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Lucas and Sebastian were enjoying a 'well earned' break, standing behind the disused dustbins in the muggy heat, the moon high over their heads. Later on they would die at the hands of a fledgling, but that wasn't known to them-they were the sort of people that didn't really see (or care) past next Tuesday.

Even though technically dead, they still took long drags of their cigarettes while leaning against the back of the bin, laughing at each other's rude jokes and the occasional imitation of their superiors. It was during one of these imitations (Lucas was pulling off a remarkably good impersonation of the feared Zorin Blitz) that a very strong heartbeat, accompanied by laboured breathing and the stench of sweat, made its appearance by collapsing on the other side of the perimeter fence.

The two carefully slunk over, sobering up at the thought of the potential free lunch. The chain link fence crackled and hummed with electricity, and the top was crowned with mean looking barbed wire, which was a shame (It wasn't the electricity or barbed wire they were worried about, it was the silent alarm that ran straight to the Majors quarters), because they were on one side while the sprawled over figure was on the other. Sighing in disappointment, Sebastian turned around, primed to stalk back to their bins; then whine, bitch and moan about the unfairness of it all. Lucas stopped him with a hushed "Shouldn't we tell someone?" Sebastian opened and shut his mouth a few times, evaluating another cigarette and no work for a half hour against running around the base looking for their superior officer, Zorin Blitz.

Almost (and unfortunately) on cue, the terrifying first lieutenant stormed the three feet or so into the foliage after them, grabbed their shirt collars and effectively threw them back onto the tarmac. Landing on their arses, the looked up and the intimidating figure of Zorin. They didn't bother explaining what they were doing slacking off or their discovery, the shit storm of barrage and abuse came thick and fast. "YOU TVO IDIOTS! VHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! YOUR SHIFT STARTED UN HOUR AGO!" To Lucas and Sebastian, Zorin's rage was turned down to a dull roar, as they waited for the first lieutenant to run out of steam...

When the irate woman finally did, she loomed over them –tattoos seeming to writhe over the half of her face- and growled a threat "If I EVER catch EITHER of you tvo slacking again…you can both say gutbye." She watched briefly as the two men scuttled off like frightened mice and allowed herself a sneer. Looking towards the tree line, she light her own cigarette behind a cupped hand and stalked to see what they were drooling over.

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