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In the short time between waking up and being forced back to sleep with the help of some chloroform, a full scale shouting match had nearly resulted in Rips rifle being forcibly shoved up her rear…

A few minutes earlier…

The silence was so profound it made the other silences look like white noise. Rip Van Winkle was speechless, her face livid. Rikkie had wiggled her hands out of her bonds and had them being her head, and was sporting a triumphant grin. "You guys.." She drawled, her American accent highlighting her words nicely "You guys just make this too easy." Doc was biting his finger, the Major was looking at Rikkie closely for the first time, Zorin gave her the deadliest look she had, and Hans was being stoic as usual. Rip was standing there, 10 feet away from Rikkie, her mouth now working wordlessly and brandishing her rifle like a sword.

"Vhat. Did. You. Just. Say?!"

Rip was now a few inches away, slitted blue eyes boring into open green ones. "Go do one, twat." Rikkie didn't even bat an eyelid, but she had a smug air about her. "In fact!" She continued "I'll tell you EXACTLY where to shove that rifle of yours~!" Schrodinger had appeared at Rips side, looking for all the money in the world like he was enjoying the other officers being insulted by someone half their age. "You can shove is STRAIGHT UP YA JACKSIE~!"

It was practically shouted into Rips face, and accompanied by a childish raspberry. Rip was bodily removed from the room, shouting death threats at Rikkie.

Who was in her seat

Practically howling with laughter.

Which stopped fairly quickly when Zorin grabbed her by the throat on lifted her out of the chair, growling like a caged lion. "Gak…before you kill me…" Rikkie asked between gasps.


"Can I ask you a question?"

"Make it quick."

"Are you a girl" she coughed and wriggled around "Or a boy?"

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