly.

"Ok guys. This is what we are going to do."

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