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Harry Potter: A New Universe

Summary: Set at the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Takes place after the battle at Department of Mysteries. Harry runs after Bellatrix after Sirius falls through the veil, but a complex magic triggers, wrapping around his body, transporting him to a muggle dimension consisting of superheroes and many similar astonishing things. The important thing; his godfather is alive! Follow Harry as he fights together with Sirius and the Earth's Mightiest Heroes to protect the world from the Chitauri invasion, while trying to find a way to get back to his own dimension.

Rated: T

Thoughts- 'Expecto Patronum'

Spells- "Expecto Patronum"

Flashback/Disjoint scene- Expecto Patronum


The Tesseract has awakened. It is on a little world. A human world. They would wield its power, but our ally knows its workings as they never will. He is ready to lead. And our force, our Chitauri, will follow. The world will be his. The universe yours. And the humans, what can they do but burn?

"Harry - no!" cried Lupin, but Harry had already ripped his arm from Lupin's slackened grip. "SHE KILLED SIRIUS!" bellowed Harry. "SHE KILLED HIM I'LL KILL HER!"

And he was off, scrambling up the stone benches; people were shouting behind him but he did not care. (Taken from Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix)

He felt tears threatening to spill, with only anger and revenge stopping them from flowing down his cheeks. He cried, "STUPEFY" but it missed. Bellatrix was already at the end of the corridor, and then he felt a disturbance, as if someone had popped a soda bottle across the air. He looked back, still running and saw the veil fluttering ominously. He wanted to stop, a sudden hope spreading through his body that there was a tiny chance that Sirius was alive, but he didn't.

With a loud whoosh the whole air around him became solid, and he felt a force on his body dragging him back. He pressed his feet hard on the floor, forced to his knees as the strange power continued to drag him. Slowly, his heart filled with emotion as the thoughts of Sirius came back and his body relaxed. Strangely, he could hear the phoenix song ringing in his ears, giving him peace and contentment. He wanted nothing more than to sleep and dream of the good times he had in the small period of time he'd known his godfather.

Meanwhile, everyone was in an uproar. First Harry had tried to run after Bellatrix and then he dropped to his knees, and now he was lying peacefully on the floor. Remus Lupin rushed off as soon as he saw the veil flutter, and a pang of sorrow for Sirius overcame him as he knelt besides Harry. The boy smiled dreamily, and a single tear splashed on the cold floor of the Department of Mysteries.

The body of the teen-aged boy started to glow with an unearthly red color. Harry wasn't aware of whatever was happening around him. He just thought of Sirius, his parents, his friends, his teachers. Speaking of teachers, he saw Dumbledore's face swim into view, his face creased with lines of worry. He was vaguely aware of Lupin besides him, frantic because of some reason he didn't know. He could hear people shouting something, but he didn't care. Harry Potter burst into green flames, and was gone beyond the twisted rules of magic.

Hermione shrieked, and Lupin paled considerably, his eyes begging for answers. Dumbledore took off his half moon spectacles, and sat on the floor dejectedly. All the Order members were shocked and the DA members couldn't comprehend what was happening. They had never seen the headmaster so worried.

Lupin shouted, shaking the old man's shoulders. "Where did Harry go? What happened? Damn it Dumbledore say something!"

For a second the piercing blue eyes wavered over the veil, which was swaying from a nonexistent wind. He could hear familiar voices calling, his parents, Ariana...but he turned his gaze away and replied, "There is a room in the Department of Mysteries that is kept locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside there. It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldemort has not at all. The grief for Sirius made Harry unlock this power. Love. Somehow, the magic has transported him to an unknown location."

Lupin was bewildered. "But-but, what power? Harry unlocked it...where could he have gone?"

"Alas, I don't know. This is the most ancient kind of magic. I can detect traces of magic thousands of years old in front of me. This is the magic which had the power to repel the killing curse. It can bend the reality in ways we can't even imagine. The only thing I know, is that Harry is not in our world right now."

"WHAT?" everyone started muttering and speaking at once. Hermione tentatively asked, "But Professor, how can he be not in this world? I mean, the flames were green. Like floo travel, he could be anywhere."

"Why can't it be so, Miss Granger? I suppose you're familiar with the principles of floo travel...yes?"

At her tiny nod, he continued, "The basic requirement is fire, as you know. What we witnessed here was no ordinary way of transportation...the glow that covered his body and the peace on his face suggests only one thing, that my guesses are correct and that was the power...power the Dark Lord knows not." he finished quietly, shutting his eyes.

A moment later all anyone could hear was Lupin's sobs. The man had lost almost everything today. Albus Dumbledore wearily asserted, "Alastor, Nymphadora...get the students back to Hogwarts. I'll meet you in..ah, ten minutes, and we shall discuss something that I should have told Harry four years ago."

With a bang Voldemort strode into the Death Chamber with Bellatrix at his side. His nostrils flared at the sight of his bound Death Eaters, and the slit like eyes narrowed, when he saw everyone but the brat. He sneered, "Got your Golden Boy safely hidden somewhere, Dumbledore?"

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom. The Aurors are on their way.-" he calmly replied.

"-by which time I shall be gone, and you shall be dead."

With a jab of his wand they started to duel, and Dumbledore erected a magical barrier to prevent others from getting into the way. As the first killing curse was dodged by him, a tear slid down his cheeks when he thought that a fifteen year old boy was all alone in an unknown world, with no one to guide him, a place where none of them could reach, despite his prowess in magic.

Location: New York, one mile west of SHIELD Central

Harry's world was spinning. He had no idea what was happening. But as soon as the phoenix song ended his eyes snapped open. He found wind rushing into his face, and with a jolt he realized that he was hurtling through air at neck breaking speed.

"Aresto Momentum!"

At once his body became as light as a feather and he floated to the ground. He didn't get up, suddenly the impact of Sirius' death hitting him like a sledgehammer. Sirius was dead, and he had let Bellatrix Lestrange go. He groaned in despair, curling his body into ball and burying his head into his knees. Then he cried, he never cried. But tears flowed freshly as he remembered the shocked expression on his godfather's face, and the gloating smile on Bellatris'x face.


Suddenly, he felt someone's hand on his shoulders, and heard a voice that he least expected to hear. "What happened, Pup? What did I do?"

His head snapped above, and he ignited his wand as he could see nothing in the darkness. By the thin beam of his wand's light, his gaze fell upon the handome face of Sirius Black...

"What happened Harry? Where are we?"

He shook his head, dry tears still etched on his face. "EXPELLIARMUS!"

The impostor Sirius' wand flew out of his hand and he caught it smoothly in his. The Death Eater only looked surprised. He expected him to turn into a masked idiot or a snake faced evil lord. But then, a Death Eater would not have been disarmed so easily. 'No. NO! It's a trick.'

"Harry listen. Calm down."

"Stay away from me Death Eater." he spat.

"Death Eater eh? Not bad for the first attempt to prank your godfather Pup, but honestly it was a lame one."


He looked hurt and finally assumed a serious look, frowning at him.


"I'm not." the man said simply.

He hissed, "Prove it!"

In a second he was gazing on a large black dog, who wagged its tail. He sat down, shocked beyond measure as his wand slipped out of his palm and landed on the grass.

"But. It can't be. I saw you fall through the veil. The Veil of Death."

Sirius turned back into human form, looked abashed and replied sheepishly, "Well, I got a little over confident. I did indeed fall into that accursed veil, and felt like I wanted to sleep, floating blissfully in infinite darkness. Then I heard it. The Phoenix Song."

His curiosity roused, he nodded briskly. "I heard it too. Lupin was trying to restrain me, but I broke free and ran after Bellatr-"

"Harry, are you mad? Why did you run after a psychotic killer? For me? Your life is far more important than sacrificing it for a petty revenge, especially for a mangy dog like me." he ruffled his hair sadly.

He looked down, ashamed, but defiant. "I wanted to kill her." he said quietly. Sirius didn't say anything, but gave a nod motioning him to continue.

"Then suddenly the veil started swaying, and I couldn't move. A force dragged me back, and I resisted, but then I got the same feeling you told. Dumbledore and Lupin were saying something to me, but I didn't hear a thing. The next thing I knew, I was falling down from the sky." he chuckled. His godfather smiled and asked, "I feel that you saved me, Harry."

He gave an incredulous look, at which Sirius laughed. "After my dear cousin stunned me, I fell into infinite darkness. But I felt peaceful. I thought I was dead, and trust me, dying was easier than falling asleep. Then I heard it. The phoenix song."

He nodded, "Me too. It kept on ringing in my ears and I couldn't hear a thing Dumbledore and Lupin were saying."

"Ol' Moony must be devastated right now."

"Yeah, but it's all well that ends well. Let's go back and give him a brilliant surprise."

Sirius grinned, the Marauder in him rising to the surface. "We can give him a good shock. But first things first, where are we? And how did we get here?"

"Dunno." Just then they caught the sound of skidding wheels, and the unmistakable slams of car doors. It was night, so they couldn't see anyone, but they were sure that they were in an uninhabited place, by the natural silence and dark outlines of trees. But that didn't explain the cars. Harry scooped up his wand, holding it tightly and waiting for something to happen.

Unexpectedly, lights flared up all around them, and bright beams focused on the two of them, making spots dance in front of his eyes. He shielded his eyes from the 'spotlight', well, more like a scene he'd seen many time in crime dramas secretly on the television at Dursleys. A determined voice called out, "Put down any weapons you have and surrender. This time you're surrounded. There is no escape!"

Harry blinked at 'this time' and looked over to his godfather, who looked as surprised as he was. Then he mouthed, "Muggles. Police or Army I think."

He began to panic. Muggles were informed that Sirius black was a mass murderer. If they were caught now...

Shadowy shapes outlined the ground, about 30 yards from their position. He nervously said the only thing that came to his mind, "Let's modify their memories." Sirius shook his head, and he gaped. What was he playing at...

Sirius flashed his charming smile, and called out loudly, "What happened, sir? Did we break the law or something, by coming here?"

There was confusion in the air, as Harry could sense it. Then the voice spoke again. "As a matter of fact, yes. This is a prohibited area, and civilians are restricted from entering. How you found your way here is not our concern...surrender and give the location of your master."

"Master? What master? We were just going, by the way."

Harry didn't know what the heck was going around them, and Sirius whispered, "Hold on to me. We need to get away by Side Along Apparition."

A shuffling of feet, and the men came closer. He could tell that there were plenty of them, and somehow, he could feel the nervousness in the group in front of him. They sensed something, and were ready to fire. He pushed Sirius hard and they both fell to the ground as a barrage of bullets rained over them. "PROTEGO" Both of them echoed, and the next hundred or so bullets hit the shields they had erected and dropped harmlessly on the ground.


The firing stopped, though hesitantly, and a middle aged man with brown hair, and hazel eyes came closer to them, hands held up lightly, gesturing peace. Harry refused to drop the shield charm, and when the man couldn't come closer due to an invisible force, he spoke calmly, "Considering the fact that you two haven't tried to attack and only defended yourself, I'm going to give you another chance. Who are you? Where did you come from? Who sent you? Do you know anyone by the name of Loki?"

Sirius raised his wand, a stunning spell radiating on its tip but Harry pushed it away, giving a 'calm down' look. He turned to the man, dressed in a simple black suit, and asked, "What place is this?"

The man, who looked like a leader of sorts, sported a bewildered look after that. "Earth." He replied, and somehow Harry knew that he was thinking that they were aliens.

Besides him, Sirius barked in laughter, and replied, "Oh I thought we were on Venus. Of course we're on Earth. I'm asking where on Earth..."

Apparently Sirius' jab was not taken well because they heard the swaps of guns, but their leader put up his hand, and then replied slowly, "You're in a restricted area, about a mile from SHIELD's New York base."

"New York?!" He gaped, and his godfather's eyes grew wider. This was no accidental apparition or something...there was no international portkey involved...this was a tricky bit of magic, done by him!

"Why? Don't you know?" The James Bond style muggle pressed on..."Then why did you come here?"

"No!" they both chorused. "We didn't come on purpose."

"Our trackers recorded a distinct energy surge here, similar to the signature of a...'device' we had, stolen a few hours ago. You have two options. Drop whatever force fields you are creating, lower your...uh, weapons, and come to SHIELD where we can talk in peace."

"Peace?" Sirius snorted. "Yeah sure. Peace."

He spoke in a low voice. "Sirius, if these are Muggles then how did they track our magic? And what is this thing they're talking about? Do you think Voldemort is after any weird artifact, now that the prophecy is destroyed?"

"Can't be. Voldemort is not so fast. This is pure magic, pure energy. Obviously it can be tracked." Sirius whispered back furiously, speaking very fast. "The question is how. I didn't know Muggles had such advanced trackers, even in the US. The Wizengamot was recently worrying themselves about Muggles developing such things in 21st century, but not so soo-"

"Excuse me, I can hear everything, but I can't understand any of the rubbish you're talking about. But for your information, we're in the 21st century, so what exactly do you mean by not so soon? By 2090?"

"WHAT!? Is this not 18th of June, 1996?"

He saw the gears shifting in the man's brain, but a moment later the confusion was replaced by apprehension in his entire body language. He shook his head, almost dramatically.

"Padfoot?" he yelped.

"Yeah Prongslet?"

"We're in big trouble."

Location: SHIELD Fall-out Shelter #1

Harry Potter and Sirius Black nervously walked through dark corridors, flanked by guards on each side. They had decided on revealing some details to whoever was the 'leader of the light' here, keyword being 'some'. A large door with the mysterious eagle logo split apart with a hiss. Bracing themselves, they entered, and found themselves in a large room with a big round table, and a 'majestic' chair, if Harry could give a term to it stood apart from it. The chair was occupied by a man in a trench coat, and the chair revolved, giving them their first look at the man's face.

Sirius snickered when he saw the eye patch, but sobered immediately when the man's eyes hardened, emanating a wave of confidence, anger, and...hurt. Harry didn't know how he could suddenly read everyone's emotion so well, but he'd already put the thought back in his brain into a things-to-investigate list.

"Nicholas Joseph Fury." Every word almost stood out in his mind, not unlike a certain memory of 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'. 'The man must be somewhat proud.' he mused.

The man waved them over to a seat, and when they had made themselves comfortable, directed his cold eyes to the pair of them, scrutinizing them, guessing whether they were dangerous or not.

After a tense hour of explaining, they had told many things about magic to Fury, and left out crucial details, like why did they come traipsing into a restricted area in an unknown universe, and obviously, they'd left Voldemort out of the discussion. For now, all Fury knew was that they had arrived here by an accident.

The grim director of the organization 'SHIELD' didn't believe a thing at first. He asked them repeatedly about some hydra group or something like that, and then kept trying to wheedle out something.

"So, you aren't from any other planet in 'this' universe, sent by Loki under disguise to aid him in conquering Earth?"

Harry shook his head, and Sirius replied sarcastically, "Why not? Wizards come knocking, and except of asking us to produce rabbits from hats, you accuse us of stealing some glowing cube? I would say that it was your fault...bringing us here, I mean. You said that this 'Tesseract' malfunctioned, is not that so?"

Fury sighed, and replied regretfully, "Maybe you're right, travelers. For now I accept your explanation, but I feel that you two are hiding something from me. But until we get back the cube, you're not going anywhere."

That was a hint. Harry knew it. He blurted, "What do you want us to do?"

Fury raised an eyebrow, chuckling softly. "Quick on the uptake, aren't you son?"

He didn't respond. Apparently the reason Fury didn't attack them was because of him being a normal fifteen year old teenager. 'Normal' was too good to be true, but maybe that would work in their favor. Fury continued, "We've got a crazy Norse God bent on world domination, with a cube that holds unlimited power. We are assembling a team of remarkable people-"

"By remarkable you mean?" Sirius interjected.

"Gifted people. With powers, not unlike yours, but less flashy." Fury threw a glance at the glass of water which Sirius had turned into a mouse, and back to convince him about their magical powers. Help us avoid world destruction, and you might find yourself a ticket back to home."

Sirius glanced at him, and he nodded slightly. It was not like they had any choice. His godfather shook hands with the director, and he could only think that 'why do I keep getting myself involved with people trying to achieve world domination. At least this fellow hadn't tried to change his name like Voldy.'

(A/N): So this idea had been in my mind for some time now...ever since I heard Eric Selvig exclaim "She wants to show us something! A new universe." to Iron Man.

I've read many HP Avengers crossovers, and most of them deal with Harry as a master of death, or years later the end of Voldemort. But I wanted to show Harry here as a teen-aged boy working to save the day, much like Spider-Man. This won't be a Super!Harry...he has unlocked the power of love that Voldemort is too stupid to consider, but he is untrained, and doesn't have it under full control. There will be no pairings as of now, but this may change later. Also, I thought that it would be a nice twist bringing Sirius back. The Tesseract is responsible for it, latching onto Harry's love for his godfather. So I hope Sirius' fans are delighted.

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Next up, on Harry Potter: A New Universe -

Harry watched Sirius pace in the small room Fury had given them for the time being, saying that they would soon be in some Helicarrier. His godfather would mutter "Dumbledore" every now and then. He felt the same, because Dumbledore always had all the answers. But as much as he wished for it, they were all alone in this strange world.

"Harry, listen. I have a-uh, wait."


Sirius raised a finger slightly, and pointed it upwards. He immediately understood. He was aware that there were cameras in the room. Harry nodded mutely, and Sirius waved his wand, muttering, "Muffliato."

The former Marauder grinned boyishly, and happily spoke, "Now they can't hear us"

"Whoa- nice spell!"

"Snivellus' creation" Sirius replied disgustedly. "Lily knew, and told James a few months after their marriage, and..."

"-he told you guys." Harry finished. "So what now?"

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